Warning! BetSoft's Progressives Jackpot Irregularities

Warning! BetSoft's Progressives Jackpot Irregularities

In light of a certain evidence suggesting irregularities in a number of BetSoft's progressive slots, we have decided to issue a warning to all our members not to engage in real money play on any of the following games:

1. Good Girl Bad Girl
2. At the Copa
3. Greedy Goblins
4. Mr. Vegas
5. Slot Angels
6. The Glam Life
7. Tycoons
8. The Treasure Room

These are the games we consider problematic, but there might be more. Namely, the issue concerns certain progressive jackpots that seem to be locked - in other words, they can't be won due to a software error which can either be intentional or the result of a sloppy programming on the part of BetSoft. They deny any problems and continue to claim the games are just fine and working as intended. No official statement has been released by BetSoft yet, despite the fact the company was faced with some strong evidence suggesting the games to be broken.

Thanks to one insightful player and an investigation done by our sister site CasinoListings.com, we have been aware of potential abnormalities in the games since the fall of 2015, but until now, the evidence was insufficient for us to officially issue a warning or taint the reputation of BetSoft and the casinos supporting its software - the whole thing seemed too far out, although suspicious enough to warranty a serious inquiry into the problem.

What served as a catalyst for us and others to advise against BetSoft was a shameful event that happened not a few days ago - a player going by the name Jason was denied a jackpot he won fair and square on the slot The Glam Life at Betcoin.ag casino. This, coupled with the locked jackpots and a few questionable events in the company's past, lead us to advise against playing BetSoft slots.

What are the problems?

The whole thing began back in September 2015, when a Casino Listings forum member BlackjackAA noticed that some of the BetSoft's progressive jackpots at Bovada casino seem to be unwinnable. BetSoft's progressives are not linked to a network with other different slots, neither are the same slots linked to a network between the casinos that feature them. Instead, the games have a standalone jackpots assigned to each coin value or denomination, with the amounts and odds differing between the casinos.

What this player noticed was the fact that some denominations have jackpots that hit regularly, while others are never won, regardless of the number of times the slot was played end even despite it. CasinoListings launched an investigation spanning 9 months, using jackpot tracking software to monitor the jackpots at Bovada and Slots.iv casinos - which are won and how many times, how much they hit for and other facts. These casinos were chosen because they feature the full portfolio of BetSoft titles. In the end they concluded the games are broken.

Some jackpots on specific coin sizes and certain games are never won at Bovada, while they routinely hit at Slots.iv, even though the amount of wagering is much higher at Bovada.

For example- the 5¢,10¢ and 25 ¢ denominations jackpots on Good Girl Bad Girl regularly hit at Slots.iv, but have never been won at Bovada since the tracking started 9 months ago. The odds of hitting the 5¢ jackpot on this slot are calculated to be 1:20,000 - yet it was played at Bovada nearly six million times without hitting whatsoever.

Additionally, the data indicates that in February, multiple slot machines at Bovada exhibited strange behavior that couldn't be accidental, since there was several slots behaving strangely all at the same time. The games that were otherwise regularly won all went without any wins for a period of about three weeks, to suddenly revert back to their previous win frequency at almost the same time.

Finally, on June 14th, a player going by the name Jason won a progressive jackpot on The Glam Life slot 50¢ denomination at Betcoin.ag casino. He placed max bet and managed to land five yacht symbols on a win line during the free spins, which should have gotten him a million coins prize - the paytable clearly stated that 5 yacht symbols on max bet wins the jackpot. However, BetSoft denied to cash out his winnings claiming he didn't qualify for the jackpot because he wasn't betting max on $1 denomination. This was, to say the least, a ridiculous statement given the fact that BetSoft games have separate jackpots for each denomination.

When Jason pointed out this fact to BetSoft's customer service rep, they changed the story claiming the jackpot can't be won during the free spins feature. This was again not true, because the paytable had no rules to indicate any such thing.

On June 26th, BetSoft silently altered the Glam Life paytable to now include this rule: ''Jackpots cannot be won during any other bonus feature''. Not only did they unlawfully altered the paytable to justify their actions, but the sentence is entirely confusing as well - what other bonus features, and which feature does qualify for the jackpot?

Jason has documented the entire problem here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1517648.0 and HERE.

You can check out his winning screenshot here:



The Aftermath

At first, Bovada has denied any problems with the BetsSoft progressives. When faced with certain facts, they got in touch with BetSoft and now they claim to be working on the issue daily. While no other statements have been issued by Bovada until now, they have recently pulled out the affected games without giving any notice.

After reviewing the evidence and due to the facts that Bovada can't seem to set the jackpots odds, as well as the problem not being limited to one casino, we do believe Bovada is largely innocent in this matter, as everything points out to an error in programming, whether intentional or accidental. However, they should issue an official statement on the matter and possibly refund the money to players, since they bothered to remove the games in the first place.

In a Nutshell

As you all know, claims like this are always difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, due to the RNG nature of the games. This has been claimed by BetSoft to be the reason why their progressives appear to display documented abnormalities.

We believe the issue is genuine and should be officially looked into, therefore we advise our members to avoid BetSoft games for now, until more information is available on the subject.

You can read about Casino Listings' investigation and see the altered paytable screenshot

  • I wish I had read this, over a year ago. I have played (and lost) quite a bit on these slots. In fact, I have started to think of different slot providers as 'believe' and 'really'...meaning, the only reason I am playing, sometimes, is because I only 'believe' it might pay out, sometimes. Once I get that 'I'm only believing this' feeling, it isn't just a lose at gambling; it's not as fun, because it doesn't look like fun. The wins are what look the most fun...the other plays, the ones that lose, are fun only with a prospect of winning. I feel, too, that this 'unwinnable slot' characteristic has been applied to some of my casino accounts on an individual basis - I mean, a losing streak is one thing; but day after day of spinning $0.00 wins (losing spins, or 'zero' spins)...it's almost as impossible as winning the big one. Not sure what I think of online slots, any more.
  • It's Still A Scary thing to play them, i never expect to even hit a jackpot since all have to be done on maxbet, but what i would like to say, games like Fruitzen Boomanji The True sherriff i earned massive amounts in BTC currency while playing them, don't feel that rigged, but sometimes they can also don't payout a single thing in 20 spins, so that's also a poor part.
  • @LuckyJR It doesn't work like that unfortunately. The only way to hold unregulated casinos accountable is with your voice - he needs their reputation to be worth more than his jackpot.
  • I never trusted them. Played free chips there could even withdraw but then burned all the money. I used to play playtech slots, novomatic, merkur and also microgaming slots. I think they are trustable. But never hit a jackpot. I remembered the story when a swiss play won 43 million Euro in an austrian landbased casino. They said it’s a software error and didn’t pay the amount. Eventually he got 1 million Euro after going to court.
  • @jasonort, Well your in the USA, So you just need to do some google searches to find the places you can file lawsuits in. But you should also ring up some lawyer companies, and explain and see what they can do, and how to progress further with them, A Lawyer should always be the first port of call anyway in any new lawsuit you file. I hope you do go forward if it isnt too late jasonort, because i feel they have cheated you, and you just accepted what ever they offered, which was probably not much as i said in my above post. Also you need to find a lawyer that will allow you to file without paying costs, and the costs get put in the final ruling only. I am not fully familiar with how it works in the US in regards to court costs and lawyer costs. So you need to look into all of this and let us know :) maybe make a thread on the LCB forum. and keep it updated with your progress, and paste the thread in this article too :)
  • LuckyRJ please let me know which court would have jurisdiction in this matter.
  • It seems he has just let BetSoft get away with this. I find this unfair for jasonort, but why on earth would you take a *settlement*?? when clearly this settlement would be no doubt about 5% or 10% of the actual amount that you should have won. This is clearly wrong, and you should never ever ever take settlements when you have prove and facts and images and stuff to back your case up. you should have taken it all the way to court. you would have been paid what you was owed and not a tny 5% or 10% settlement. As for BetSoft slots, i never played them for my real money. i never liked or trusted them. So this just doesnt surprise me at all. Just shows do not trust some casino slot provider companies. The only ones we can trust more is Net Ent and Microgaming and WMS. Those are the most reputable ones, and you would def get your money from those. But you would have from BetSoft if you just had the guts to go all the way, and you should have done. But hey its too late now isnt it.
  • @jcboss, this is betcoin, no license no regulations no lawyers wild west like
  • Jason: Never let anyone punk you out on something you know to be fairly yours. If you paid to play then you paid to play, and you were playing for a chance, a chance to win big, and guess what ...you did. It doesn't happen often , hell that's how these casinos survive , by it not happening often, but when it does happen you better believe they best pay up. If you didn't get cashed out the Jackpot as stated on the pay table and you knowing are 100% not at fault for any irregularities while playing then never settle . Or if you are choosing to settle, settle in for a mildly lengthy court process , but you will win . I have know for a long time the 2 casinos providing said software are able to switch a players winning frequency on and off , so it is no shocker when I read this , just a mater of time. I would have lawyered up quick and not suckered out , cuz you are essentially not just representing for yourself , as a fellow USA player you know how shotty online gambling is for us and how it is increasingly harder to find legit casinos so you are also holding it down for all of us bro here in the USA. You situation doesn't present itself often so now there is a chance to get some changes rolling in terms of legitimacy on the casino and game provider end, we pay with our real money, not monopoly money... so why do we have to accept a " house rule " being made up when we win a real jackpot. GO GET YOUR MONEY BRO.
  • Did they pay the jackpot, Jason? Anyways, I'm glad you got the issue resolved.

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