FashionTV Casino Gets a Not-so-Fashionable Warning Sign

FashionTV Casino Gets a Not-so-Fashionable Warning Sign You would think that an online casino with such a well-known brand would be the safest place to play and, at first glance, there’s nothing saying: “you will never get your money here!” which would be the worst marketing I have ever seen though... FashionTV Casino glimmers with diamonds and beautiful super-models; the brand is already established in our subconscious, easily recognized as a famous TV channel that broadcasts beautiful girls and fashion shows, all day round in exactly 193 world countries, so why would anyone think twice about depositing here? It’s simple! Always check no matter what, if you typed in the casino’s name in Google or any other search engine you would only find withstanding complaints. That’s why LCB always urges its members to do a little bit of research before making a deposit.

A casino rep joined the forum in July 2015, writing on behalf of BetFTV Team (Fashion TV Casino and Sportsbook) kindly offering any kind of help or assistance. She soon vanished never to be heard of again, leaving her last apologetic post in September alongside a lot of unresolved complaints, which started pouring in almost instantly after the topic was created. It seems that the only people who weren’t having any issues with FashionTV Casino are those who made a deposit and lost. Fortunately, first two complaints from the very beginning were put to rest and players got their winnings, everything seemed to run smoothly, apart from a couple of red flags popping up in their terms and conditions. The one that stood out the most is FashionTV Casino’s pending time which is extremely long, up to 8 business days! This is a very old tactic – holding players withdrawal on ‘pending’ for a long period of time, so the player gets so bored of waiting that they cancel the withdrawal or ‘roll it back’ and play with it instead. Another annoying roguish term is that there are ‘transaction fees’ up to €5. But it seems that the most common stalling tactic used by FashionTV Casino, is simply - ignore players’ complaints and emails all together, and that’s what earned them an LCB warning sign in the end.

We decided to interview one of the affected players to provide a better insight into the whole situation and to enable newbie players to learn from his valuable experience. He kindly asked us to stay anonymous.

What initially attracted you to FashionTV Casino?

Member: “The main thing was FashionTV as the brand. I assumed that an online casino with such a strong brand/backing will be reputable and fair. Why would FashionTV want, or allow, their name getting tarnished from such a venture (and for what is in most cases chump change to them)?

In addition, there was a lack of negative experiences of other players at the time (I always check that out), no warnings, nothing like that. The website also looked clean and professional, live chat was there, and they had a generous welcome promotion.

So you would expect if you do get lucky, you would get paid. In my case, since I'm a big and very lucky winner, they even could've even gotten GOOD publicity out of it. Instead, I did "win" big, but what do I really have to show for it? Not much at this point.

When did you start having first doubts?

The first time a casino reneges on their word, or starts giving you stories which don't make much sense, or just starts behaving unusually, is when you start having first doubts.

For instance, in my case, I knew how much I had wagered, yet they kept giving me wrong figures each time I spoke to them about it. It was very weird; I can see my entire playing history, yet they can't seem to get even that right, signifying incompetence. Or, signifying you're being played.

Then I noticed a couple more complaints popping around on the web - not many, they actually still can sort it all out, but they did pop up - and a rep gone missing from your site, and the signs just kept piling up from that point on.

What was your experience with their customer support?

In my experience, the vast majority of customer support was slow to very slow, and inaccurate at best. Occasionally they'd share a promise how they'd sort it out, with details on when and how, but would not do anything. It is worrisome when they simply do not answer emails which they ask you to send. to top it all, it all seemed like they were scrambling for an excuse not to pay me right from the start.
However, once I did get an email, it was obviously from someone with very good sentence structure and very good command of English (it was unsigned). So there's more people there than just the ones on live chat, and different kinds at that."

Where are you now with your pending withdrawal?

Nowhere. They owe me 19700€ which they refuse to pay out; their latest comments (excuses) were especially outrageous. I mentioned a moment ago how they seemed to have been scrambling with excuses. A brief play-by-play follows. First it was "you did not complete the rollover" (a dozen times at least, they kept bringing up the wrong figures of both the completed wagering and the required wagering). Then it was "the bet size limit is there", very briefly. Then I told them they changed their Terms in the meantime, and sent them the original ones. Then I was promised "ah you're right, it'll be sorted by date XY".

Then that did not happen, on a few occasions. And the latest one arrived in my email inbox - the claim that I completed a, as they put it, "suspicious amount of wagering and then wanted to withdraw". Now, first off, industry never accepts that as an excuse; there are no "suspicious" amounts. If there's a promo running the casino sets the Terms, the casino sets the rollover, the players complete it, end of story. The casino pays them if they win. And on top of that, I did not even want to withdraw right away - I have played close to 30000 (my rollover was 24000). So from these facts anyone can draw their own conclusions about their story (stories!) and what you can expect at this point.

What would be your advice to newbie online gamblers?

"With regards to this casino? I am always optimistic. I know for a fact that in the short run and in the long run it would not be prudent for them to have their reputation ruined over a handful of cases. But you never know what they'll do.

So, in my opinion, if they show that they want to correct this and pay their winners, that’s a big plus. It means proceed with some caution, but you'd be able to see their intent is there, they turned it around. I know that I would be willing to accept any plan they can uphold, like 2000€ per week instead of 5000 or whatever, as long as they started keeping their word and behaving differently.

On the other hand, if they do not do that, then run the other way. It's a no brainer, there are a lot of casinos online, and playing at rogue joints, ones that does not pay their winners, would be ridiculous.

In general, I like to Google the site a bit, see what people say about them, see if there are any negative experiences - that is usually the best way to avoid trouble. All casinos count on affiliate sites to promote them. Yet, affiliate sites themselves do not want to send their visitors to rogue outfits; they want to be trusted, too.

So it is always good to spend a couple of minutes to check all that out. If you do that, you'll be fine in 99% cases.

For instance, if I was picking a site to join today, I'd Google "betftv rep" or "betftv payout problems" and see right away what Latest Casino Bonuses says about Betftv, in detail.. and dodge a huge hassle there.

So dear LCBers, hope you paid attention so this never happens to you! To sum it up, we have had complaints from members of slow payments of winnings from the very beginning, coupled with vague/roguish terms, processing fees for withdrawals and worst of all, unresponsive casino representatives. Response and communication on the LCB forum and complaint section (BetFTV Complaints and Issues) is almost none-existing, which is quite annoying and disrespectful to say the least, not to mention unprofessional.
  • I figured that they didn't have the money to pay him. They strung him along for a while. I really feel sorry for the player as he jumped thru many hoops and fought a long battle against them.
  • they lost their license in the meantime . And they never payed the player.
  • Are there any other updates to this issue? I remember following it last yr.
  • There is a new, very important, update do this. BetFTV kept telling Gaming Curacao that they'd pay me up by this date or that date. That never materialized, and they kept putting Gaming-Curacao off. So after that's been going on for a while, after a long process, their license is now SUSPENDED! The regulator has suspended the license of BetFTV because of this. BetFTV has still - falsely! - claimed they're licensed for a couple of days after that. They might still be doing that. So that's the road they (BetFTV), sadly, took. I think it is very important to know that dishonest business practices end up with this - a resolution where noone really ends up in the green.
  • Since the last update, Curacao about once every two weeks mentions that they're "talking" to the MD of BetFTV. Here is the rough outline - "I am trying to work to get this resolved. The MD said that they should have resolve this week. The alternative is to suspend their license which would entail contacting the processors and software suppliers which would effectively make it more difficult to pay. I constantly having correspondence with them and they are not denying your WD seems to be an internal problem with them that needs to be cleared up. I assure you we will get some resolve one way or another." Note that this again confirms that my withdrawal is an "internal problem of theirs (BetFTV's)". However, nothing else happens, except from an odd new "deadline" which BetFTV supposedly promises Curacao and then never follows up on. There were four or five of those during the last six months. I asked Curacao, given all that, what is their plan then. What is their next step. I don't see the point in new talks of "deadlines" if nothing happens after them. I haven't received a response to that question yet, although I did learn the next (current) step they did make - a couple weeks worth of vacation.
  • Here's how they've been handling it lately. Last week I phoned them (the licensor) up. I had a chat with one of the employees, and soon afterwards I received an e-mail from another. BetFTV is communicating with them. Last week Gaming-Curacao opened an option of license suspension, and subsequently alerting their payment processors, software suppliers etc. of that. They informed me of that, and asked for my patience. Payout (the first one of three, I assume) was supposed to happen last week. It did not. Today I received an e-mail how they're now working with "managing directors" of the company to resolve this. I've replied stating how I don't get what BetFTV's play is. Nor what their grudge is. It is in everyone's best interest, mid and long term, that this gets settled. I will update on how it goes on.
  • The latest events timeline is as follows. January 6h has issued BetFTV an instruction to reinstate my balance, and to have me complete the (extra) rollover requirements. BetFTV has complied. I have agreed to it as well. I have completed all the extra wagering and gotten a confirmation from BetFTV that I'm all done. My ending balance is, IIRC, 21 264€. I have a pending withdrawal for 10 000€ (their monthly limit) since then. On the 22nd of January they requested the docs - my ID scans, and a couple of screenshots to be emailed; and also a notarized copy of my ID to be sent to them via snail mail. They received the e-mails immediatelly. They received the latest piece, via snail mail - and signed for it - on the27th of February. Since then, they haven't replied to my e-mails - at all - on March the 1st, April 12th, and possibly a couple others. No communication, other than live chat (where the personnel says they can't do anything), was had. On March 8th Gaming-Curacao said they'd look into it. On March 22nd Gaming-Curacao instructed them this is taking too long and needs to be settled. Stuart of Gaming-Curacao then tells me they received a confirmation from BetFTV it'd be finished by the end of that week. It did not happen. On March 31st, upon me pointing out to Gaming-Curacao that I still did not receive any funds, I got a message back stating they'd see to it that it gets resolved ASAP. Finally, on May 11th, after again me messaging Gaming-Curacao, I got a message back stating they'd see into it and see why is the payout delayed. Nothing has happened yet. I will keep you all posted, of course. This kind of a case is very telling, in a lot of ways.
  • There's been new developments here and I have what I believe to be very good news. Following a lengthy process with the authority I've mentioned, BetFTV were told to reinstate my balance in full. I was then given an option to complete another 18000 worth of rollover and then withdraw my winnings. Now, this is by no means perfect for me, as the agreements (terms) were without a doubt different from that. However, it is acceptable to me, and it is certainly better than not receiving anything at this point, and having unresolved cases, money owed, and lawsuits involved. I can also confirm that BetFTV indeed has reinstated my balance (and they seem to be cooperative and open for communication; a welcome and significant change!) I will post more as it unfolds.
  • I was just shocked by the answer of fashion-tv-casino-rep. they are suffering from some kind of hybris imo. the regulators of their iurisdiction should consider to cancel their license. that rouge operation will do anything to avoid payouts - and also for a simple refund feels the need to enforce kyc-procedures. ridiculous. anyway - why should i trust an ooperation in advance, just because they are running a boring tv-operation? i never liked "fashiontv". it is just outfashioned. ;-)
  • This story underscores the value of websites such as LCB, who is actually second to none. Without watchdogs, it would make no sense at all to gamble online. It is not surprising to see FTV "come through" and pay off numerous accounts that were owed (such as the 120 euro). Thinly veiled tactic, from PR standpoint, to look like they should be applauded for resolving their Customer Service problems. Means nothing. Actually, it does. It is what is referred to, in American slang, as a snow job !!! They could not pay me to play there. Best of luck to 19,700 euro withdrawing player, under current management it looks like your going to need it.

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