If You Believe in Karma, Build a Good One for Gambling Success

Tom Fulbright was a small town attorney who lived in Florence, AZ., a community 30 miles south of Phoenix. His law practice consisted of defending clients against drunk driving and disorderly conduct charges, or drawing up wills or contracts. He handled a murder case or two and toward the twilight of his career wrote a wonderfully humorous and insightful book called 'Cow Country Counselor' which, in my mind, is a classic.

Back in the 1940s when Fulbright practiced law, the towns south of Phoenix were mostly made up of farm workers. They would come from south of the border to labor in citrus and cotton fields. Ranchers and farmers who hired them would provide housing and the local business owners would see to their needs.

Gambling establishments were wide open in Florence, Eloy, Casa Grande and Sacaton, where hundreds of Blackfoot Indians lived on a reservation. Once a reporter from the Arizona Republic in Phoenix visited Florence to write a story about the community's progress. He interviewed the mayor, and the following exchange took place.

REPORTER: 'You have a very nice town here, Mr. Mayor. Not much crime, friendly people, good water and clean air. What is your prognosis for the future of Florence, Eloy and this entire area?'


MAYOR: (thoughtfully) 'Well, Son, you got that pretty right. We do have a nice community. 'Course, it would be a whole lot nicer if we could shoot about half of the sons-a-bitches that live here.'

Fulbright, in his delightful Southwestern sense of humor, made that observation about Florence. He failed to say whether the reporter used the mayor's quote in its entirety. But when you come to think of it, that quote would probably work well in many of the gambling casinos that cater to the public.

Let's face it. There are some pretty rough individuals who frequent a gambling casino. I've known some of them. During my 40 years of playing poker, trying my luck at blackjack, and handicapping horses, I have come across many Hopis, hopheads, lost weekenders and people who should be wearing ankle bracelets instead of sitting at a green-felt table with their back against the wall.

While some of their behavior is excusable -- it isn't easy being friendly when you're on a lengthy losing streak and the rent or car payment is due -- some of the players, like the mayor of Florence suggested, should probably be lined up against the wall and....well, I'm sure you get the picture.


Now I understand human nature pretty well. And being Italian and Yugoslavian, I know about tempers. People have them, some worse than others. I have had my share of blowups in a casino setting and I am ashamed of some of the things I have said or thought about poker players I didn't even know after they beat me out of a big pot that should have been mine.

But does it really help to be mean-spirited when you're gambling? Wouldn't good karma go a lot farther in helping you win by maintaining a more positive frame of mind? I think so, and here's way.

A raging bull charges into a China closet or a restaurant and people run for cover. The bull sees red and destroys everything in sight. It isn't a pretty thing to see.

That, unfortunately, is exactly what can happen at a poker, blackjack or dice table when a person loses control. An individual who has set his maximum losses at a certain figure exceeds that amount. He delivers a scathing look at the person who beat him out of that pot, makes a bee-line to the nearest ATM machine, and returns with murder on his mind. From that point on, he plays, not to win, but to make that individual pay for what he did.

That kind of gambling spirit is neither smart nor productive and it won't help you win.

The next time you visit a casino, here's a bit of advice. When you valet park your car, joke with the attendant. Tell him to 'keep it under 80' and even tip him in advance.

Inside the casino, smile at everybody as you find your way through the crowd to your favorite poker or blackjack table. You might even stop at a friendly-looking slot machine and invest a coupe of dollars, just for luck. If you win and pass one of those hard-working casino employees carrying a mop, broom or dust cloth, bow, wink and slip her a dollar.

That is how to build a winning karma. Let the games begin.

“keep it under 80”

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    When you have a bad night, most people think the next time they go back most people won't remember something like that, not the particulars, because everybody that gambles does it, blows up, at least once. Think again, people have a knack of remembering every bad situation and who was involved. All the regular employees, little old men, old ladies, anyone that's a regular at the casino. Everyone will remember, especially you. This article is full of great advice, read it again if it hasn't sunk in yet or if your the type that has a temper. These type of displays are embarrassing, being embarrassed is why some of these blow ups happen. OK, your embarrassed, then you blow up and it gets even more embarrassing and not just for you dummy. Try to remember that poor person that came out with you tonight to have fun. Look around, where did they go. They are probably on all fours, trying to get away before someone figures out that they are with you.............
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    I agree with that , Ive slipped into the bad spirited playing zone before and no you don't win and it makes losing even twice as bad . The right frame of mind and keeping it light harded does make it more fun and makes losing not as bad . Ive always tipped good and stay polite and great mood with casino employees , valets , cage workers pit bosses , if I lose I feel it isn't their fault and don't need me to be a sour puss . Excellent advice you gave and thanks for the reminder ....I need to reminded every now and then ;)

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You guys say I am spreading inaccurate claims and trying to make you look bad, well anyone that is familiar with bitcoin and its blockchain ledger can see for themselves. All the addresses are there, they can verify the information I have provided. No double spend attack has taken place. You claimed I made withdrawals before the first confirmations of my deposits happened but I have proven otherwise. The timestamps noted by the blockchain ledger prove it.I will be pasting this to askgamblers and bitcoingg as well as it seems they have just taken your word for it without verifying facts, it may be because they are not that knowledgeable about bitcoins blockchain themselves. Please tell me where the double spend attack happened and I will shutup, else hire a bitcoin expert to ask for their expertise so we can put this behind us already. And please dont say that the bitcoin ledger is wrong, that would be very silly thing to do if you are planning to run a casino based on bitcoin."
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