Chinese Gambling Superstitions

Chinese Gambling Superstitions Gambling and superstitions tend to go hand in hand and the Chinese culture has their own set of beliefs that will render good and bad luck. In fact the Chinese are considered one of the most superstitious societies in the world. It is important enough that Casinos acknowledge the superstitions and make changes if it necessary.

Below is a list of the most common Chinese superstitions:

Luck and Numbers – In Chinese numerology there are certain numbers that have good and bad vibrations. The number four is considered bad luck because in the Cantonese language it sounds like “death”. Some hotels avoid putting rooms on the 4th floor as a result or avoid the floor altogether. Contrary to bad luck the number 8 is considered good luck because it sounds like the word “prosperity”.

Feng Shui – An ancient art that began over 3,000 years ago in China involves favorable and unfavorable energy. Some Chinese gamblers avoid going through the main entrance of a Casino because it has negative energy and is cursed by the Feng Shui masters.

The Color Red – Red represents good fortune and joy in China. For that reason gamblers believe that wearing red underclothes like bras, thongs, briefs or boxers to the casino will bring them good luck.

Gambling Gods – Praying to the gambling Gods up to a day before a lottery or when going to the casino so that luck is showered on the player is a common belief. If the Gods have granted your wish making an offering to them will result continued prosperity.

Books and Shoulders – Sounds a bit strange but makes perfect sense why talking about books when gambling is considered bad luck because the word book sounds like “lose” in Chinese. It is also considered not only rude but bad luck when someone touches your shoulders while gambling.

Hand Washing – To wash your hands or not depends on what type of luck you are having. If lucky don’t wash your hands if unlucky wash your hands to change your luck.

Sex – Sometimes it takes sacrifice to have good luck. The Chinese believe that avoiding sex before gambling will increase their chances of winning by bringing more luck.

For Girls Only – If the females want good luck to follow them then go to the casino when it is that time of the month. Yep, if you are on your period it is believed luck is on your side.
  • Reading this article has been fun. It also explains many questions. If you follow these superstitions when you men go to gamble in a land casino. Stop thinking about getting laid when your luck runs good or runs out because most women at the casino will not be in a very good mood, ha ha.... Tiger Woods mother is Thai and Chinese, so that answers why Tiger always wore red during a tournament on Sundays. Wonder if he wore red undies too..........
  • Being a habitual hand washer, i see now a glorious future for my gambling to come! as i am currently like also not having sex, i just need to put on my red underpants like the last poster suggested, and pray to the gambling gods with all my might! i enter my house through the front door and will gamble online, pick a slot machine with 88 lines, spin it 88 times, and if i am then not richer by at least 1000 x my bet, i call bullocks! ^^
  • This is great. I always wondered about a lot of their superstitions. Well now I have it. some does make sense. But as far as the last one.....your time of month.....go gambling? I will have to try that anyways...I will check it our for myself and get back to you on these beliefs. I saw a women one time with something in her had and going over each shoulder as if she was throwing something in back of her from side to side. Then she put what was in her hand on the front of the machine as she was saying some words maybe a prayer.. I don't know I was trying not to stare. Then I saw a lady blessing her machine too. I guess people of all race have their own way of wishing for luck.
  • Ok now I have heard it all, I certainly don't feel very lucky once a month but if I could win a jackpot or 2 then it could make all those cramps worthwhile
  • I had heard of a few of these, such as avoiding the number 4 and the colour red being lucky, I had never heard of the superstition around talking about books though - very interesting!
  • I was in the gaming industry for many years and I have seen with my own two eyes how superstitious the Asian culture are. I have heard a story that when the MGM Grand on the Las Vegas strip was constructed, the lion that is the main entrance to the casino was facing a different direction than it is today. The story says that the reason for this is Asian's would not enter the MGM because the direction the lion was facing was unlucky. So, losing this many whale customers, management had the lion re-positioned in the lucky direction. This completely satisfied the Asian's and they started playing at the casino. This is a pretty radical change just to accommodate a certain group of players superstitions. But if the casino didn't make the change these high rollers would of taken their money else where and that would not be in the casino's best bottom line revenues. I think it is very strange how superstitions work. I for one am of the belief, "It is unlucky to be superstitious." How about you?
  • Hahaha it is funny howsuperstitious people get... Then again I have my own mojo :)
  • Too bad that I don't believe that avoiding sex before gambling will increase my chances to win... It would be so much easier to kick gambling.. :D Thanks for news, it was pretty funny to read and also I could learn something new about other people's culture. ;)
  • Moral of the story: skip sex from now til 8th August 2018, then take your 88th trip to the casino dressed all in red, enter via the back door and be sure your mrs has spent the intermitting 3 years planning her pill use to co-incide for the occasion, and if you do everything correctly, you MIGHT be a millionaire! Also you could go tomorrow and have identical results. Superstition eh? :)

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