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Last post ago over 7 years by Jimbeaux
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    • Jimbeaux
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      I have been doing some jumping around this week, trying new places.
      The Walmart Visa card has been accepted everywhere I have tried, as well my Ewalletxpress deposits have gone without a hitch.

      Here is how I have been doing:
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    • Jimbeaux
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      Giving Casino 33 a Try.

      I contacted live support earlier today and claimed the $25 free chip we have listed on the thread

      Now faced with a daunting 50x playthrough on mere 25 bucks I started conservatively. I Played a couple of the older slots like Ronin and Mister Money for about 10 spins each then jumped to "King of Swing" with a balance of $16. I bounced bets between .25 and .50 with an occasional (gasp) .75 thrown in, but money was swiftly dwindling, no big hits to save the day and 1.40 left in the pot... and I hit the bonus round. At a .50 cent bet. Even grabbed a screenshot (which no one will ever see, explained later). Got lucky in bonus with two homeruns and 19 free spins at 4X bet. Finished up with $130 to play with.

      Now I like the Achilles game. It's kind of a love hate relationship, But I like it. So I took my win to Achilles and started playing the same way, only this time starting with 1.20 bets, then bumping up and down all the way to 2.00 a spin. I tend to do this bumping fast and spinning fast (hoping to confuse the computer into just surrendering all the big hits without a fight). In so doing I accidentally nailed a 5 dollar bet... (see screenshot).

      I played on for a few hours and with my bolstered bankroll finally made the playthrough. I jumped around to about 17 or 18 games and was able to keep the bank between 200 on the high end to 75 on the low (All time highest bank was 390).

      Now I could have cashed out for the 50 max cashout... but there is a second part of that bonus, if you are willing to put some of your own money on the line... I am going to do just that. A 50 dollar deposit with a 500% match. Sure I have to play it through 33 times (a mere $9,900 with $300 to do it) but I aint askeered...

      As an added bonus, win or lose, after I finish Casinojack will give me a list of the actual playout settings of the games I played on this run. This is not going to be available to everyone, but for the purposes of showing our membersI am putting my money on the line, and he is offering the transparency after the play as to what win percentage a given game is set at. I will be able to view it after i finish playing.

      I am hoping it gives an insight into just what the difference between a 97.5% setting and a 95% setting really means , from a players perspective...

      but that is for my next blog.
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      Ah Hah!.. Jimb you play one of my favorites, congrats on that
      Archilles and Ceasars Empire, Got the bonus and said to myself
      I'm going to stop it not let it run through, retriggered it 4 times lmaoo
      Casino33 seems to be very promising, so far so good!
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      • last active about 1 month ago
      hi gang i do get the free chips and play them. i never cash out and dont intanmend to. today i was playing CLUB WORLD and got the 15$chip up to 40$and they cut me off from casino andput me at 00bal. just like the other ripoffs in the rtg. casinos, oh well ty josie46
    • Jimbeaux
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      • last active 7 months ago
      Sometimes even when you win, you lose.

      After using the Walmart re-loadable card I switched to Ewalletxpress to try a few casino's as well. One of the criteria I selected was the ability to have withdrawals go back to the Ewalletxpress account and I decided to give Bet2Win a try.

      Bet2Win uses a software called DGS and it is different and unique from what we are normally used to playing. While it has a full functioning sportsbook and Poker set up the casino section has a selection of scratch cards as well as about 8 slot machines. What it lacks in selection though it makes up for with truly fun slot machines. The graphics and bonus rounds are both a cut above everything you are used to seeing.

      I deposited $50 and had my first deposit matched 100% with a 20x playthrough and no max cashout. Now one drawback to this casino is that 6 of the 8 games are 30 line and smallest coin denomination is .05 meaning that minimum bet is $1.50. Their is one machine with a .02 minimum coin or .60 min bet. I started out on the Bank Heist game and within a couple spins was into the bonus round. When I say unique, I mean it. cut to a scene where you choose to Pick the lock, drill the lock or blow the safe. Once done a video of you doing just that begins, your character enters the vault, opens a bag and begins stuffing in money. That's when the fun begins. First you get a message that the Detective who has been hounding you has been alerted... and your guy keeps stuffing money. Then, it tells you Detective Kowalski is in the building and you are given a "Escape" button. Choose how long you want to wait to hit the escape, the longer you wait, the more "danger bonus" you build, as long as you get away.

      In my case, I managed to stuff about 1100 coins and got away for 55.00. I played about a half hour more on this game, keeping my balance a little over 200, then switched to the Gladiator game. As often happens, with me anyway, I hit max bet instead of the spin button on the first spin which bet 7.50. As rarely happens, with me anyway, this time It worked out with the double expanding line filling the center scree n and matching 4 heroes as well as 4 tigers and payed out 4000 coins or 200 dollars. I continued betting high and built the bank roll to over 500 even as I approached the playthrough. When I got to where I had 7 spins in a row with no payouts I switched to the Alladins chest game, the .02 machine, and repeated the max bet thing.

      I could do know wrong. Free spins, bonus rounds, scatters, mini games... I was rocking. My best hit was for 14,000 coins. By this time my bank was sitting at just over $900, playthrough met. I played another hour or so trying to break a thousand but machines finally cooled off and when My bank dropped back to $750 i called it a day and requested a payout.

      Yes, USA so the whole ID fax back thing but I took a comment from some of the other members, placed My ID and bank statement on the table, took a picture with a digital camera and asked Live support if this would be adequate. Once sent, the accounting department verified both documents were clear and legible and within an hour My withdrawal was "approved". Three days later the 750 was sitting in my Ewallet.

      To my surprise, when I logged back into Bet2Win their was a hundred dollars sitting in my account. This, as was explained was based on the losing wagers I had made (all those big bet's added up). Played it.... Lost it. For the next week or so I redeposited about 5 time's at $30 each time... Played a lot but nothing wirth cashing out this time... but each and every deposit, I found an additional bonus amount between 15-30 in my account the next day with out asking.

      I started this blog with "Sometimes even when you win, you lose."...

      Here is the lose part. I went to log into my account day before yesterday and got a 'Wagering has been suspended, please contact Support" message. Bet2Win has now closed it's doors to US players. This also goes for their sister casino Don Carbone and was due in part because of difficulty with payment processing for US players. My payout I had no issues with but they have been having major isues and finally made a decision to concentrate elsewhere...

      It was fun while it lasted... for me at least.

      If you are Non-US, give the games a spin... but be cautious.... the games are addictive.
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      • online
      Congrats's nice to be on a major role....been so long i forgot what it feels like....thanks for the walk down memory lane.

    • Jimbeaux
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      • last active 7 months ago
      As some have heard, My wife went in for surgery at the beginning of August, nothing serious ( I had her Spayed) so life in the Humble Domicile has been somewhat disrupted as i scrape off My rusty cooking and cleaning skill's as well as play nurse and of course, host to the Myriad family and in-laws.

      While My Mother-in-law was here she mentioned she had never been to a casino and, as at that time the wife was doped to the gills, my wife suggested I take her downtown to the riverboat.

      Anyone remember their first time?

      I stopped at the atm on the way to the casino and withdrew $160, 80 apiece and as we pulled into the casino I handed Janice her $80 along with the advice to consider it already spent... and that she could not return it to me unless she had at least doubled it. She about had a heart attack saying it was to much... I laughed.

      Once inside I walked her through a couple floors, showed her the penny videoslots and warned her that the max bet on these was $5 and deposited $20 to show her how to select lines and bet per line, as well as how to receive a cashout ticket. She took it all in and said she just wanted to wander a bit so I settled into play mode, spun a little, cashed out a couple times keeping about even and then went to look for her to check up on her.

      She was sitting at a 7 reel,9 line Bars & Stripes machine, the type with the old mechanical wheels and it was fun watching her cautiously hit the spin button... then try to make sense of what she was seeing. She had about $18 dollars in the machine at the time when I realised she was playing a single line. I pointed out the two seperate ways she could have been paid on her last spin and had her bump up to 9. She laughed nervously when I explained the bet per line once more, .09, .18, .27, .45, .90 and 1.80. She looked at me with an "Oh?" type look and bumped from the .09 single line to .90... and of course got all 7 mixed 7sfor $27 payback... She was like she had just jakpotted she was so excited. Two spins later she hit it again.

      I had explained that when I doubled my money I cash out, and if I still want to play the machine put in cash again, so she did that, cashing out for $72 and putting another 20 in. I wandered away to play a bit myself, more down than up and was soon down to $40 when I went to check on her again... sitting at the same machine.
      I took a similar machine directly across from her to keep tabs on her, mine had a double and triple multiplier and slipped my own $20 in. Watching her I really was not focusing on my own play and was max betting and of course hit mixed 7's across the board... with 2 doublers and a triplepaying me out a little over $240. In the mean time Janice had managed to cashout two more times, once for 50 and once for 60.

      We ended up spending a little over 4 hours at the casino, had a blast and walked out with a little over $350 total. She got a bit peeved when I would not take my stake back from her, pointing out  that her $150 had not doubled the stake so she had to keep it... She was all set to turn around and go back in (wonder where my wife got her stubborn streak) but I told her it was soon time for wifes meds... She grumbled some... then promised she would be back... and next time she got to stake me...

      A corrupting influence? Moi?
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      • last active 6 months ago
      free chips what a joke might as well call it free play same thing
    • Jimbeaux
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      • last active 7 months ago
      With all the new Rival Casinos popping up last week I took the plunge, (a shallow one though as I played at Pantasia, one I had previously deposited at) and dropped $25 while taking a 100% match bonus. First and foremost, with Rivals, always check the playthroughs on any offer as there is a HUGE variance from one offer to another, ranging from 15X-100X. my deposit came with a 25X playthrough, but no max cashout, so not a bad challenge...

      Didn't make it... But.

      Had fun. Played about three and a half hours hitting a few bonuses and building up to a one time high of $375 before letting the Spy game suck most of it away. I had decent luck with Hole in One, hitting the bonus round 4 times, twice while betting 2.25 and twice at .75.

      And once more I was reminded of just why I like depositing at Pantasia. after finally losing it all, the next day I had a $10 free chip waiting in my account. So far almost every deposit has been welcomed with some form of free chip within 24 hours, as well as a weekly "reload" offer. Warranted, it is usually $5-$10, but as my deposit's are typically $25 I cannot complain.

      Give them a try if you have a couple spare dollars and a couple spare hours.

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