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        I saw another post and it got me thinking about something...this was going to be my reply below..

        Lol! you are right genenco.. i worked at casinos, did cocktails, waitress, and the best beleive it or not was a MAID! I LOVED being the maid.. "knock knock.. housekeeping".. very interesting what i opened doors to see and were great sometimes 100.00.. to 200.00, per room, been tipped higher but not an average, this reason i liked the maid is you work alone doing your thing, no one bothers you, and rarely do you have complaints, cocktails and waitressing.. oh laaawd.. the drunks, the complaints, so demanding the people for a free drink, waitressing.. same thing but with food, although rarely i had these probablems, my personality can handle the meanest of people, its just some you can't, the stress of my co-workers and what they endure
        as well.. its crazy and i can say alot more

        Yes.. Work Hard, Eat, Drink of course all free, and blow your whole paycheck in the casino you worked your butt off in.. not to mention your tips..Alot of blackjack dealers do it as well as crapsmens, so many stories, some have these jobs make BOOKOO money, but so many i come across that blew their paycheck, can't pay rent, or even utilities, thrown out by spouses after coming home empty handed..
        oh the hardships after losing the whole paycheck.. and time and time again they do it casinos LOVE it, luckily alot of the casinos giving paycheck advances, they give a limit, but also its unluckily alot depend on it and will blow the money, thinking they are gonna win back the paycheck they lost!

        Some casinos don't allow employess to gamble there, they have to go somewhere else
        some have it on payday you can't gamble you must get paycheck and leave..good idea?

        Casinos pay well, busboys and dish washers can make more then the waitress,
        Most waitresses are paid starting from minimum, unless union, maids.. 17.00 to 24.00
        an hour, depending what casino, cocktails are higher then waitresses, maybe a few dollars more, but make higher amount in tips.

        I've seen it happen, you can sometimes get real lucky and win.. but my advice
        if you work in a casino get your paycheck and walk the HELL OUT!
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        Another thing that happened to a friend of mine, she worked as a waitress
        BTW.. its called food server, they changed the name.. waiters and waitresses are now called Food Servers.. blah

        Anyway she worked at a casino for 19 years single mother raising 3 children
        her normal day came along she was taking an order, and the man just jumper up and punched her in the face, instinctively, she hit back.. big mistake, her eye was the size of a golfball, and blood everywhere.. no reason at all why this man did this, he never spoke.. BUT he did file a lawsuit, she GOT FIRED after 19 years, sweetest girl you could imagine, hard worker giving almost half her life to that casino..

        Sad case..this devastated her life.. just another show of what happens in the life of casinos
        gambling, and things that come abroad
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              Those are some stories. I enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks for sharing your experiences.  I find it all so interestring, you living in Vegas and all.  I bet you have seen and heard it all. 
                    Again, thanks for sharing....Great Post....
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        Well, i'm wondering did that man lose his whole paycheck?
        and then wop the waitress...
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        men...can't live with em, can't kill em. grin
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        That's tragic for sure. I'm curious as to her suing him for assault. Or whatever transpired from the incident. Witnesses and such and she gets nailed for self-defense?

        Tragic for sure.
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        It's ongoing, and of course a countersuit, theres cameras everywhere
        and i'm sure she will win on that part, he really messed her face up..

        As far as her job, because she hit the customer back, whether it be self
        defense or not, they say she should of called for help, which she did
        being somewhat delirious at the time she didn't know what was going on..
        She got fired, she can fight this.. but her feelings as to her job and what they did really hurt her emotionally, that they stood on the side of a perfect stranger, just a drifting customer, over a devoted employee of 19 years, its alot to think about, alot of other things involved with it
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        That just is tragic. I've worked security and we had people that had come at us (Not me thank God) with weapons and we were only to "Observe and report" and sometimes our guards got in trouble for defending themselves!

        That's why I started carrying a 6 D cell flashlight when I was doing that..Try and mess with someone swinging that it's about the same as being swung on with a tire iron.

        On the bright side, you can see later what damage you caused cheesy
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        Wow, I just came across this post, now I am scared out of my mind. My fiancee went to school and became a black jack dealer and he got hired even before he got his license to deal he's been working at our local casino, Mountaineer Racetrack in Chester,WV...he loves it, of course has good customers who follow him where ever table he may be at, he's a real people person gets along with everyone but reading these post, I'm very scared for him....he's told me some stories about some of the other dealers or even food servers and maids about people getting on them and he told me the other night a guy threatening him the guy was losing and told my fiancee that he (the customer) would probably be going to jail tonight, he said if you deal me a losing hand I will be coming across this table after you, thank god he won and my finacee lost, but Steve (my fiancee) told me before he even started dealing because I myself am a gambler not table but machines and theres times I get very upset for losing and I told him just watch yourself and he said if someone comes across the table after him he would take an ass beating because he's not hitting or fighting with a customer and he hopes the casino would at least try and protect him and if he ever got hurt while dealing well the casino would be the one footing the bills if he got hurt due to his job , so he said no matter how mad me may get or how much shit people throw at him, he's going to keep in control and if he gets hurt during work hours and all he did was take the abuse well I think he would get compinsated well, well I would imagine he would so he said he sure would take the ass beating no matter what .....but I will be watching your post because you seem to know what your talking about and I'm just a scared woman with the man I love in harms way, from this post seems like hes in harms way, I thank you for your post and I'm sure going to show him it when he awakes ( he works steady swing shift)  THanks again for opening my eyes, he does make VERY GOOD MONEY but welll I will keep watching for these post.....thanks for listening.........mrgmomma67
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        You have to realize, where drinking and money is invloved
        especially a place of addiction, LEGAL addiction trouble can stir
        and the unexpected can happen in the blink of an eye, no warning
        As you see with my friend after 19 years, she only had the little
        problems so alot of the bigger ones are rare, her hitting back..
        was not intentionally done, it was more instinctively out of confusion
        and being delirious.

        Your fiance has a very good job, he will make money, GOOD MONEY
        all jobs have their hazards, a grocery store clerk can get wopped, roofer fall off the roof, mailmen can get bit by dogs, or even beat up for not bring the check..

        It is stressful in the casinos, i'll tell you that.. my daughters father
        was an Executive Sues Chef for a very large casino here in Vegas
        Starting out as only a cook, he worked his way up.. YES he developed
        a serious habit of blowing paychecks and drinking heavily, you just
        no matter how strong you are cannot control it.. its just to convenient
        he was there 16 years, he passed away it was an unrelated illness...
        But i did go through alot with him, and we did seperate because of
        his addiction and what it was causing, (i can do bad all on my own)..

        Combining these two addictions and living with it, he was a good man
        but you would never know it being he was always gambling and drinking

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