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        Recently in different topics, questions have popped up about the integrity of various tournaments, at various software-casinos.
        On microgaming, it was mainly the fact that most of us, including myself, could not believe that people were so stupid, as to rebuy for such an amount, that would in some cases even be a negative roi, even after attaing first place.
        I talked to my latest favourite in the microgaming lot, which is GO casino ^^
        I found untill now their support very open and friendly, and thought they might give me some info.
        below i will psot part of my conversation with  a sweetheart Jenavive, that might shine  a little sunlight on the future of online microgaming tournaments.
        RTG and Rival, and hopefully the rest might follow!

        Please wait for a site operator to respond.

        You are now chatting with 'Jenavive'

        dirk: hi

        Jenavive: Hi Dirk

        dirk: hi jenavive

        Jenavive: Welcome to GoWild Casino

        Jenavive: Always a pleasure to see you

        dirk: likewise im sure

        dirk: i have some questions

        dirk: about the integrity of your tourneys

        dirk: ive calculated a bit

        Jenavive: Sure

        Jenavive: Feel free to

        dirk: and it seems to me , there are either some very stupid customers in your clientele, or you must be setting things up?

        Jenavive: I will do my best to give you the answers

        dirk: if the top prize is 25 dollars

        dirk: and a rebuy is one

        dirk: and the ma you can aproximatley get in one round \

        dirk: *max

        dirk: is 15 to 20000

        dirk: how the hell can someone be at 500000

        dirk: without rebuying the full 200 times

        dirk: and that would make first prize a loser

        dirk: quite silly right?

        dirk: im just using an example

        dirk: ive seen this more than once

        dirk: at other microgaming casinos as well

        dirk: does this happen?

        dirk: are players that stupid?

        dirk: and will invest more then they can win?

        dirk: im not mad dead

        dirk: dear

        dirk: lol sorry

        dirk: im just baffled

        dirk: jenevive?

        dirk: are you still there?

        Jenavive: I am here my friend

        Jenavive: :0

        dirk: ^^

        dirk: ok

        dirk: do you know of this?

        Jenavive: Dirk allow me just a couple of moments please

        dirk: yes of course

        Jenavive: thank you


        Jenavive: Dirk to be honest

        Jenavive: We had players who were rebuying just to make to the first place and it was a game which was bringing them a ticket or other tournament entries

        Jenavive: we saw the same players doing it over and over again


        dirk: wow

        Jenavive: Only thing that they were interested in is to be in the first place

        dirk: well regarding this, there have been a lot of speculations on respected gambling forums, that the casino's had, or have a part in this.

        dirk: thats because its hard to believe people are actually that silly

        Jenavive: I know

        dirk: i will believe you, but thats not enough for your credibility

        dirk: i would strongly suggest, to think about another platform,

        dirk: where there arent rebuys

        dirk: or much less rebuys

        dirk: this will ensure players, that its just a luck thing

        dirk: i have seen one 2.50 "skill tourney" lately

        dirk: this was in the good direction

        Jenavive: we are running some tournaments with an entrance fee of 1€ where there is no continue play

        dirk: yes

        dirk: i saw

        Jenavive: That is the one

        dirk: but i would really think about the other ones too

        dirk: think about it, these silly players, ruin your credibility

        dirk: you know how people think

        dirk: and forums are powerfull

        dirk: this could damage your buisness

        dirk: and you being a very good bonus providing casino

        Jenavive: I know

        dirk: i think weighing the pro's and con's

        Jenavive: That is why we started with these ones and they should be ql

        dirk: ql?

        dirk: ok

        dirk: well in my own personal case

        Jenavive: yeah

        Jenavive: I think that these tournaments will show up to be quite interesting to the players

        dirk: i agree

        Jenavive: Only pure luck will be involved

        dirk: as it should


        dirk: better for everyone

        dirk: anyway

        dirk: i am still waiting on two invitations to vip freerolls, included in my first two deposits of the wild welcome package

        dirk: but seeing how the tourneys go

        dirk: i would really aprecciate another option

        dirk: some freespins, or a chip or anything really

        dirk: what about my 2 invitations?

        dirk: can we arrange anything on that?

        dirk: this weekend roll of 1 dollar i just played, was probably the one i earned entry too by the 25 wild points i made or something?

        dirk: or was that the surprise waiting for me that was send by mail?

        Jenavive: The weekend role will be available after this weekend

        Jenavive: This is just an introduction for the tournament

        dirk: ok

        dirk: with 10 rebuys and 200 continues

        dirk: for top prize of 200

        dirk: lol

        dirk: ^^


        dirk: winner has 55000

        dirk: 550000

        dirk: and 83000 coins left

        dirk: runner up 123000 coins left

        dirk: you know what this means:)

        dirk: i really feel the urge to find out who those people are and spank them

        Jenavive: lol

        dirk: or talk some sense in to them

        Jenavive: Without spanking please



        OK thats enough of that conversation:
        Point being that they said they have noticed, and are starting to bring more luck tourneys, or skill as they call it, were people have just one entry, and maybe 10 rebuys,  not 200 continues etc!

        i think this is very good news
        Hope more casinos will follow an that all other microgaming casinos follow their example.
        Thanks GO WILD!
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        So there is hope for the "smaller" gambler i.e those that can't really afford rebuys.

        Great info Dirk.

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        That's why I always disliked some contests/tourneys. "Make the most spins and win!" I have heard. Yeah, you'd better have a big bankroll, to do that.

        Sure the "amount" of the spin is not the concern, but the amount of "Spins" is and this still means someone with $100 is out classed by the $10,000 bankroll.

        I like those "Deposit $25 and cross your fingers" better...Again, yes you can be "Outclassed" by the bigger bankroll, but if it's based on a random pick, you have a better chance I believe.
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        these microgaming tourneys gene, are free, but you can rebuy time or coins for mostly around  a dollar, but they have always offered like 200 continue options, and on top of that 30 or more rebuys
        that is understandable, but only because some silly people, probably with too much money/time on their hands, used up al the rebuys to get first place.
        if i remember correctly, in the early days, there were maybe 3 continues, and 10 rebuys.
        i won in those days without  a rebuy, once in  a while, but now its gotten ridiculous.
        this is no fun for the average player, and in the end, even bad for the casinos.
        the point of the whole freeroll being  a player appreciation extra, that would be pointless then.
        so now again, they will start with the old formula, or as i have seen even better:)
        those others you talk about, are not  my thing.
        exactly for the reasons you gave:)
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        These casinos realize who is actually funding the tournaments, the casinos aren't paying out the winner with casino money they pay with the "silly" rebuyers money and of course there are plenty of them, casinos make alot of money on them. The tournaments are alot of fun of course we want the feeling of luck alone, but the rebuyers have a "special" relationship if you know what i mean lol
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        that is mostly the case yes, but i think this is  a good initiative just to give us normal players  another chance right?
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        Oh heck yes, many times im like.. "theres no way i can catch up".. only LUCK will give it to me.. someone like me who plays them for the fun and excitement against those serious rebuyers who's only objective is 1st place!!!
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        yes thats exactly my point ^^
        that is very frustrating to me too
        and i simply want to have some fun in  freeroll and from the start at least have the feeling that i CAN win
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          Just today at Rich Reels, with 11 mins. left of $75 Loaded tourney I was in second place and timed out during second bonus spins with x4. If ever I needed $2 to continue, it would have been now, not just to get to first, which I could have easily, but to save my position for $20. I sat here and watched 3 to 4 players after me try and catch up. Out of the 2 closest one didn't make it. I got $5 that didn't give me anything. I did better on 60 cents one time. Even though the touney is free it's hard earned credits and such a disappointment to not get anywhere. I have never come in first for $35. I came in first one time for $12.10 and that was after getting there late and short 2 minutes. Had that up to $80. That was fun! 
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        just finished Tom Raider tourney at richreels, I was in 10th place and free spins came at the last second, lol.  Dont you hate it? I have 8 free spins left, but out of time.  Yeah its hard to win on these free tourneys unless you have to do the rebuy or you are extremely lucky to get a big hit.  I finished 1st place one time with Hitman and thats it.

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