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    Last post ago about 5 years by dj_tonik
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      • 9s1jj83
        • Started by
          Mighty! Member
        • last active 15 days ago
        Well at least this time they did not reject it because of a lack of paperwork, etc. So, request wdl again and stay persistent... they want you to give up and play it back... don't give them the satisfaction!

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        • last active 4 hrs ago
        Good luck on your withdrawal dj.

        Don't you hate the stall tactics?  Obviously if you sent your cell phone bill, you most likely didn't have a land line....seems like a no brainer.

        If they had all the documents, why should they care WHAT kind of phone bill was sent.
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        • Replied by
          Superstar Member
        • last active 10 hrs ago
        tactics tactics now wouldnt this be a great tactic nor taking your deposit so fast gl on your withdraw
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        • Replied by
          Jr. Member
        • last active 7 months ago
        LOL, yeah, next time I go to deposit at a casino I will stall and send support an email stating that they were "Randomly chosen" for a security check. Then deposit a month later.....
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        • Replied by
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        • last active 10 hrs ago
        that would get em where it hurts rofl
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          Jr. Member
        • last active 7 months ago
        Chloe 20:16:22
        hello DJ
        Chloe 20:16:27
        how are you today?
        ****** 20:16:35
        not to bad
        Chloe 20:16:52
        oh I'm glad to hear that
        ****** 20:16:58
        i seem to be having alot of trouble with my withdraw
        Chloe 20:17:43
        give me just a second to look into the matter
        Chloe 20:20:41
        oke DJ
        Chloe 20:20:44
        it seems
        Chloe 20:20:54
        your account was randomly selected for a verification process
        ******* 20:21:20
        was everything ok?
        Chloe 20:21:39
        This consists of Management selecting a few random accounts with pending withdrawals, in order to review the paperwork that has been received from them, to make sure it is complete and legible, that the account information matches the paperwork
        Chloe 20:21:48
        and to review the account game sessions.
        Chloe 20:21:59
        please feel free to submit another request
        ******* 20:23:13
        i did, but i just wana make sure everthing is in order. im looking forward to playing more with crazy slots but as a rule i want to make sure pay outs are granted accordingly. im sure you understand
        Chloe 20:23:51
        of course,no worries
        Chloe 20:24:02
        I hope you understand this is a standard proc
        ******* 20:24:16
        was security able to get everything in order?
        Chloe 20:24:33
        the review usually takes a week
        ******* 20:24:44
        i see
        Chloe 20:25:08
        would you be interested in a deposit today?
        ******* 20:25:39
        unfortunatly, no. not until my withdraw is completed = (
        Chloe 20:26:06
        fair enough
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        • Replied by
          Jr. Member
        • last active 7 months ago
        Keep in mind my withdraw was submitted on 11/25/2011. lets see how long it takes.... i wonder if top game will pay faster than RTG, !
      • Images
        • Replied by
          Superstar Member
        • last active 10 hrs ago
        dj_tonik wrote:

        Keep in mind my withdraw was submitted on 11/25/2011. lets see how long it takes.... i wonder if top game will pay faster than RTG, !

        well gl on getting it let us know
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        • Replied by
          Jr. Member
        • last active 7 months ago
        ****** 10:18:02
        Support 10:18:03
        Thanks for contacting us! A support rep will be with you shortly.
        Phil10 10:18:49 hello
        ****** 10:18:02
        Support 10:18:03
        Thanks for contacting us! A support rep will be with you shortly.
        Phil10 10:18:49
        ******* 10:19:17
        hi phil, i was just checking in on my withdraw and i noticed that 500 of it was declined?
        Phil10 10:20:02
        one sec
        Phil10 10:22:38
        well a month has to passs before making another payout request
        ******* 10:22:48
        Phil10 10:25:05
        well you have to be a cust with us for at elast 6 months in order to cashout more trhat 500$ a month
        Phil10 10:25:09
        you made 1k request
        Phil10 10:25:15
        500 approved
        Phil10 10:25:24
        and 500 declined cause of the 6 month policy
        ******** 10:25:40
        i see. is this something new with top game?
        Phil10 10:26:02
        ******** 10:27:14
        this policy, because i was a member of crazy slots for 2 years
        Phil10 10:28:45
        yes but we've changed to topgames and thus some policies
        ******** 10:29:29
        ******** 10:29:38
        that was my account number
        ******** 10:32:58
        no where on the terms and conditions of withdraw does it say anything about a max cashout per month before 6 months
        ******** 10:33:28
        only if the amout exceeds 8000
        Phil10 10:34:48
        did you check the site?
        ******* 10:35:59
        yes im looking at it now?
        Phil10 10:37:32
        you know what pelase send an e0mail to with this issues and they will get back to you witha reply on the matter at hand
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        • Replied by
          Jr. Member
        • last active 7 months ago

        From: dj_tonik*************@******.com
        Sent: Mon 12/12/11 4:19 PM

        i think there must be some sort of mistake. i've read the terms and conditions and no where in them have i read anything about a monthly max cash out policy prior to 6 months as a member. i have been a loyal member of Crazy slots for quite some time. my account number for crazy slots was CS*************. I made many deposits to the casino (i save all the recepts) and i've also had withdraws over $1000 usd before 6 months and never had this problem. I also belong to which is currently reviewing this casino for online players. i have been subitting my reviews as well and I frankly am starting to feel like this casino is diliberatly making my withdraw very difficult for me as a patron. i was anticipating a good experience with CSC since i had been a loyal member in the past. unfortunatly these practices if continued will not only drive my business away from this casino but furthermore many others that read my reviews that i will post online. 
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          Jr. Member
        • last active 7 months ago Terms & Conditions
        1.By playing at (the 'Casino'), you represent and warrant that you fully understand and agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

        2.The Casino is restricted to individuals of legal age of majority as determined in the jurisdiction in which the individual resides. You cannot play under any circumstances if you are not at least 18 years of age.

        3.Participation in the activities and games of the Casino (the 'Game') is open only to residents of those jurisdictions where such participation is legal and not prohibited. Participation in the Game is void wherever prohibited by law.

        4.The Company makes no representations or warranties, implicit or explicit, as to your legal right to participate in the Game nor shall any of the Company's employees, licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners, agents or retailers have the authority to make any such representations or warranties.

        5.The Company is a corporation incorporated under the laws of Curacao and is fully licensed and regulated by the laws of that country for the purpose of operating a virtual casino on the internet, under the name of

        6.The construction, validity and performance of this Agreement will be governed by Curacao law. However, this shall not prevent us from bringing any action in the court of any other jurisdiction for injunctive or similar relief or to recover amounts owing from you to us. The English language version of this Agreement will prevail over any other language version issued by us.

        7.The illegality, invalidity or enforceability of any part of this Agreement will not affect the legality, validity or enforceability of the remainder.

        8.Employees of the Company, its licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners, retailers and members of the immediate families of each are not eligible to participate in the Game.

        9.It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand the rules and procedures of the games in the Online Casino and your use of online gaming in general before you play any such games.

        10.The Game is for entertainment value only. No purchase is necessary or required to play the Game. You may play without betting money if you wish. Any participation in the Game is at your sole option, discretion and risk. By playing the Game, you acknowledge that you do not find the Game or the Casino to be offensive, objectionable, unfair, or indecent.

        11.Use of this software implies acceptance of these terms, which shall remain in force indefinitely. For the avoidance of doubt it is agreed that you are bound by this Agreement if you use the Online Casino or the Website or the Software in any way, including, but not limited to, initiating or making a deposit through your Account or submitting your deposit details to us.

        12.Should you choose to play for money; the casino will only accept purchases in US Dollars (USD). In the event that you wish to make a purchase using another currency, the purchase will be converted using the conversion rate of the Bank or Credit Card Company that you deal with on the date of purchase (exchange fees may apply). All of the casino's secure transactions are recorded. In the event that you make a credit card purchase and are unable to see the credits in your account, we will be able to validate the purchase and will refund your card or credit your account where applicable.

        13.You are only permitted to enter the Casino for your own personal entertainment and non-professional use. Any other entrance, access, use or reuse of the Casino or the Web site is strictly prohibited.

        14.You acknowledge that in registering and using the Casino you have to provide us with certain personal details about yourself. While the Company will keep this information confidential, you agree that it may be necessary, from time to time, for the Company to disclose certain of these details to its affiliated third parties and you consent to such disclosures.

        15. You warrant and represent that: i.You are not a resident of Canada, Antigua, Iraq, Russia, Panama, Kentucky, Oregon, Missouri, Maryland, and Louisiana;

        ii.You are not restricted by limited legal capacity;

        iii.You are not classified as a compulsive gambler;

        iv.All details which you give or have given in the process of registering with the Online Casino are accurate and that you will continue to update such details should there be any changes.

        v.You are fully aware of the fact that there is a risk of losing money through the use of the Software to play games on the Online Casino;

        vi.You are not depositing funds originating from criminal and/or unauthorized activities;

        vii.You are not otherwise conducting criminal activities and/or intending to utilize the Player Account in connection with such activities. You are not using or intending to allow any other person to use the Online Casino and the Player Account for any prohibited or unlawful activity, including but not limited to, fraud or money laundering, under any applicable law in particular to your jurisdiction and the laws that apply to us;

        viii.The debit/credit card details supplied by you in the registration process are those of the registered account holder and the card has not been reported as lost or stolen.

        16. The Company reserves the right to cancel your account for any reason whatsoever at any time without notice to you. Any balance in your account at the time of such cancellation will be sent to you by check. However, the Company reserves the right, in its unfettered discretion, to void any winnings and confiscate any balance in your Casino account in any of the following circumstances: i.If you have more than one active account for the Casino;

        ii.If the name on your Casino account does not match the name on the credit card(s) used to make purchases on your Casino account;

        iii.If you participate in a Casino promotion and withdraw before fulfilling the requirements of that particular promotion;

        iv.If you provide incorrect or misleading registration information;

        v.If you are not of legal age;

        vi.If you reside in a jurisdiction where participation in the Game is prohibited by law;

        vii.If you have allowed or permitted (intentionally or unintentionally) someone else to play on your Casino account;

        viii.If you have not played at the Casino on an individual basis for personal entertainment only (that is, you have played in a professional sense or in concert with other player(s) as part of a club, group, etc.);

        ix.If you have 'charged back' any of the purchases made with your credit card on your Casino account;

        x.If you are found cheating or if it is determined by the Company that you have employed or made use of a system (including machines, computers, software or other automated systems) designed specifically to defeat the Casino; OR

        xi.If the Company should become aware that you have played at any other on-line casino under any of the circumstances set out at i) to x) above.

        17.The Company reserves the right to e-mail you with any announcements or offers that it feels will be of interest to you so long as you are included in the casino mailing list. If you do not wish to receive these mailings, you may unsubscribe from the list; however, by doing so you will be unable to receive any bonus information delivered by e-mail.

        18.The Company reserves the right to pay out all winnings at a maximum rate of eight thousand dollars (USD $8000) a week. Any winnings in excess of eight thousand dollars a week will be paid out at the same weekly rate until perfect payment.

        19.Prior to releasing any winnings to you, the Company reserves the right to conduct a security review and to require you to provide such identification or other information or documentation as the Company, in its unfettered discretion, deems necessary. If you fail to comply with any security request, the Company reserves the right to void any winnings in your account.

        20.By accepting any prize and/or winnings from the Company, you consent to the use of your name and/or likeness for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation except where prohibited by law. Further, you acknowledge and agree that you may be required to attend a public relations event at the direction and expense of the Company, without further compensation to you.

        21.If you have any dispute with regard to any outcome in the Game, you must submit your complaint to the Company in writing within fourteen (14) days. In the event of a discrepancy between the result showing on your Casino software and the Casino's server software, the result showing on the Casino's server software shall be the official and governing result of the Game.

        22.You are solely responsible for any applicable taxes on any prizes and/or winnings that you collect from the Company.

        23.The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without notice to you, to add new activities or games to the Casino or to discontinue any activity or game of the Casino at any time.

        24.If you do not log onto your Casino account for a period of 180 days, any balance in your account will be forfeited to the Company.

        25.You are solely responsible for keeping your account number and password secure and secret. You shall not allow any other person or third party including, without limitation, any minor, to use or reuse your account, access and/or use any materials or information from the Web site, accept any Prize, or participate in the Games. You are solely responsible for any purchases and/or losses that may occur on your account.

        26.The Company shall not be required to maintain user names or passwords if Player misplaces, forgets, loses, or is otherwise unable to enter the Casino because of anything other than the Company's error.

        27.The Company shall not be liable for computer malfunctions nor attempts by Player to participate in the Game by methods, means or ways not intended by the Company.

        28.If you are found to be cheating or attempting to defraud the Game, the Company reserves the right to publicize your actions together with your identity and e-mail address, as well as to circulate this information to other casinos, banks, credit card companies, and appropriate agencies. If you make libelous statements with regard to the Company's operation, the Company reserves the right to block your account without notice and take any legal action necessary in order to safeguard the Company's reputation.

        29.You shall hold the Company, its employees, officers, directors, licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners, agents and retailers harmless and shall fully indemnify same from any and all costs, expenses, liabilities and damages whatsoever that may arise as a result of: (i) your entry, use, or reuse of the Web site, (ii) your use of any materials at the Web site, (iii) your entry, use, or reuse of the Casino's server, (iv) your participation in the Game, or, (v) your acceptance of any prize.

        30.The term the; is a trademark, service mark, and trade name of the Company, and you obtain no rights to such term, nor any other terms, graphics, text, concepts or methodologies, by using the Web site and the material contained therein.

        31.Materials of the Game (whether electronically obtained or obtained by other means) are automatically void if counterfeited, mutilated, forged, altered or tampered with in any way, if illegible, mechanically or electronically reproduced, obtained outside authorized legitimate channels or if they contain printing, production, typographical, mechanical, electronic or any other errors. Liability for materials of the Game containing any error is limited to replacement of same.

        32.Any and all materials submitted for prize claims become the property of the Company and will not be returned. The Company is not responsible for lost, late, illegible, incomplete, damaged, mutilated, misdirected, or postage due mail, requests, prize claims or entries.

        33.The Company reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice to you. Such amendments will be effective immediately upon being posted in this 'Terms and Conditions' section of the Company's Web site. It is your responsibility to review the Terms and Conditions on a regular basis.

        34.The terms and conditions contained herein represent the complete, final and exclusive agreement between you and the Company and supersede and merge all prior agreements, representations and understandings between you and the Company.

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        • Replied by
          Jr. Member
        • last active 7 months ago

        Sent:Mon 12/12/11 5:01 PM

        For the record: is an open forum for anyone who chooses to be a part of, to read, discuss, and place an "opinion" about their personal experience with any online gaming site. altho not everyone has a positive opinion. The positive opinions about withdraws from casinos go a long way with its readers. I personally have given a "Thumbs-Up" in the past about withdraws from the site. It was my personal opinion that the site ( had fantastic customer service and handled my withdraws promptly without hassle. I hope the matters at hand are resolved promptly and that future gameplay with this site will result in great satifaction from both sides.

        Thank you, Sincerly,***********

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