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        Has anybody done withdrawals with this place? I have been playing there for a month or two and have made several deposits, all with deposit bonus match offers, but I have never had a withdrawal.

        Well, the night before last, I deposited $25. I almost went to chat to ask for the deposit bonus but decided to just see how it went without the bonus. Well, after playing for the last two nights, I made a withdrawal with them this morning for $3,000. My husband thought I was messing with him. He couldn't believe I could win that much off of $25. I couldn't hardly believe it myself. I was literally laughing out loud at one point because I was thinking this had to be a joke. I hit on everything I played. Anyway, I talked to live chat and saved the transcript. I was told to email my driver's license, which I did and he confirmed he received it while we were chatting. He said it would be processed in 3-5 business days and paid wire. He said he thought I should receive the money by next Wednesday, the 28th. I asked about weekly max payments and he asked how much I was withdrawing. When I told him, he said somebody would email me this morning with all the info. Well, at lunch today, I did chat again and the girl told me the guy was mistaken. It may be today or tomorrow before I would get an email. And she said I have to wait for this email before I can send in any documents because this email has a form to fill out and only the operator that sends the email has access to the form.

        So, now I really don't know what to think. I have never cashed out this big of an amount from any casino. I am trying not to get my hopes up too much just in case this place turns out to be rogue or something.

        Sorry for the novel grin I just wanted to find out if anybody else had any experiences with this place. Any input would be greatly welcomed!!
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        That is a fantastic win congrats to you! I have not heard of this casino before. I did take a peek at it and it certainly is a different concept with the paid ads.

        I hope your withdrawl goes through quickly and stay positive!

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        I don't have any info but I hope you will get your money, you earned it fair and square!
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        Thank you both. I did talk to live chat again this morning because I still had not received the email. While I was in live chat, I checked my email and there it was. I filled out the verification form they had attached and sent copies of everything they had requested. I am going to contact them this afternoon to verify everything was received. I did notice that when I go into the cashier now, they have updated my withdrawal status to "under review" whereas before it said "requested". I asked chat once again how long it would be from the time I first requested payout until the time I receive the money, and she still is saying 3-5 days total. Keeping my fingers crossed!

        I did have $50 showing in my account when I logged in this morning. Evidently I won one of their daily raffles yesterday. I had about 700-800 entries in that thing. I have about 900 entries in the weekly $500 raffle and over 1,000 entries for the $1,000 monthly raffle.

        I also received this email from them yesterday:

        Dear Heather:

        Congratulations your player status has been upgraded. This means quicker prize payouts, bigger bonuses, easier depositing and many more benefits. As your personal account executive you may contact me directly for any special requirements 24/7.

        Here is a fantastic bonus to get you started.

        An exclusive 250% match bonus for all your deposits during this weekend.

        To request your bonus you just need to send me an e-mail.

        Best regards,


        Account Executive

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        That's good news, it looks like everything will go smoothly.
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        Well, I did chat again yesterday evening to confirm all of my documents were received and correct. I am posting a copy of the chat. I am really doubtful I will see this money. The guy in chat seemed a little shady to me with his answers.

        Your chat transcript

        David Thu, 22/12/2011 11:57:21 pm
        Hello heather. How may I help you?

        heather Thu, 22/12/2011 11:58:15 pm
        HI....Earlier today I sent two separate emails with the required documents for payouts. Can you confirm if the emails were received?

        David Thu, 22/12/2011 11:59:16 pm
        Im going to check


        heather Fri, 23/12/2011 12:00:37 am
        Both emails were received?

        Do you know if I need to submit anything else?

        David Fri, 23/12/2011 12:01:44 am

        heather Fri, 23/12/2011 12:02:31 am
        No to which question?

        David Fri, 23/12/2011 12:03:07 am
        ok just a secoind. I'm going to check it

        heather Fri, 23/12/2011 12:03:17 am

        David Fri, 23/12/2011 12:03:56 am
        your withdrawal has been processed , now you have to wait from 5 to 7 days

        heather Fri, 23/12/2011 12:05:51 am
        Oh...I misunderstood the other chat people I have spoken with. I asked if the total wait time from withdrawal to receiving the money was the 3-5 days they were telling me and they said yes. By processed, do you mean the payout has been sent to the processor to send to the bank?

        David Fri, 23/12/2011 12:07:20 am
        generally it delays from 3 to 5 days but since we're in dcember, it could take a litle longer

        heather Fri, 23/12/2011 12:08:15 am
        And I asked if there were weekly max payouts and I was told that information would be in the email I was sent, but I didn't see that information anywhere. Did the whole amount get processed? Will I receive the whole amount at once?

        David Fri, 23/12/2011 12:09:17 am
        I can see in the system that your requested is processed.

        heather Fri, 23/12/2011 12:10:43 am
        When I look in the cashier, it still tells me it is under review. But if you are seeing it as processed, is it for the whole amount? Nobody has told me if there is a max weekly payout.

        David Fri, 23/12/2011 12:10:57 am

        the maximum payout

        heather Fri, 23/12/2011 12:12:15 am I will receive the whole amount at one time? When will it update in the cashier to let me know that it is processed since I am not seeing what you are seeing?

        David Fri, 23/12/2011 12:14:08 am
        the status is under review. but it's going well

        you only have to wait a couple of days

        heather Fri, 23/12/2011 12:17:11 am
        I am confused now. You said before you could see in your system that it had been processed already, but now you just said it's under review. Which is correct? I am sorry for all of these questions, but I have never had a payout with you before, so I am just a little nervous.

        David Fri, 23/12/2011 12:17:41 am
        when I say that it's processed it means that We have gotten your documents

        heather Fri, 23/12/2011 12:19:07 am
        Oh..I see. So when do you suggest I check back to see if the payout has been sent to your payment processor?

        David Fri, 23/12/2011 12:19:25 am
        on monday

        heather Fri, 23/12/2011 12:19:40 am
        Ok...Thank you for your help.

        David Fri, 23/12/2011 12:20:05 am
        youre welcome

        Duration: 00:23:12

        Chat has been opened from website:

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        Well, my saga with this place continues. Here is the chat I just had with them.

        Your chat transcript


        Jackie Thu, 29/12/2011 04:35:10 pm
        Hello heather. How may I help you?

        heather Thu, 29/12/2011 04:36:32 pm
        Hi..I am checking on the status of a payout I had in progress. I still have not received the bank wire. Can somebody check on this for me?

        Jackie Thu, 29/12/2011 04:36:47 pm
        Hi Heather

        one second please

        heather Thu, 29/12/2011 04:39:05 pm

        Mary Thu, 29/12/2011 04:40:11 pm
        Hello Heather

        how are you

        heather Thu, 29/12/2011 04:40:17 pm

        I'm ok..

        Mary Thu, 29/12/2011 04:40:36 pm
        i am going to explain you what happened

        heather Thu, 29/12/2011 04:40:47 pm

        Mary Thu, 29/12/2011 04:40:56 pm
        your bank Liberty Bank of Arkansas

        heather Thu, 29/12/2011 04:41:47 pm

        Mary Thu, 29/12/2011 04:41:51 pm
        doesn´t operates on holidays

        heather Thu, 29/12/2011 04:42:24 pm
        The bank was only closed on Sunday and Monday.

        Mary Thu, 29/12/2011 04:42:42 pm
        the thing is that the international wires were not available

        heather Thu, 29/12/2011 04:43:10 pm
        I don't understand.

        My mother is the manager at the bank.

        If a wire was sent while the bank was closed, it would have gotten processed the next day the bank was open for business.

        Mary Thu, 29/12/2011 04:45:15 pm
        Please give me a minute to speak to the manager and get details

        heather Thu, 29/12/2011 04:45:38 pm
        Yes please do that. I am on the phone with my mother at the bank right now.

        My mother says there was never a wire transmittal received for my account.

        Mary Thu, 29/12/2011 04:53:23 pm
        Hi Heather, we are truly sorry for this inconvenience, the truth is that there was a mix up with inter company transfers addition to this the banking holidays have not helped with the delay. I would like to assure you that the prize payout is in process and that you will have it by the 5th or 6th January est. I understand your concern and i wish i could make it happen sooner. On the same note, we have identified our weaknesses in our processes

        heather Thu, 29/12/2011 04:53:28 pm
        She said that even if a wire was sent and the bank was closed and the wire was rejected, there would be a transmittal number, and she said nothing has been received.

        Mary Thu, 29/12/2011 04:53:56 pm
        Which means that the next time round we will be able to give you very fast delivery

        no not at all

        Your payment has been processed on the 23rd of December

        heather Thu, 29/12/2011 04:54:55 pm
        So I have been lied to from the very beginning then? I have been told different answers every time I have talked to chat

        Mary Thu, 29/12/2011 04:55:12 pm
        But inter company transfers and the bank holidays have been the cause of this delay

        what can we do to make it up to you?

        heather Thu, 29/12/2011 04:55:59 pm
        The only way this can made up to me is for me to receive this money.

        I don't understand why now it is going to take a whole other week to get into my bank account?

        I have been trying to give your casino the benefit of the doubt from the very beginning of this ordeal. I have played at online casinos for over ten years now, and not one time have I not been paid by a casino.

        I was hoping that your casino would be legitimate and pay out player's winnings in a timely manner.

        But the more this goes on and the more I get the runaround and different answers every time I speak with somebody in chat, I am really starting to doubt that this casino is legitimate.

        Mary Thu, 29/12/2011 04:59:33 pm
        Normally it take up to 12 working days to process the prize. We are doing our very best to cut that down, no excuses you will have your money by the 5th or 6th, please bear with us a little longer

        heather Thu, 29/12/2011 05:00:06 pm
        And can you tell me why it is going to take until the 5th or 6th to get my money?

        Send the wire today.

        Is there a reason the wire cannot be sent today? Or better yet do a check and overnight me the check. Take the check fee and overnight fee out of my $3,000

        Mary Thu, 29/12/2011 05:04:45 pm
        The intercompany transfers were the biggest cause of this delay, your prize has to be processed by the one company and we need to receive this and do another transfer on their behalf. Please read the terms in the cashier where it says up to 12 working days. We email you a screen shot.

        In the future we believe that it will be processed from 3 to 5 working days. Once we have determined the new time line we will advise. thanks for your patience.

        heather Thu, 29/12/2011 05:06:03 pm
        That was not what I was told when this whole process started. I have every saved chat. Before I even cashed out, I asked chat how long. I was told 3-5 business days. Period.

        And I did read your website and the cashier help. Nowhere did I see anything about 12 days

        Mary Thu, 29/12/2011 05:07:56 pm
        3 - 5 is our best case scenario. Again sorry for this, but please rest easy that it will get done!

        heather Thu, 29/12/2011 05:08:32 pm
        Then why was I not told anything other than the 3-5 days when I first asked chat before I cashed out?

        And again, why is a check not possible?

        Mary Thu, 29/12/2011 05:10:51 pm
        because, we doesn´t expect to have problems with the intercompany transfers

        Miss Heather, we are going to assign you 150% to your next 20 deposits for this inconvenience, and for New Year Eve will give you 200% to all your deposits until January 2 nd

        Again sorry for this

        for sure you are going to have your money on friday 6th

        heather Thu, 29/12/2011 05:16:36 pm
        You can assign all of the deposit bonuses you want, but I will not deposit more money into a casino that owes me $3,000 and has given me the runaround from the very beginning.

        Mary Thu, 29/12/2011 05:17:06 pm
        we can cashback your last deposit

        heather Thu, 29/12/2011 05:17:27 pm
        Would you really expect me to deposit more money?

        Mary Thu, 29/12/2011 05:17:34 pm
        and give you a non deposit bonus, $50 bonus free

        we are going to give you back your last deposit

        plus $50 bonus free

        heather Thu, 29/12/2011 05:18:48 pm
        And then if you give me back my last deposit and the $50 bonus, are you going to use that as a way to get out of paying me the $3,000 I won off of that last deposit?

        Mary Thu, 29/12/2011 05:19:41 pm
        Of course No, $3,000 is your prize, and you are going to receive it for sure

        heather Thu, 29/12/2011 05:20:20 pm
        Because I have seen where rogue casinos do this to players who have won but the casinos do not want to pay.

        Mary Thu, 29/12/2011 05:21:48 pm
        Miss Heather, i am ensuring that your money is going to be paid

        heather Thu, 29/12/2011 05:21:56 pm
        I have kept copies of every chat, and I will keep a copy of this chat. I am sure I have very little recourse if your casino does screw me over, but at least I will have proof of my side of the story to post for everyone to see.

        Mary Thu, 29/12/2011 05:22:11 pm
        you are right

        but we are going to pay for sure

        heather Thu, 29/12/2011 05:23:58 pm
        Well that remains to be seen. So now the new date for the money to show up is January 6th? Well, if it is not received you can be assured I will be contacting you again.

        Mary Thu, 29/12/2011 05:24:52 pm
        you can contact us, but for sure you will be paid

        it was a pleasure chatting with you, we can chat again when you receive your $3,000

        heather Thu, 29/12/2011 05:26:08 pm
        I hope so.

        Duration: 00:52:05

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        im sorry this happened to u i hope u get your winnings that is a great win,I tried to download this casino but i couldnt. gl smiley
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        What a saga. I hope to hear you have received your money by the date they said. 

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        Hmm, doesn't look too good to be honest, they always seem to find excuses... But I hope they will keep their word and pay up, that's your money!
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        wow, I have had rogues do this in the past but in the end they paid. I actually signed up there awhile ago and got a free chip and im sitting at 200$ and now they are saying that it is US only no Canada I can deposit just not cash out LMFAO.  I log on now and then just to hear the different answers from support and I do like the slots.
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        Thanks everyone....I do have a small glimmer of hope that I will get paid. After that last chat session, I was seeing red, so I got on their Facebook page and put this on every one of their posts through the month of December:

        Just a warning to all you potential depositors-I'm still waiting on a $3,000 withdrawal from this casino. I've been given four different dates as to when I will get this money. I was supposed to get it today but I was told just a little while ago that now it wont be until January 6th. I've got copies of every chat I've had with this casino regarding my withdrawal. Feel free to message me if anybody wants to read them.

        Well, within minutes, they started deleting what I had put. They then commented on one of my posts, but deleted their comment soon after so nobody would see it on their page. This is what it said:

        Hi Heather,
        Vegas VIP Sweepstakes mentioned you in a comment.

        Vegas VIP Sweepstakes wrote: "Dear Heather Eno Bruner we understand your situation and you will receive your withdrawal, we apologize for the inconvience, however we don't tolerate this kind of attitude."

        See the comment thread

        Reply to this email to comment on this photo.
        The Facebook Team

        My reply to them:

        Since you have already deleted this comment you made to me, and I have no way of replying to you in a message, I am posting this here. I just think it is only fair to let other potential depositors know what they are in store for if they make a withdrawal from your casino. That is the only reason I have posted on your page. I was lied to in the chat sessions, and I have proof of that. The only reason I was told the truth this morning by Mary is  because my mother works at my bank and she could see whether or not a wire had been sent in the first place. Mary first tried to blame it on my bank being closed for the holidays, when in fact no wire was ever sent to my bank to begin with. Would you expect an honest casino to try to lie their way out of a situation instead of just admitting there was a screw up on their end? I wouldn't. I would only expect actions like that to come from a dishonest casino, who is trying to buy time into not paying an honest player who has won money at their casino fair and square. I am not the type of the person to cause trouble for anybody or anything UNLESS there is a valid reason. So, until my money shows up in my bank account, I can only assume, based on my experiences I've had with your chat people since my whole withdrawal process started, that I am not dealing with a casino that is being 100% honest with me. And that there is enough, in my opinion, to give me a valid reason to post what I have. I'm sorry if you disagree.

        Of course, all of that was deleted also, so this was my next post to them:

        I don't understand this place at all. Instead of using my posts as a way to show everyone that yes, you are going to pay me and you are doing everything you can to remedy my withdrawal situation, you just delete everything. Like you are trying to hide this whole thing. If I really am going to be paid, why not leave everything up here for everyone to see, so when I do supposedly get my money on January 6th you can show everyone on here that yes, your casino does pay?? And I would have been VERY willing to come back on here and put on every post I had made, that yes, I had received my money and that I would vouch for your casino any day of the week. Like I stated before, I am not out to harm anybody or anything. I have no problem coming back and saying maybe I was too quick to judge, I did get my money, they are a good, honest casino. That would have shown every one of your 48,393 followers that you do care about your players and you are an honest casino. Instead you just hide the fact that I've been lied to and strung along for over a week now. Your actions are just confirming what I've been afraid of this whole time-your casino is just another rogue casino out to take players money with no intentions on ever paying out legitimate winnings back to those players.

        Then this from them:

        Dear Heather Eno Bruner: As we told you before, your payment will be on January 6th, that was not our fault, the intercompany transfers were the biggest cause of this delay. Normally it take up to 12 working days to process the prize. We are doing our best. Thank you very much for your patience

        And finally, last reply from me:

        And I sincerely hope that I can come back to this post or your FB page on January 6th and let everybody know that I did get paid my winnings, because that is exactly what I will do if indeed my winnings do show up in my bank account.

        They left those last 3 comments on their page, which gives me some kind of hope since they deleted all of the other ones.
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        Good for you,  I'm sure they don't want 48,393 clients seeing that...they will pay I'm sure.
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        I really hope so. I would hate to quit playing there as I really like the games, not to mention the fact that the $3k would come in really handy!!

        Right before the whole Facebook ordeal happened, I received this email from them:

        Dear Heather:

        As we told you by live chat, please check your balance on the lobby, because we cash back your last deposit, only for the inconvenience. You definitely will receive your $3,000 you won.

        If you play with that $25 we gave you, you can ask by live chat a $50 free bonus for continuing playing.

        Please contact us on Friday 6th, to confirm to us that the $3,000 are on your account.

        Best regards,

        Customer Service

        And they did put the $25 back in my casino account. Do you all think I should play that? Or just leave it alone, since that is the deposit that I won all of the money on?? I still feel like if I play that money back, they will then have a valid (in their opinion) reason to not pay me. Though, they did say they only put it back in my account for the inconvenience. I'm torn....
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        Thanks for this post from:

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        Heather, since that last message does not have any person's name attached, just Customer Service.. I would be concerned also. What I would do is contact them by phone to confirm this is really ok to spend and get a name... then you have it verbally and in writing and a name...


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