Anyone Else have this DIRTY issue.

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        I recently had a very poor experience with Palace of Chance (Dont know where is getting the info about the apparent huge change in attitude with these guys and their friends but I am a new client there and they have treated me like stuff on their bottom of an unclean shoe so I would HATE to have been around when considered them Rogue! Maybe their standards for what they deem a bad casino have dropped? Maybe a bank bal;ance or two got largerr? Who knows...Anyway, I digress, and will post a topic about POC later for opinions.

        This is referring to my screenshot below. I am assuming that I am not the only one getting this and I have to ask if this is illegal, although I don’t think it is regulated enough, and I think the wording of what you see in my shot puts the emphasis on the player to make the right choice ultimately,

        But this is a trick, a dirty one, and I cannot believe they get away with it. I called a different casino to the one in the screenshot on this issue and they were incredibly.........silent about the matter.

        Basically it refers to the fact as the screenshot shows, that any time you download software for an RTG website these days a pop-up opens up suggesting that it looks like you have never registered so it suggests you open an account.

        Now the wording here is the key (as well as the popup being the first thing that shows when the client is opened in the first place) as it basically directs you to consider opening a new account as the client doesn’t believe you have ever opened one.

        Now as you can see in the screen shot a simply move of the pop-up reveals my login name, produced by the client and NOT input by me.

        So, if the client has the hardware and software behind it to remember me on a new download of the software, am I to honestly believe that it is somehow confused enough to suggest to me that I might not have registered yet and maybe I should do so now.

        Were I to believe this pop up and register I could deposit ten grand and kiss it goodbye as I would simply be accused of multiple account when going to cash out. Yet, this is THEIR fault, the wording is clever, but ultimately, despite the casino client clearly remembering me and my details, it is still programmed to have the popup show (and in its starting position it hides the username and passwords fields) and for it to suggest you do not have an account.

        This is a programming decision pure and simple. I.e. the pop-up is designed to generate on any new download and there will be absolutely no check whatsoever whether there is an account for the IP address or Mac address or that the registry might suggest it at all. The code simply will not be there, or it will be broken.

        THIS IS DIRTY in my opinion, and considering I saw straight through it at Palace of Chance and kept just the one account and STILL got screwed I feel sorry for ANYONE who is caught out by this piece of SCUM business plan. Who sits down and thinks of ways to screw their clients?

        I just imagine 32Red or William Hill sitting around thinking how to find new ways to make withdrawals void. When arte these places going to learn that Casinos survive and thrive based on trust and not desperately throwing too good to be true bonuses at people and then doing everything they can to make sure none of them are paid out.



        On Client Open:

        Having Moved POP Up WIndow:

        Finally Casino Ts and Cs explain if you innocently listen to POP UP, you will get screwed:

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        this is standard operating procedure for ROGUES....go figure
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        It just gets to me, because when you talk to them after you believe you have been unjustly screwed (For a reason different to this and its noy lucky 18 either but POC)

        They act as if butter wouln't melt and Im the problem. (In this instnce it was innacurate information given by two different support staff employees that left me scrwed and out of pockete even.

        Are you kidding me?

        These places have stuff all over their sites that are seemingly designed to trip us up. Its rediculoius.

        And the casinos response to their OWN staff creating the problem?? TOUGH sir, Casino reserve the right to blah blah blah. So dion't ever contact support fo help then i what I have learned fro my little episode ass they neither care nor provid any kind of service other than a poor one, potentially intentionally so.,

        Absolute nonsense, and I have to question why have decided they will support these people again when their approach o their customers is so poor, their business ethics do not exist, and frankly, it sounds to me anwyay, tht it has always been the same!

        Changing attitudes? Give me a break!?
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        just imagine 32Red or William Hill sitting around thinking how to find new ways to make withdrawals void. When arte these places going to learn that Casinos survive and thrive based on trust and not desperately throwing too good to be true bonuses at people and then doing everything they can to make sure none of them are paid out.
        i think most casinos do this especially on a big win smh >:(
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        kaptavius wrote:

        I just imagine 32Red or William Hill sitting around thinking how to find new ways to make withdrawals void. When arte these places going to learn that Casinos survive and thrive based on trust and not desperately throwing too good to be true bonuses at people and then doing everything they can to make sure none of them are paid out.


        Reading through this again it actually sound like I CAN imagine these larger casinos thinking how to void when I was actually trying to highlight that I COULDN'T or that I DON'T believe they would,

        I was trying to get the point across that I DON'T imagine order of business for 32Red or William Hill would be to try new ways to screw their customers.

        I was trying to point out the differences between the big casinos and the ones of a smaller stature trying to cash in as big as possible however they can.

        32Red and William Hill dont need to think about how to void players wins, I mean sure they will check legitimacy and not pay if something is suspect pending further investigations and so they should, CHEATS, should be caught out and everyone must be vigilant.

        My point Re: 32Red and the rest (we all know the ones we can definitely trust) is that if there is a legitimate big win I cannot see people in the offices running around screwing trying to think up a way to avoid payment. I imagine they rather see it as a PR opportunity (yes, a somewhat expensive one of course, but, essentially, a necessary one given that it IS GOING TO HAPPEN at some point considering the line of business within which casinos operate).

        The last point made is key, what have the small time, short shelf life, now closed, or eventually/soon will, casinos, all got in common. They forgot, are currently forgetting, or, soon will no longer remember, that their entire business is about receiving money from customers who are giving it over willingly but only in the hope to receive more in return. That’s it, that’s the business. Favourites are chosen on a personal level purely based on what any given casino chooses as its attraction through which it will facilitate the customers effots to acomplish earning more money than they originally were prepared to give over.

        The "will I get paid" debate should not be a leading variable in how and why we choose our preferred casino. This conundrum should be saved for drug dealers and black market mules. People with illegal intentions don’t even have Rogue Casinos for me, I think we do them to much justice in even that. As far as I am concerned serial non-paying Online Casinos are nothing more than high tech, gangster style, distractions from the real deal, whereby small time, rude, arrogant, criminals, are committing fraud in broad daylight in a poorly regulated niche market. A place with ever more elaborate and professional looking, yet increasngly simple to create, coded fronts, in the form of casio clients or the increasingly popular, yet very simple, flash website, that allows anyone to project a particular image of themselves, all while managing businesses of a completey diffrent nature, with completely different expectations entirely, none of which involve handing more money over to people than absolutely necassary to keep up the pretence, and certainly none for free.

        Any casino that actually wants to succeed knows that its amateur good time gamblers are the meat and drink, the bread and butter, the customers that make their casinos go round.

        We want to win, we hope to win, but we don't expect to. We wonder if today will finally be the day and for a small few of us we will have that day or a bunch of smaller days that are minutely near to the massive spin we dream about, but ultimately we don’t really expect it, I know I don't.

        Therefore, unless taking on a big bonus with the aim to see it through and cash it out, I, and every other amateur gambler like me, deposit wondering if today might be the day but really expecting to maybe get a large enough win to feel it worth cashing out or knowing that I will have a good few hours of entertainment and will probably leave the casino with no money.

        At this point the reputable casinos, the ones with whom I place my trust and will gladly deposit cash to, have already won their mini battle with me, regardless of who wins during the current session. You see, I will go to 32Red or BetVictor or Mr Greens, deposit, enjoy a few hours of entertainment and then, penniless and on my way out, thank them for the privilege. And, while there are casinos who are committed to utilising honesty to build their customer base and achieve growth, why would I give up on the dream, its only a spin away after all? And while I am still dreaming I will keep depositing......

        There, marketing plan for any casino, create an Image of the dream, allow customers to try for the dream by way of making small payments for the chance of receiving a larger amount as a payout while aware that they coud also get zero, earn their trust through keeping any promises and honour the customers with their winnings paid quickly, they deserve them, and they are making your casino bit by bit. You will notivce familiar faces from day to day and soon you ahve scores of repeat customers.


        The above mentality creates every BIG casinos, but they can only attract these normal every day, go to work 9-5 and pray for something to come along that allows a way out of the rat trap, gamblers, by being 100% trustworthy. Even one seed of doubt and we either want free chips and payment on them as faith or it’s on to the one where we now the owner treats his casino and its customers with respect. Repeat business for a casino, like any other business, is MOST important, and to repeatedly go somewhere to use their wares, buy their products etc., you must believe in them, you must know they do what they claim.

        These RTG casinos are kidding themselves and yet are so smug when they seemingly happily tell you why they are validated in denying your winnings, you almost have to feel sorry for them because as many before, and many soon to come, they will die eventually, because once the attraction of Larger Than Life Bonuses are soon regarded as simple PLAY money (Which is exactly what they are the majority of the time, with machines tightened, ridiculous terms, and in some cases, what can only be described as flat out legitimate wins voided for reasons unknown), what will they have left?

        I can't find an answer personally, but I know what they WON'T have. Depositors. And, you know the crazy thing, with all the hoops you have to jump through you are just as likely to win money depositing $100 at a legitimate trustworthy casino that is offering no bonus than you are getting a large bonus with terms that involve circus tricks in order to satisfy them.

        The only thing is less time on the machines if things go wrong, then we have the playing just for fun option, it’s what the rogue RTG bonuses amount to, or they have only ever done for me.

        So far I am at 5 NDB play through wins, 5 not paid with RTG. Two were accurate for the casino but shady in that there are ways to prevent it, two others were simply locked accounts after requesting withdrawal, and the most recent, well, it dumbfounds me. Rules being made up, support staff confirming my win, managers denying it, withdrawal staffs requesting documents after the denial, managers apologising for withdrawal staff error and winnings are still void, blaming the decision on my countries views that its citizens have the right to play NDB chips on the Internet but do not have the right to profit from them; FWIW, in all honestly the most ridiculous nonsense I have ever heard. Once the excuses stretched to trying to have me think the government have discussed the merits of online NDBs and made the informed and majority decision that the public can play but not cash out, THATR WAS ME, NOPE, NO MORE THANKS, IM DONE.

        askgamblers can ramble all they want, I know who I can trust and I know who I wouldn’t give up any of money to in chase of the dream, after all these rogue RTG casinos (Not all the ones you can find out about with a little searching) wouldn’t give me money if it meant saving my life, let alone because some software depicting slot reels rolled in a random big win that we pay someone to make sure does not happen. (Harsh maybe, but am I wrong? I DON’T KNOW, and that the problem).

        End rant of my own. Sorry Guys. Every time I think about it I get angry.
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        its ok we have all been there and needed to blow off some steam sad
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        Hah, thanks,

        Oriignally it was just meant to be trying to make sure that it was understood that in my opinion to be a BIG CASINO essentially requires an understanding that paying out is what you do, end of story. You just need enough repeat customers so that a pay out becomes a drop in the ocean...........and these RTG casinos don't have a clue of how to keep their customers.

        Throwing stupid bonuses around and then haviung to excuse why they wont pay them is going to lose punters for a life time, its BAD BAD BAD business, efforts in the opposite direction are far more productive, good games, good service, happy customers, good word of mouth, quick payouts, bonuses that are small in both frequncy and value (in comparison to current rediculous ones) but above all, honesty, generates trust, trust leads to loyalty, loyalty leads to repeat business, repeat business equals Successful Casino, well, Succsssful Business regardless essentially.


        But, yes it did turn into a rant, I apologise.

        I must have written an email to the particular manager a million times and not sent it, its never legible enough, the post above almost was but not quite, and I can no longer modify so it remains as is. Hah.

        Oh well, maybe Ill let it go now hey, my lesson learned, nothing lost.

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