Meeting Members of an Online Gambling Community Enriches Life

Meeting Members of an Online Gambling Community Enriches Life

Write me your profile. Tell me who you are, where you live, your occupation, why you are interested in gambling, your successes and failures, and whatever else you care to share.

I just came to the realization that you know many things about me, but except for a few members like Jade, Renee, and Oopaloo

I don't know anything about you.

I try to make this column as interesting as I can. But sometimes I come up short on ideas. That's why I would like to tap your brains for future story themes.

While my main gambling interests are poker, horses and dice, I know there are many of you who play other games. I'd like to know the nature of those games and how they affect you.


By sharing your profile and gambling stories with other readers, you will be contributing to the legacy of the gambling world. It's a world that is eternally entertaining, with lessons to be learned and mountains to climb.

Now don't let me down. I have shared a lot of me with you over the past year or so, and I expect at least some of you to return the favor. Let the profiles run as long as you like. Bring up questions. I'll try to answer them.

Tell me your favorite casinos, where you enjoy traveling and where you would like to go. I promise to give them a good read and will use them where I can.

A personal note to Jade: I agree with you that the ASPCA is a good organization worthy of charitable support. When I drive by another ASPCA center, I will stop and make a donation in the name of your cat.

“I don't know anything about you”

  • hi my name is Kristen munoz . I am a mother of two a 9 year old girl and 2 year old boy . not married but in a relationship . I was born and raised in California sf bay area . I'm 36 years old stay at home mom. and for now its ideal since I am some what occupied time wise witth my child in school and other activities and my toddler who is very much needs 100% full attention . so with raising them and keeping the home together I have very limitied time for myself which makes internet gambling or even for fun my hobby its what I do I love it ! now what I would love to hear about is internet cafÝ© in my area or ones online blike acephonecard or recvealmyentries .that would be great thanks !
  • D O B: 13th June 1983 Student doing MBA From Bangladesh
  • I am 61; have lived in Las Vegas all but the 1st two months of my life and a few other times that I left. Raised in a household of eight by my mother, a proofreader by trade, and my father, a linotype operator and reporter for the Review Journal from 1954 to 1974 when he began in the publishing field; the associate publisher of the Nevada Business Journal until his death in 1999. As such, I am a grammar and spelling fiend. I lived my life backwards, so to speak. At 20, in 1975, I began dancing at a club here in Vegas, then went on to perform at the Crazy Horse, and the Crazy Horse 2 for ten years, stopping at age 30 to be a single mother by choice, had a child in 1986, remarried my ex husband, moved to Tucson, went to college to earn my Associates Degree in Business, graduating with a 3.96 GPA in 1989. Returned to Vegas only to find it had grown to 3 times its size and getting a job was crazy. So I chose to stay home with my son until he entered school at five, and teach him, which I did. Very well, I may add, as he was reading at 1 1/2, spelling at 3, and a phenom with language and math! In 1997, I took a job in a law office, where I was the office. That lawyer taught me well, and I was noticed by another attorney who offered me 50% more than I was getting, so I moved up, only to have that attorney hurt her back and was forced to close her practice. I was unemployed one day, as another firm had heard of me and asked me to come to work for them, raising my salary by $2k, and 1k a year after that. I was there five years, becoming one of Nevada's first Federal Court certified Specialists in Chapter 11 bankruptcies. Then tragedy happened. On January 6, 2006, my only child, David, 19, died from diabetes2. I found him and at that point I lost my mind. I tried to work, but couldn't, so I was let go from the firm where I worked. Trying four times during 2006, to hold a job, I couldn't. His death devistated me. I would sit on the floor and scream at God, the whole world and all those who were living when my David, my best friend, was dead. I would weep uncontrollablly for days. I was granted Permanent Mental Disability(PTSD, as the scene of his death would not leave my mind) and have been living on that stupid $850 per month, after earning almost $45k before. I lost all sense of being productive, and that deepened my depression, for I had once been vibrant, pleasant, and a GREAT legal assistant, and now panic attacks made my agoraphobic. Then I began gambling on line and it has destroyed my life. I became a compulsive gambler, kind of because I feel like, so what? Anyway, I have reigned myself in, but I continue to play when I shouldn't. If it weren't for my husband of 23 years, I would have left this planet ten years ago. As long as my husband is alive, I will stay. For his sake only, because there is nothing else for which I have a reason to stay. Morbid and sad, I know, but the pain of losing a child is the worst pain anyone could ever go through. I wish all others in my situation blessed days and a happiness I have yet to find. Loni Green
  • Hi Geno, I started gambling in the mid 90s. I went to Vegas with my older-sister's ID & won a Bingo Pot ... I was hooked. A few years later at 22, I received a large severance from a dotcom & my gambling habit really began to take shape. I traveled all over the US/Canada playing Black Jack, inviting friends for all-inclusive Cruises so I could play in the Casinos on-board the ship, even hosting weekly Poker Parties at my house fully furnished from Billiards & Barstools & a catering crew. By 2003, I was broke, :-S sold my house & struggled to make ends meet. :/ I knew that I couldn't play the way I was used to/enjoyed, so I promised myself I wouldn't enter a casino again until I was secure enough to play comfortably. I kept that promise until my 30th Birthday. My sister hosted a birthday party for me at a local Casino/Hotel. Guess what happened? I won! $$ The first night I left the BlackJack tables with over a grand. The following day I felt like I deserved some High Limit play, after all of the time I had refrained. I dropped $100 in a $5 Enchanted Forest game, spun it away. Dropped another bill in the machine & on the second spin I won $4300. I cashed out all of the $4390 & gave my sister $4000 to keep away from me. I blew through the $390 later that night & luckily went home the following morning. Since then I have been playing regularly, skipping a new pair of shoes to make a couple deposits a week. I play every day but I try to keep it down to $100/week. [::] If I cash out, I will raise my weekly limit so I am able to relive some of the thrill of playing high stakes. For me, I like the thrill, always chase a challenge & anything that doesn't excite me, just isn't worth doing. :) I have been a mixologist, creating cocktails for more then a decade. There have been multiple "day jobs" but never an official career. Currently, I am a contractor & software specialist for an IT Consulting Firm in Atlanta. I work all over the country, overseeing the installation of Interactive White Boards, Projectors, Elmos, Printers etc. Educating the Administrators & Teachers about the changes in the classroom isn't as easy as it sounds. There are always a few that still believe the chalk board is more effective. :) The stubborn teachers who fear change & the obnoxious drunks in the bar have a way of strumming my last nerve. I manage to keep a smile on my face, knowing that I might hit a jackpot when I get home... Yes, my gambling time [|||] [7][7][7] is a reward for me, so I enjoy every minute of it, win or lose. @<3@
  • Hello everyone! I am a Romanian national, male, 27 years old and I work as a environmental engineer. I became interested in gambling at 17, when I first set foot in a land based casino and when I had my first win (about 10 euros on roulette :P). My first experience with online gambling was 6 years ago when I heard about 888 online casino, I think. I just received some money and I thought to give online gambling a try... I won over 100 euros on slot games and then I cashed out (in the TV commercial of the casino it was specified that the cashouts ware instant) but I didn't receive any money, instant, I didn't think to check the T&C, I didn't know that T&C of online casinos even exist :) so I rolled back my winnings and lost them all. I never gambled online after that until 3 years ago when I discovered bet365.
  • Born a farm boy in the back woods of Pennsylvania. Joined the army at age 17 served 3 yrs. with my final base being the beautiful Fort Richardson in Anchorage Alaska. Was a machinist for a few years when I went back to PA. When shops started shutting down a laying off I decided to move to Las Vegas.I figured there would always be work there.( Most people if they got a buck in their pocket they will probably jump at the chance to make it look like two) Got a job as a keno writer $26 a day plus tokes ( tips). Worked 17 yrs. in keno at various casinos. The last being the keno manager at Excalibur. I've seen alot and heardf alot in the sin city. However the strangest thing I've ever seen or heard of happened to yours truly. I was working as a 2nd. at the Excalibur had been there a little over a year and was working the graveyard shift. We had a regular who would fly in from Cleveland once a month and always played the same 7 numbers and never hit. About 2am one morning I was pulling the balls and calling the numbers when the man hit 7 out ofr 7. Nothing unusual about that I have seen many of 7 out of 7's in my many years in keno.A few 8 out of 8 . one 9 out of 9. But nothing better than that. (Tells you a little bit about your odds in the game of keno) This is the strange happening I was referring to. The same man came back the next month. At about 2am I was pulling or calling the numbers again and called the same 7 numbers again! to make things even more strange the last number called and the one that gave him his 7 spot was number 7 The same last number that gave him his first 7 spot. Well of course the eye in the sky was watching so they pulled the video to investigate. Had I heard this story from someone else I would have wrote it off as B.S. For a few months security followed me everywhere, even the mens room. Eventually the smoke blew over and all was back to normal. I bare proof that any thing can happen in the world of gambling. That's why I still do it But my health got the best of me andf I am now on disability and don't get out too often, thus the online gambling. The best I have ever done in a live keno game was 6 out of 6 a few times. (Once again tells you a little bit about your odds in keno.) Most will write this off as a big line of B.S. Iand i certainly don't blame them I would too. But it happened to me and I still think I was in some kind of twilight zone or something.I worked at many casinos and knew alot of people in the game of keno and the ones I told this story to who knew I wasn't full of it were stunned. I thought I had heard every gambling story out there. Then along came my story! It's been fun sharing.Good Luck All and remember it can happen at any time and it happens really fast. Now lets get out there and beat the house!
  • My name is Richard. I play for one reason , winning. Unfortunately, I have won several rather large amounts but do to the delays involved with withdrawing, I usually end up giving it back. We deposit instantly but the casinos give us a minimum of 48 hours to pick away at the withdrawal. Are there any USA casinos that do not have this delayed process? I have realised my stupidity when I have $5000.00 set for withdrawal and end up with....! More than just a few times. Anyway, I'm retired and live on my 50ft houseboat on the California delta, approx 30 miles east of San Francisco. I'm also single, so any single woman reading this may get in contact with me. Lol. No really I'm serious, my boat is fully functional and I use it several times a week, more in the summer so please don't be shy.
  • Hi I, a personal assistant, living in Johannesburg, south Africa, am a 35 year old female, love playing slot machines although, sadly I've lost way way WAY more playing then I have ever won. Think I love playing just because of the "what if today is my lucky day" lol. But also its a fun way to waste time.
  • Hi Geno I'm a songwriter/tutor from Scotland in my 60s I write eclectic music but love country...just finishing a housemade CD of original material at the moment with a friend...i watch sports and browse the PC I play a lot of casinos and usually have success at least 3 times a year when i get the windows at that time ...that one glitch that one faster spin tell of the reels that one twitch of the reels that one stop start of the reels that one slow ALMOST stop of the reels that tells you good to go is about to give you full spins. My main slots are MG and netent with some others #1 slot is tomb raider on any download MG casino ..I have won thousands on that slot and seem to have the premonition gift for knowing when its about to pay big..a bit like songwriting you dont know how you write you just do same as you just know when to up the stake and hey presto the big drop.anyway thats some stuff about me.
  • Hello Geno, I am 53 years young, live in Texas, married 34 years, 2kids,2 dogs,2 g-kids. I started playing poker when I was 9 years old. I was home sick from school and my step dad taught me how to play. I have been hooked ever since. I love playing home games we used to play every weekend. before Winstar was opened in Oklahoma, we used to go to Shreveport , loved the Horseshoe there. Now we go to Winstar because it is so much closer. I like the 3 line slots better than the multi-line games today, but you can't hardly find them anymore. Love keno , it is a no brainer, pick some numbers and place the bet. I also enjoy Let-it-ride, mainly because u have a little bit more control over your bets. I have probably won and lost 50,000.00 over all the time I have been gambling. The strangest thing that ever happened to me was a couple of years in Las Vegas. We were out there for a car convention and on our last day there, I was playing a keno machine when I guy started talking to me from a couple of machines down. I tried to ignore him,but he kept telling me that the machine he was playing( a multi-hand video poker )was fixing to hit a jackpot and that he had do go. He asked if I wanted the machine, I politely said no several times. Finally I told him that I would put 20.00 in the machine, win,lose or draw. I wasn't comfy in the chair yet when what do ya know 3,500.00 jackpot. When the attendant came up I expected him to tell me I was being punked. But he didn't, he paid me the money and I hour later I was on a plane back to Dallas, wondering what had just happened. Guardian angel, psychic or he just knew the machines. I I don't know. well there is a little bit about me, hope I didn't ramble on. Good luck and have a blessed day.

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