Cleos VIP Room


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superstar member
this Casino always had issues with their processing and paying their players. we advise caution


Testimonial posted 07/09/2016


Love the games at this casino because i cant find them anywhere else... or maybe its the other way around. would love to see moire us accepted casinos with this software. and as always more no deposit bonuses would be great!

3.0 / 5

Testimonial posted 10/07/2016
No avatar a112

ofilia garcia

I know a lot of people have had problems with this casino but I have actually found them to be great they give bonuses to me regularly and I even received a digital camera that I won in a raffle so all in all in my opinion there a pretty good casino

4.0 / 5

Testimonial posted 30/06/2016
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Deandre Bullock

Im very upset with cleos i have lost alot of money and said nothing but when i win they have yet to pay me for my winnings on 6/03/16 and its now 6/20/16 this is crazy my bank does not even see a pending deposit dont know if i will play therein the future hate it cause i love there games alot i feel im getting the run around

1.0 / 5

Testimonial posted 20/06/2016
Limp bizkit


One last thing, they state they offer paypal as payment but really do not offer that anymore so it is false advertisement to advertise this when it is untrue!

1.0 / 5

Testimonial posted 15/06/2016
Limp bizkit


I have won many things from the trivia games they have on facebook. I have even won thousands of dollars playing here. The thing that gets me the most is when a person like me throws down hundreds of dollars at a time then has to ask for a bonus chip that just takes the cake especially when your tolds there are no free hips available for your account even after the fact oyu have dropped hundreds even thousands of dollars playing here. The great thing about dropping this kind of money in this casino is so your able to buy those luxury items at the virtualspree promotions LMFAO.....what a joke that is trying to shop for something knowing you have 34,000 vs points to spend and there is not a single thing not one thing that is worthy of wanting to buy from there. I have bought a few nice things like a drone and some smaller items that were ok but where are the quality items worth buying like laptops, flat screen televisions instead of the junk jewlery that should be in a quarter bubble machine and not on a casino stating quality luxury items. Show me the quality and offer the people something worthwhile for the money they have into your casino and start making things fun again and get things for us to buy that are not lame boring or plain and simply just crap.

1.0 / 5

Testimonial posted 15/06/2016
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For some odd reason I got really stuck at this casino. I've dropped quite a bit of money at this casino and have never made it more than a hair past 50% before being tapped out. I've been on a couple good winning streaks here and it just never seems to do much of anything towards the wagering amount. I usually deposit between $10 and $30 (usually turned into multiple small in a row trying to get a feature....) The casino hosts usually answer the chat within a minute or two and are always very nice but don't or claim not to have any control over anything that takes place at the casino. They claim the computer distributes bonuses randomly to players and they have no control. I mean come on... When you have basically given them $300 or so you think you might be rewarded with more than 1 bonus... maybe that's just me ;] Overall I would recommend playing someplace else that has a greater rewards program for players. The VS points pretty much can be used to purchase way over priced items that can be found in Elementary school kids fundraiser magazines. If the type of slots Cleo's VIP Room is what your're after, I would definitely check out Zitobox (Tons of free chips... Refer a friend program... Easy to redeem Gift cards... Same games... Staff is helpful but not overly nice...)

2.0 / 5

Testimonial posted 18/03/2016
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Kristen Munoz

jr. member
they were a pretty good casino to play and win its been a long time since I hadplayed they don't even e mail any more so I think there must not be to much action anymore . I don't think its a bad place to play at just very low key now days. enjoy and good luck

2.5 / 5

Testimonial posted 10/03/2016


jr. member
I've posted this comment/WARNING in the chat a few times, but it appears to have been ignored as I do not see it mentioned anywhere on the LCB website. If you are, or you plan on playing at Cleo's for some reason, PLEASE NOTE: they now only allow players from a handful of states. If you do not live in one of the states they allow, you can be sure they will let you deposit (I tried $20 just out of curiosity and sure enough it worked). But if you win, you will never get your money. It's no wonder why they apparently are doing a little better paying the few winners they have now. They can use money collected from players who live in states they "no longer allow" to pay winners from the few states they do allow. They ONLY states they now allow are: Arizona, Alaska, California, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming.

1.0 / 5

Testimonial posted 01/10/2015


mighty! member
I am starting to think I should just play the FB Cleo's and Zito Box as I cannot make playthrough no matter how hard I try. I used to be able to cash out and didn't mind waiting. But there is no way to tell if I am even getting close to achieving the required amounts. Or is there... The new online version has a bonus meter where you can see when you have reached 10, 20, or 30x as required. I like that. However, if you are playing both versions, it is only showing the money spent online, which is a bit non-productive. I am enjoying the different variety of games on instant play.

3.5 / 5

Testimonial posted 30/08/2015

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