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A Brief History

It all started in 1997, when the first game appeared on a mobile phone. This came to include games such as Snake and Tic-tac-toe, which soon came pre-installed on mobile devices. In the early 2000s, Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) games were introduced, allowing users a means of buying and downloading additional games to their mobile device. Once this new product became a standard feature on mobile devices, and had time to marinate with the public, it then dawned on developers to begin creating casino games. Playtech and Microgaming were among the first to develop their own mobile casino platforms in 2005.

Browser compatible phones with apps started to become the norm with apple’s launch of the iPhone in 2007, and the opening of the AppStore in 2008. This progress served as a major milestone in mobile gaming. It spawned the launch of Google’s Android in 2008 as well, opening the door to a wide variety of smartphones, as opposed to just the iPhone.

More on the development of mobile gambling here.

What to Expect Today

As Apple and Google emerged, real money mobile casinos began popping up everywhere. Today, there are hundreds of mobile casinos available, which translates to thousands of mobile games accessible by players located around the world.

Mobile platforms are easier-than-ever to access for those with smartphones or tablet devices. Many desktop casinos offer mobile counterparts, which can be accessed by simply entering the site address in your mobile browser, while some require downloading a mobile app from your device’s AppStore. In some cases, online casinos will provide a QR code, which can be scanned using your mobile camera, which will then open up the site in your mobile browser or lead you to download an app.

A standard assortment of games is currently available for mobile access, and includes slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette, and other table games on occasion. Slots are most definitely the most popular game played on mobile today. Users can expect a similar experience in comparison to desktop casinos, with minor differences, mostly concerning format. It is, undeniably, more convenient, however. The same security is to be expected, as long as the casino is reputable and licensed, along with similar processes for deposits and withdrawals.

Those looking for the same kind of bonuses found at traditional online casinos will only be slightly disappointed. While bonuses are available via mobile, they can be anticipated on a smaller scale, and can, in some cases, be limited to welcome offers, and simple free spin or deposit promotions.

At this time, there is still a limited amount of strictly mobile casinos, but the tide is changing, and players can certainly expect more to go live in the future.

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Development of Mobile Gambling

Mobile gambling success has roots in the same convenient reasons as online gambling; instead of playing games on their PC or laptops, gamers from all over the world quickly caught on to the idea of playing games from wherever they want. The convenience created quite a demand for mobile-based games and applications. Step by step, a number of gaming mobiles emerged on the market, with one of the first being the famous Nokia NGage, whose strange design appealed to so many of us.

Therefore, online gambling and mobile gaming combined have led to the creation of a smashing success, which has lived up to expectations and seen such an expansion that the number of casinos contines to grow day by day.

As mentioned before, mobile gambling developed as the need arose for further advancement in the domain of gambling. At one point, it was not enough to just sit at home and play your favorite online casino games; an extra step was required to meet the increased expectations of online punters who have already tried mobile gaming, and thereby sought a way to enjoy the thrill of casino gambling, poker playing, sports betting and bingo while they’re on the go.

Their desire was soon fulfilled, as an increased number of online casinos decided to become more approachable to their existing players and attract new player pools. It all started with simpler games, which did not require extensive graphical solutions, but as time went by and technology improved, it became clear that the limits in terms of graphics on mobile have been removed and that players can enjoy the same quality of games as they previously did at home.

The fact that mobile gambling offers punters a chance to play from virtually anywhere where their phone works, without compromising the speed of play or the integrity of the software caused a major boost in the popularity of mobile casino, poker, sports betting, etc. and made the developers of smart phone application believe only the sky is the limit. Some facts that speak in favor of this are that a majority of smart phone, tablet or iPad users play games daily (this includes gambling), that the access to mobile gambling applications has been facilitated by making most of them free, that this domain of the gambling industry has seen fascinating expansion (although not as big as it was initially predicted, mostly thanks to restrictive legislation in some major markets), and that the implementation of Flash and Java in mobile technology has allowed for the development of more advanced games.

Casino Bonuses and Promotions

At first, lots of online gamblers were concerned that they would not be able to enjoy the same advantages when playing via their mobile as on desktop – mostly because they thought that mobile gambling did not involve the same hefty bonuses, promotions and competition they can exploit.

However, they were wrong. The extensive range of mobile casino applications and downloads was closely followed by the introduction of a variety of promotions that keep players interested in this convenient type of gambling. Some of the promotions are the same as in the desktop versions of casinos, but some venues decided to include some exclusive mobile bonuses and promos.

Also, those who like trying things out before paying for them can benefit from highly popular no deposit casino bonuses, which are mostly awarded at sign-up. New players can often benefit from another type of bonus: sign-up deposit bonus, whereas the existing ones are frequently offered reload bonuses, as a means to get them to make more deposits, etc. The amounts of bonuses awarded by mobile casinos vary from one venue to another. And while those high bonuses can be truly tempting, players are strongly advised to get familiar with each bonuses terms and conditions before accepting it, as when studied carefully, not all offers are as favorable as they look.

Types of Casino Games

Another major question for first timers is whether they’ll be able to find in the mobile version of a casino all of the games that they liked in a corresponding desktop version. Again, there’s nothing to worry about, as the range of games are increasing weekly most of the popular games are provided.

In terms of specific games, there are

  • Slots - Depending on the software provider, casinos often include desktop blockbusters and other major popular titles, as well as progressive slots.
  • Blackjack - A majority of mobile casinos offer blackjack, whose graphics will be of the same quality.
  • Video Poker - Another game that has found its rightful place.
  • Roulette - One of the oldest gambling games turned out to be a smashing hit among punters who obviously like spinning the wheel of luck while waiting in queues, riding on a bus, etc.

Apart from these, mobile gambling covers other types of games, such as bingo and various instant win games.

Phone Types

If you want to play your favorite games on the go, and enjoy all the benefits of rich graphics, fast loading and clear audio effects, you’ll need your phone to have some basic characteristics, which a great majority of mobiles have these days. To make things easier for you, your mobile casino will inform you if your cell phone is a model that supports the requirements of their games.

The most important thing is that your phone supports WAP or Internet for you to be able to wager from it. And thanks to significant technological advancement in the technology in the past decade, such phones are now available to everyone.

The most popular gaming models of phones are iDevices, such as iPhone, iPad, etc. whose expansion is somewhat overshadowed by the recent bloom of Android devices whose application market is gaining momentum and therefore threatening the attractiveness of Apple iStore. There are also Blackberry smart phones, which support is low compared to the other types of devices, as they are mostly advertised as business phones.

Many phone manufacturers followed the trend of mobile gambling and gaming in general and started launching models that support virtually any type of application. Therefore, you can make the right choice with any of the new models manufactured by Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, etc.


There are not many software providers who can rightfully call themselves the pioneers and innovators in this domain of gambling. Spin3 is one of the few who can, by its partnership with Microgaming it gained the adequate expertise to turn the idea of mobile gambling into a reality and thus become one of the leading providers.

This software provider’s offering is based on what its clients need and want, and includes a flexible turn-key solution that will enable its clients to make the best out of the fast-expanding industry. Its casino management system covers all the areas of business – marketing and brand building, acquisition and retention, and offers an extensive range of tools that help newcomers to the industry cash in on the market whose worth keeps growing.


A benefit of gambling on your phone is the safety of play on mobile especially the Apple products.

Most of us have had an unfortunate chance to meet an annoying PC virus here and there. These pests are usually caught surfing the web on your desktop. Viruses have a much harder time infecting phones.

How to Deposit

Just like everything else, depositing has been made as easy as possible for players, so they can enjoy all the benefits of playing hassle-free. How do you do it? Well, once you download the casino software on your cell phone and open an account in your name, you’ll probably be required to go through age verification. Most casinos will ask you to register a credit card in your name (some accept other IDs), and after this small bit of red tape you’ll be able to make your deposit.

All you need to do is enter the casino cashier where you can find all the payment options supported by the casino, the most popular being credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard, then internet banking via Neteller, Skrill etc.

When you find your preferred payment method, just click on it and specify the amount of your deposit, submit the info and you’ll be able to enjoy gambling within minutes. A bonus is that security is applied during the process so that even if your phone gets stolen, there are special safety measures that will prevent any abuse of personal or financial information.

The Ki-Bi Card (Ancient tech)

One of the most popular facilitators of mobile gambling are Ki-Bi™ cards, credit-card sized devices that serve to make gambling content directly available to players by providing a quick and easy download of content into their phone and tablets. This makes them an important and useful tool not only for players but for operators as well, as it provides easy gambling application distribution.

The way they work is quite simple – all players need to do is call a designated phone number, press a button on the Ki-Bi card and have the desired content delivered to their phone instantly. And to make things even easier and remove any potential obstacles, Ki-Bi cards also allow the delivery of GPRS settings, thus aiding operators in the distribution of their content even more.

As it can be seen, Ki-Bi card is a device that makes things easier for both consumers and operators, who thus get a chance to bring their product closer to players and maximize their chances to benefit from this lucrative market.

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