Can everyone give me their thoughts on this matter.........

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        I dont know if im crazy or what but Im not a sore loser.  When we gamble were taking a risk for a potential reward.  But when fairness is in question..... I want to see what the majority has to say.  Please let me know what you think about this conversation.  I need more perspectives on this matter so "drop it like its hot!" as snoop dog would say, and I would be much oblidged.

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        You are now chatting with 'Roy'

        Roy: Hello

        Roy: How are you today?

        Dru Nabarrete: Im not good

        Roy: sorry to hear that

        Roy: How can i help

        Dru Nabarrete: I discovered something that im a little bothered by

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        Roy: Ok whats that?

        Dru Nabarrete: I was playing keno when I decided to test the software

        Dru Nabarrete: I picked 8 numbers and played 10 like I always do..........

        Dru Nabarrete: And as soon as I pressed the play 10 button I turned off my internet connection and the game played out till 10 games were done

        Dru Nabarrete: Are the 10 games preloaded everytime I press "play10"?

        Roy: that will be the auto play feature

        Dru Nabarrete: Yes but are the numbers that are drawn by the game already decided at the time I press the auto play feature?

        Roy: no

        Roy: they are still random

        Dru Nabarrete: I turned off my internet connection immediately after I pressed the "play10" auto feature and all 10 games played out even though my connection was off!

        Dru Nabarrete: That means they were preloaded at the time I pressed the auto feature

        Dru Nabarrete: How do explain that?

        Roy: thats very strange, ive never seen that happen, how did you turn off your conection? via unplugging it?

        Dru Nabarrete: I turned off the switch on my laptop. Does it matter how I turned it off?

        Dru Nabarrete: It wasnt connected

        Dru Nabarrete: When I did it with slot games it immediately stopped working

        Dru Nabarrete: But keno kept right on playing out 10 games untill it was done with no connection

        Roy: all i know is that when you click the auto play feature it doesnt pre select the numbers

        Dru Nabarrete: How do you explain that it kept playing with no connection?

        Roy: if im honest, i cant explan it

        Dru Nabarrete: Wouldnt that be the only explanation

        Dru Nabarrete: Use your common sense

        Roy: Ive never seen that happen before

        Dru Nabarrete: You know how computers work right?

        Roy: im just speaking to someone more technical to see if they can explain it to me

        Dru Nabarrete: Have you even tried it?

        Dru Nabarrete: If you shut off your connection, the stream off data cuts off immediately

        Roy: 1 moment

        Dru Nabarrete: Meaning that the even though I pressed "play10" auto feature.

        Dru Nabarrete: It would stop as soon as the connection was turned off

        Dru Nabarrete: It wouldnt finish the 10 games untill I reconnected to the internet.

        Dru Nabarrete: Just like when a free spin feature is won on slots

        Roy: Ok, i just checked, when you press the auto play feature, the system classes it as 1 turn and does determine all the numbers for each go at that time

        Roy: it is still random numbers

        Roy: but it will pick all the numbers for the 10 goes at the time you first press

        Dru Nabarrete: If the connection is cut off during free spins, it doesnt continue untill you are connected again

        Roy: yes becasue keno is not a slot manchine, it works a little different

        Dru Nabarrete: That not random

        Dru Nabarrete: Thats predetermined

        Roy: No its random

        Roy: it just picks the 10 goes or 5 goes at the start of the first spin

        Roy: it still randomly picks the numbers

        Dru Nabarrete: Honestly do really believe what youre saying right now?

        Dru Nabarrete: Or are you just saying what theyre telling you?

        Dru Nabarrete: How can you randomly pick numbers for 10 different games at one time?

        Roy: easily

        Dru Nabarrete: I can see if they were all the same numbers for every game

        Roy: were they all the same numbers?

        Roy: for each of the 10 games?

        Dru Nabarrete: tyup

        Roy: Ok, im looking at the last 10 games you played, and all the numbers are differnt that were drawn

        Roy: what would be the difference of picking 10 lots of numbers at one time and picking 10 lots of numbers 1 by 1

        Roy: when you clikc autoplay 10 you are commiting to playing 10 games

        Dru Nabarrete: DSo they should be played individully

        Dru Nabarrete: In real time on the server

        Dru Nabarrete: Not preloaded in to the sofware

        Roy: playing them individually or in blocks doesnt matter as the random number gen will still be random

        Dru Nabarrete: Do you understand the point im trying to make?

        Roy: Yes i do

        Dru Nabarrete: Im just wodering if youre even comprehending what im tryinmg to say to you

        Dru Nabarrete: ok

        Roy: I can see it from your point of view

        Roy: and i can understand your thought process

        Roy: 10 games were randomly made but all at once, you may not have won so you are understandably concerned that it is fixed

        Roy: I can assure you its not fixed, and it is all random and all out games are tested for fairness

        Roy: its just the way the system work with keno as to pick out 10 sets of numbers when you commit to playing 10 games

        Dru Nabarrete: I dont know.... Preloading numbers doesnt say to me random unless it is in real-time on your server like your slot games

        Dru Nabarrete: Why arent your free spins preloaded?

        Roy: becasue thats a slots, i honestly dont know how the software works, i can only go off what i am being told

        Dru Nabarrete: Ok.

        Dru Nabarrete: You dont mind if I share this conversation with my friends at LCB forum do you?
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        Wow that had to be a frustrating conversation. I have played slot games where the connection failed. I had to reload and the spin continued but my balance was already adjusted with the win or loss which tells me that the spin was predetermined.

        It's all based on RNG. As soon as you hit that button, whether it's a single game or 10 games, it's logical that the numbers are determined at that time.
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              Hey Dru,  that is a little scary.  I think I'm going to stick with slots for a while.  Thanks for bringing that to our attention.
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        I see what you are saying Drunab, but I think that it is still random, no matter when the numbers are picked... here is how I see it in simplified terms.

        I pick my numbers and say I push the button for 1 play... the game then asks the RNG for a set of 20 random numbers for that game. Then it displays them one at a time on the board and those 10 random numbers match or do not match my numbers.

        Same thing if I push the button for 10 plays... the game just asks the RNG for a set of 200 random numbers. Then it displays the first 20 on the first play and so on down the list.

        So, the total number of games would be played out even if you disconnected. This is possible because the numbers are picked by the RNG and not by balls picked one by one as in a live keno game.

        But connected or not connected, 20 at a time or 200 at a time, the numbers are still a random set of numbers to be compared with your set of numbers.

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        I can see your concern here Drunab.  When a spin on a slot is set off and you are disconnected, you will generally see the result of that spin but you will not see the actual spin (as a general rule - but obv this does not apply to every software). 

        I can sort of understand what the chat rep is saying meaning that it was just one push of the button but I wouldn't be very happy about it either. 

        It would be interesting to test this on other softwares.  What platform was this casino?

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        well i nvr play keno but this case is quite interesting smiley hehehe...want to see how seniors react about this issue~
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        Because it is on Auto Play they are automatically played out connected or not. I think the format for certain games are different. That's why when you get caught off on slots it picks up where you left off on free spins but this is a different type of game.

        I wonder if you Auto Play slots they would play out with a disconnection. I sorta reminds me of bingo or playing poker because if you get disconnected your play is protected and will continue. Another possibility here could be that you turned of your computer so abruptly the system may have not caught up to the disconnect because you logged back in so fast and there is a certain time frame before the game will stop.

        If you had played say 99 games would it have played all 99 or would after so much time of being disconnected the Auto Play would stop.

        Most importantly you didn't lose your bets on the ten games and if you had any wins they were added to your count balance.


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        I dont see a relevant difference between randomly picking 1 or 10 numbers to be honest. Wheather the rng will require you to press button 10 times and to pick 10 numbers or to press it once to pick all 10, you will get 10 randomly choosen numbers. If their rng is really choosing on completely random basis without any additional parametars  than no reason to doubt it will do the same on 10 games.

        What actually bothers me in this case is the same thing that i commented for pick me features on slots in some other thread, it makes me precieve all those games as a cosmetics with some graphical theme attached to it, because everything you see on your screen is already predetermined in the past, and as such it greatly spoils the fun.

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