Warning - Rogue Games at Mission2Game Casino

Warning - Rogue Games at Mission2Game Casino

Intro: "Michael Shackleford is known as "The Wizard of Odds" and is part of the LCB Team since September last year."

One expression you hear a lot, that I disagree with, is "the odds are always in the casino's favor." Where I live in Las Vegas, there are some video poker games and pay tables with a theoretical return over 100% with optimal strategy. For example 10-7 Double Bonus Poker has an expected return of 100.17%, if you play your cards perfectly. Unfortunately, these games are always at low denominations, so even the fastest players can expect to make at best several dollars an hour.

In the world of Internet gambling, once in a long while somebody will offer a game with a player advantage. For example, Boss Media used to have a set of blackjack rules with a player advantage of 0.11% using basic strategy and 0.15% with perfect strategy. Alas, it didn't last. I heard advantage players attacked it with bots that were not undaunted by the thin advantage. Now that I think about, that was the last player advantage game I saw online and that was years ago.

Then, when I recently was doing a review of the Mission2Game casino recently I was shocked when I found a blackjack game with a 0.71% player advantage with basic strategy! With optimal strategy, which includes composition dependent exceptions to basic strategy, the advantage rose to 0.75%. In particular the full rules were:

    • Single deck.


    • Blackjack pays 3-2.


    • Dealer stands on soft 17.


    • No dealer hole card.


    • Surrender against a 10 or ace.


    • Double on 9 to 11 only.


    • Double after split allowed.


    • Player may double on any number of cards.


    • One split allowed.

What a beautiful set of rules! The surrender rule combined with no European hole card is especially powerful because players can surrender before the dealer reveals a blackjack. Under the American rules the dealer will peek at the hole card and reveal a blackjack before offering insurance, which significantly depresses the value of that option.

There was a $20 maximum bet on that set of rules, known both as Blackjack Surrender and Classic Blackjack. If that is too low, the Royal Blackjack had a maximum bet of $200, did not allow double after a split, but did allow one re-resplit. The player advantage under those rules is 0.60% with basic strategy and 0.64% with perfect strategy.

To make things even better there is a player reward program with another 0.1% and plenty of bonuses of up to at sticky bonus of 555%.

I had never seen the software before, known as Soft Magic Dice. It seemed a bit low budget but I've seen worse. While I was a little suspicious, Internet casinos have been known to make mistakes before and maybe I was one of the first to find this juicy play.

So, I did the new player 444% bonus for the maximum deposit of $200. With my $1088 I bet the maximum $20 in the better of the two games and things seemed fine. My balance seemed to have normal swings. However, after gaining confidence, I switched to the Blackjack Surrender game and with bets of $50 or more I quickly lost everything. Nevertheless, it could have just been bad luck.

Much to the chagrin of some, I've always believe in sharing good opportunities with my readers at WizardOfVegas.com. My thread titled "Blackjack game with 0.75% player advantage" quickly got the attention of other players who smelled a good opportunity.

Then the complaints started flooding in. Most were about excessive losses in blackjack and the double-up feature. With another deposit I recorded many sessions and took notes but again it seemed like I was having bad luck but not so off the charts as to make any formal accusations of not playing fairly. In particular my bets at $40 were doing fine but when I increased them to $50 I took a nosedive.

In addition to the many complaints of horrible luck, there were some I wasn't expecting.

The first was by a slot player who got a wild symbol on the first reel but wasn't paid accordingly. Screen shots backed up what she claimed. I would later played a different game and had the exact same problem, wilds simply were not wild on the first reel. A complaint I put into support about it still has yet to be answered.

The second was by a video poker player who received an A-2-3-4-5 straight, known as "the wheel," and was not paid. When he wrote to support they told him that they count aces as high only. There was no mention of such a ridiculous exception to normal poker rules in the help files.

Finally, another reader discovered buried in their Terms and Conditions, this rule 20:

"If you are found to be cheating or attempting to defraud the Game, or if you make untrue and/or malicious comments with regard to the Company's operation, the Company reserves the right to publicize your actions together with your identity and e-mail address, as well as to circulate this information to other casinos, banks, credit card companies, and appropriate agencies." -- Rule 20 under General Terms

Looking at this from the player point of view, I find this rule simply repugnant and possibly illegal under US law. It also contradicts what they say elsewhere in their Terms and Conditions and FAQ:

"The Company will never sell, rent or disclose your personally identifiable information to parties other than the Company's licensors or service providers necessary or desirable for the operation of the Casino, without your consent unless compelled by law or court order to do so." -- Rule 5 under Terms of Use.

"Under NO circumstances will your details or personal information be passed to third-parties." -- FAQ Security section.

In conclusion, without even considering the suspicious blackjack game, I find that between the unorthodox rules in slots and video poker and the threat to release confidential player information sufficient to adding Soft Magic Dice software and the Mission2Game casino to a warning list.

  • They say that 'any press is good press'...and this scandal article in LCB is no exception! I see, too, that Zuga is saying that there is a newer, more positive development in this story. How a casino can go from that far down to back up again, is quite a surpise...Leave it to LCB...never a dull moment!
  • Interesting especially that part about the terms and conditions where the casino could engage in a very personal campaign to harm the individual player. I know at this point that this casino has been redeemed, but in my book any organization that would have such a clause in their contract to begin with is to still be regarded with caution.
  • @Rena, yes there has been some new ( positive ) development. We will soon issue another report . Edit : New Report : http://www.latestcasinobonuses.com/article/mission2game-casino-doe-the-right-thing
  • they always seemed shady to me, but when they restricted my account for no reason i got really suspicious. i had made one deposit into my account, but had recently began playing their daily tournaments and redeemed an no deposit bonus, then suddenly its restricted? ya, very shady
  • Any updates ? Just curious to know .
  • I just read this article and I was amazed! Thank my lucky stars that I have not opened an account at this scamming casino. I do wonder as well (posted earlier) about how many players have received a timely and correct payout?? If there are this many problems for Non-U.S. players, then U.S. players do not stand a chance. It seems as if this scum casino is in reality saying, "Hurry-up and give us your money suckers. You will not be a satisfied winning player!" And as far as their Rule 20...I think the only one going to be exposed is the scum casino. Threats do not work! I am just waiting to see this casino on the black list very soon! Way to go Mission2Game Casino! Maybe Mission 1 should of been honesty on your part. I personally am going to spread the word regarding this scum casino and then we will see who is exposing whom? Thanks LCB for the invaluable information and great articles and as usual y'all rock! Good Luck Everyone!
  • Thank you for the information
  • I noticed something also when playing in the tournaments at this casino and that is when you hit a bonus for free spins which seems to take forever and a day to get you finally get those free spins spinning away and wouldn't ya know at exactly half of the 40 spins I had earned on that 20th spin the screen froze up on me and the worst thing was the live help tells me to screenshot this which I did but what good is that cause no matter what the screen is frozen and if and when you back out of the tournament and try to go back in that same tournament thinking that oh like any normal casino those free spins would be awaiting my use but instead not only did I lose my last 20 free spins I had left I also had accumulated $65.00 that I also didn't not get to bank on for my tournament balance and overall score. So live helper tells me heres $10 so I can re buy in the tournament so thinking his is a fair deal for me I accepted thinking to myself heck with it I will do them a favor and let this slide not thinking it was a problem that would be an issue in the future but it was because this was the second time this happened to me in a different tournament. BUTTTT the very ultimately horrible thing that was a total accident on my part was when I tried to do a rebuy twice in a row in a very high paying out tournament where I was sitting in 2nd place b4 this occurred and since I was a first timer here you would think out of consideration to your new paying customer that you would let it slide this one time since the new player had no clue your tournament score would be reset completely back to a 0 balance for this tournament score. It never goes to show that when you go and itch someones back when its your turn to have your itch scratched they turn their heads and go their separate ways like what you did for them letting errors occur and just slide by with no rhyme or reason you end up getting burned in the end.
  • I wonder if any player will be able to get his/her deposit back when such unacceptable errors occurred. And yes, super-sized bonuses always make me suspicious too.
  • I've never played at Mission2Game casino but thanks to the LCB team I will not do that mistake in future and probably many other users. It's pitty that there is more of this cheating casinos lately and the players really should double check before depositing any money. Thanks to Michael Shackleford and LCB for the great job.

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