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          You are now chatting with Juergen

          Juergen: Hi, and thank you for using our Live Chat facility! Allow me to introduce myself as your chat representative. I will be assisting you, how could I be of service...
          Me: no free play
          Me: Start your Free Play and start winning for FREE!
          Your Real Account Number is: Vgmr09285615

          Please keep your account and password in a safe place.

          You’ve got $/£/€ 2500 FREE and 60 minutes to win as much as you can – so let’s get playing!
          Me: halo
          Juergen: so what is your request
          Juergen: what is your question
          Me: 2500 FREE and 60 minutes
          Me: € 2500 FREE and 60 minutes to win as much as you can
          Juergen: you access your casino account by entering your casino log in number and password, you will be asked whether or not you would like to make a deposit; select NO. From there, the Free Play offer will come up.
          Juergen: By clicking on that window, you will be subject to the terms and conditions of the Free Play, and by accepting them and clicking on the Start Free Play button, the countdown timer will begin and you will start playing the Free Play.
          Me: no free play
          Juergen: then disconnect from the casiono and log in again
          Me: i dosnt pup op anyway ;s
          Me: and i was promised a 2500 freeplay money..
          Juergen: did you register a real account
          Juergen: did you say no to buy credits
          Me: Sorry but for me i seems to be a fake promotion so the casino gets new deposits players.. and yes i did say no to bay credits..
          Juergen: did you marked that you read the terms and conditions that you have read them
          Me: yes i did.. for i cant create a acount without pushing that button..
          Juergen: you have to mark them that is most important
          Me: i did.... and i have a mail with the promotionif you wonna see it ?
          Juergen: you have to follow these steps otherwise you can not play the free play
          Me: i have!!!!
          Juergen: please provide me with your casino account no
          Me: Vgmr09285615 again..
          Me: ...
          Juergen: please explain me what happen after you marked that you have read the terms and conditions
          Me: after i read the terms the acount was opend and i said no to make a deposit..
          Juergen: yes
          Juergen: then
          Me: and the normal site pups up.. no site with free play or something like that..
          Me: Maybe i just should post some bad blocks about you casino insteed at latestcasinobonuses ?
          Juergen: actually the side has to come up were it says again start your free play now
          Me: because you cant keep up your promises..
          Me: it didn't.. i try again ones more!!!
          Me: i dont show up ! and i push the button "NO" to bay credits...
          Juergen: then i suggest you uninstall the software delete your cookies from your internet browser and install knw
          Me: okay.. i do that BUT, i wan your email ore a link so that is you i gonna speak with again.. for if it dosn't after you have to give me some AWESOME ND promotions..
          Juergen: please do what i suggested
          Me: you think im just sitting and waiting for you to answer me ? I'm doing all ready what you where tolding med to.. so i want either you email, a number, or a link so that im for sure that im gonna speak with you again.
          Me: now im installing again.. do i have to make a new acount or can i just login to the acount i maked at the start ?
          Juergen: just go over already i have an account,
          Me: no free play
          Juergen: what picture you have
          Me: growing green fridag
          Me: normig start side
          Me: norlig
          Juergen: i do have that also now you under the growing fridays it says play now so klick
          Juergen: if nothing happen then click ont the casino taskbar for to connect
          Juergen: then you see you have no credits
          Juergen: say no
          Me: i click ans then a calender come through..
          Juergen: please note the free play is 3 days available, maybe you try it later
          Me: no i dont.. I haven't got my promised promotion, so you have to give me a ND bonus, or i go for latestcasinobonuses and tell everyone that this casino is fake and only promiss nd bonuses or free money to get new players. and when they open a acount they cant get the promotion they where promissed.
          Me: and i know latestcasinobonuses is a site there giving your casino a lots of new players...
          Me: this chat is being posted at lastcasinobonuses...
          Me: AND nodepositbonus!!
          Juergen: please note i told you everything to access the free play and when you follow the steps the free play is comming up
          Juergen: In order for you to play with the Free Hour Play Promotion, it is necessary for you to have downloaded the full version of our casino software straight from our casino website.
          Juergen: Once that is done, and you access your casino account by entering your casino log in number and password, you will be asked whether or not you would like to make a deposit; select NO. From there, the Free Play offer will come up.
          Juergen: By clicking on that window, you will be subject to the terms and conditions of the Free Play, and by accepting them and clicking on the Start Free Play button, the countdown timer will begin and you will start playing the Free Play. f**k grandmondia casino
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            Hi monny2krede,

            I have removed the bad language from the end of your post.


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            "  My story is called Bloody Rain... Jennifer is a 20 year old student,Today is the October 31th Halloween.It is a rainy day in this small town,Children have disguised themselves in witches and monsters,They run from door to door to get sweets.Jennifer is alone this weekend,her parents go to relatives over the weekend.Jennifer's girlfriend Maja has called today several times, Today is a Halloween Party,and Maja wants to go with jennifer to the party.But jennifer declined.Today she must babysit a 7 year old boy called Mike.Jennifer Listens to radio, suddenly the song is canceled because of a special message "We interrupt because of a special report". "From our sanatorium Ronald Myers escaped today, he carries a meat hook as a weapon, all inhabitants should close their doors. The mentally ill is classified as very dangerous, In his flight he beheaded three coworkers,Avoid dark side streets,The police have set up road blocks". Jennifer turns off the radio,She did not take the message in the radio.Jennifer is on the way to Mikes Home,Where she babysits today. When jennifer arrives, Mike hugs her heartily."Can we Watch a Horror movie Today Jennifer ?" says the little Boy Mike.  " If you Don't tell it to your parents Yes !" says Jennifer. Jennifer and Mike are sitting in the living room watching a movie.Suddenly jennifer's cell phone rings "Hello" says jennifer ""How are you my sweetie" "David I told you,do not call me today" David is Jennifers Boyfriend."Can I come today ?" says David. "I told you that it is not possible,Mike does not sleep yet" says jennifer "Come on Sweetie" says David. "I Call you when he sleepts" says Jennifer. It's now midnight,Mike the little Boy sleepts on the couch,The movie is still running.Jennifer carries Mike to his bed.Suddenly a knock,Jennifer is frightened.She goes back to the living room.Suddenly again a knock on the Door.Jennifer opens the door, but no one is there.Hello is someone there ? says jennifer. She hears steps and then she close the Door.Jennifer is a little frightened.Suddenly the door rings,And jennifer is frightened again.She walks to the door and opens it.But again No one is there.Suddenly someone jumps out of the bushes to jennifer,He wears a clown horror mask "BUUHH" screams the clown.Jennifer screams and falls.The person under the mask pulls the mask off,it is david he laughs "Happy Halloween jennifer" "You Asshole "says jennifer "It was only a Joke Sweetie." says david. Suddenly a scream from Mike's room. jennifer and David run to his room,they see Mike on the ground crying. "What happened Mike ? " says Jennifer. "The Boogeyman was under my Bed" says Mike. Jennifer hugs Mike "It was only a Dream" says jennifer "is everything okay?" says david. "NO" says jennifer. Jennifer see that the Window in Mikes Room is Open,And on the carpet, you can see bloody footprints.Suddenly a black shape emerges behind david.The person has a meat hook in his hand,and his Face is Bloody.It rams the meat hook into david's chest,david spits Blood .Jennifer screams,David falls dead to the ground.Jennifer takes the table lamp and hits the killer on the head.The killer falls to the ground.She takes Mike's hand and runs away."Mike Run to the Neighbours and call the cops Run !" says jennifer.Mike runs out of the house.The killer runs towards the two,In his hand a bloody fleshhook,The killer hurts jennifer with the meat hook in her leg.Jennifer can take a vase and hit the killer on the head,She runs to the kitchen and takes a knife. The killer attacks her,But Jennifer throws the big kitchen knife on the killer,The knife hits the breast of the killer,He falls and he does not move.Jennifer runs from the House ,a Police Car arrives with siren, Two policemen get out " is everything allright ? " ask the one Police man."The Killer is in the House".The Two Cops go to the House,There is a blood pool in the kitchen....But the killer has disappeared.....   -----------------   preffered casino : Winaday  / username : SETHGECKO25 regards   This two are my Horror masks,its me under the mask "
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