AmigoTechs' Cheating Video Poker Games

AmigoTechs' Cheating Video Poker Games

For 18 years I have endeavored to explain the rules, odds, and strategy for every known casino game at my former web site Wizard of Odds. However, there is something I feel even more strongly about than playing proper strategy -- Honest gambling. Honest gambling means to me:

    • The rules of the game are disclosed.


    • The rules are followed.


    • Virtual representations of such things as cards and dice follow the same probabilities as a real game, where each card or face of a die has the same chance.


    • If you lose a bet, then you pay.

Since 2000 I've maintained my "Online Casino Blacklist" of Internet casinos that don't abide by such principles of honest gambling. Most violators are indeed there for either not offering a fair game or not paying winners.

The latest addition to the Blacklist is Amigotechs who provide software for Internet casinos.

My first complaint about Amigotechs occurred in 2011 when somebody reported playing 922 hands of 50-play Jacks or Better video poker and never once improved his hand on the draw. In a statistical analysis by Dr. Eliot Jacobson, he reported that the probability of such bad luck was 1 in 434,095,228,338,431,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,

However, Amigotechs claimed it was due to a software bug. Here in the United States we're used to a standard to convict of "beyond a reasonable doubt." While it seemed a bug to deliberately cause players to lose seemed rather fishy, I had to err on the side of casino, and give them the benefit of the doubt.

Whatever really happened, I hoped they would use it as an opportunity to clean up their act and their game code. Alas, they seemed to have not seized their second chance.

Fast forward to April 2015 and a player reported to ThePogg that in 560 hands of 2 Ways Royal video poker he never once had a hand better than a two pair. Log files at ThePogg substantiate the accusation. The probability of luck this bad, or worse, is 1 in 18,977,313,106,520,400,000,000,000,000.

Given that such complaints happen years apart, it does lead me to believe that Amigotechs games probably do play fairly most of the time. Other software companies have been known to rig their games to provide losing outcomes if casino revenue was not up to certain expectations. I'm not saying that is what Amigotechs is doing, but what I've observed would be consistent with such programming.

Regardless of the cause of the problem, Amigotechs has blown their second chance with me. It is with a heavy heart that I have had to add them to my Blacklist.

Sites using Amigotechs software: (updated platform to SoftSwiss February 2016) (updated platform to SoftSwiss February 2016)

Author: Michael Shackleford

  • well this is something that is worth looking into for sure but I think it is also going to be more then just there software since its just not really to legit anyway something is just too sketchy so I always am careful
  • Great report and very sorry to hear that not all gaming for cash(gambling) is not better regulated .With that said we all know when it comes to money corruption is nearby b/c money is not the root of Evil its the Desire to have it all that corrupts many
  • I have absolutely nothing to back this claim on. But sometimes your gut just tell you to hit on 12 against a hard 15 on BlackJack or those irrational gut feelings. I don't know if anyone has experienced this. But over the countless hours of online slots games I've played by some 'strange chance' I hit the bonus rounds way more often on smaller bets. And very rarely when I increase my bets. NOTE: I'm not suggesting some conspiracy theory. Just sharing my personal experiences with online Slots.
  • As a mathematical statistics major I find this really shocking. First of all Casino using legitimate fair algorithms already provide a significant house advantage and guaranteed house profit over the long run. When I visit the casino with my friend I play the tables while he plays penny slots. And its a lot of fun because he's had some good pay-outs. Where as my 'Educated Risks' don't always work out. But often he would come up with these 'conspiracy theories' (OR SO I THOUGHT) of how some games are rigged and they cheat or they have some kind of cheating algorithms built in. My standard reaction: FACEPALM. But hey. This makes you think. Cool Article.
  • These two instances are years apart, but I'm sure it wouldn't matter to the person who was playing those games at that time. This is such an interesting story and I appreciate knowing the casinos that use this software. Their are a couple of casinos, like Bogart, that I would not play at even before this new information came to light. I also enjoyed reading the other member comments. The different ideas on what other players see that looks suspicious has been a real eye opener for me as well, so I'd like to thank the other LCB' members for their comments on this matter. It is great to have fun gambling as long as everything is on the up and up in both directions.
  • Wow! Those odds are down right frightening! Thanks for the tip, I already knew that the manager at Bet Phoenix, at least the one that was there four years ago, was completely insane, but I didn't know that the software was not up to snuff, though it does explain a lot. I had a discussion with the manager there about four years ago, and because I questioned his facts, he went into foaming at the mouth, screaming crazyville, and the next thing I know I am blacklisted there and at a few of their partner sites. It would have been amusing if it had not carried over to some of the honest casinos I had been a member of. It took a long time, but eventually I got it all straightened out. I have to tell you though, the man was a complete lunatic. To further complicate matters, either he transferred to another casino of questionable integrity, or I ran into his brother playing there one night. Next thing I knew, this lunatic was doing his very best to ruin my good name as well. He even mentioned the problem at Bet Phoenix. I spoke with both of these guys ( or the same nut twice) on the phone, and they sounded like the same man. I avoid all casinos that have any type of cloud around them now, and that seems to be working for me. Keep up the good work, it's great to have a place to check on the integrity of a casino before we deposit there! I appreciate your diligence and hard work.
  • Like I was saying on a post, I 100% Sure that all online casino can enter some setup under our account, as another guy report that in 1 yr he never hit anything on slot in Microgaming, the more I see it they can set % of Max win, Went they give free spins they can enter Max win, Went you receive a Bonus, Too many time Went I play with my money and didn't hit, I get to support and ask for a bonus and Of course Slot pay like crazy, Sometime they simply want you to make 300$ and the program RANDOMLY show winning line. The more you see at any giving online Casino you can see that free spins never pay much, that bonus with wager many time will blow the free spins, feature etc Like if you had deposit over time 1,000$ they owner of the Casino want there players to be happy to they set there " RANDOM program " to be OPEN WIN so you can withdraw 100$ or so, as soon as you reach it you're dead as a fish. So I take precaution of witch casino I played They can come and reply It's Random, except went you see how they open or close the slots it's obvious that at some point they do got some control not how and who will win but can surely under your account enter ON or OFF, It's weird that as soon as you win a certain amount any giving slots WONT pay nothing or went you bet Max you get nothing and as soon as you reduce your bet you get free spins or big win About Poker HAHAHA Well Poker star show the same huge Random number but went you play you will see strange hand
  • Nothing surprising here, that online poker software has the possibility to cheat players out of their money. I think that all the casino software's (slots, poker etc.) have the upper hand when the online casino doesn't meet "certain expectations". From the stats I can see that something happened. I think that every player felt that sometimes you can't win whatever you do. Very nice article and very informative!
  • when companies are even thinking of acting like this they should have flashbacks of Ultimate Bet/Absolute Poker scandal in which some players(previous workers) cheated seeing others hole cards. like in that case, some individuals clever enough discovered the whole thing. result? lawsuits, refunding all money and companies getting closed shortly after they tried with last breath to retweak the whole security strategy. now after this discover they are going to lose the company in long term and i'm happy because maybe will discourage other small providers doing the same.
  • I think there are enough profits for the online casinos to make even without cheating so when some of them started to deceive their customers it's really ugly thing. Probably the customers have to trust mainly on the proven names in the business to avoid being cheated and robed.

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