Ladbrokes Casino No Deposit Bonus

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        Ladbrokes Casino exclusive no deposit for new players

        New players only - No US

        Amount: = £11

        How to claim the bonus: Players need to sign up from our LINK - players need to add the promo code shown below when registering.

        Promo code: FREE11

        WR = 30x

        Max cashout: = £100

        Restricted Countries: United Arab Emirates, American Samoa, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Canada, Switzerland, Swiss Confederation, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, Micronesia, France, French Republic, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Greece, Guam, Hong Kong, Croatia, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Monaco, Macao, Northern Mariana Islands, Martinique, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Pakistan, Poland, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Portuguese Republic, Qatar, Reunion, Romania, Serbia, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United States, United States Virgin Islands, Mayotte, South Africa.

        Restricted games:
        Slots (all varieties) = 100%
        Scratch Cards (all varieties) = 100%
        Pai Gow (all varieties), Red Dog, Let it Ride = 25%
        Roulette (all varieties including Wild Vikings) = 20%
        Baccarat (all varieties) = 20%
        Craps (all varieties), Sic Bo (all varieties) = 20%
        Casino Hold'Em (all varieties) = 20%
        Video Poker (all varieties) = 10%
        Darts, Heads or tails, Spin a win, Dice Twister, Wheel of Light = 10%
        Blackjack Switch, Blackjack surrender, Pontoon (all varieties) = 5%

        Bonus expires: Until further notice

        Min £10 deposit needed in order to cashout winnings.

        Once credited when does the bonus expire: 72hrs

        Max bet amount for no deposit bonuses? 30% of the bonus amount

        Need to register credit card to claim no deposit?: No

        Is the bonus cashable? No

        Bonus can be claimed in conjunction with sister casinos no deposit? No (Ace Kingdom)

        Is the ND available on download &/or instant play version? Both

        Is No deposit available on mobile? Yes
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        Thank you for requesting to chat live at Ladbrokes. We will be with you shortly.
        Raven: Hi AMY! My name is Raven, your Customer Care Specialist. How may I help you today?
        Raven: If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us back! Best of luck and relish your games with Ladbrokes!
        SAUYUK: HI
        Rhian2: Hello, welcome to Ladbrokes Sports. You're speaking with Rhian. How may I help you? We appreciate your feedback - please click here at the end of the chat session if you have a spare moment.
        SAUYUK: when i registered i entered a promo code free11 for £11 no deposit bonus
        SAUYUK: but no sign
        Rhian2: Is this for the Casino?
        SAUYUK: yes
        Rhian2: Please allow me to transfer you to a dedicated Casino agent to resolve this for you
        SAUYUK: thx
        Rhian2: You're welcome.
        Raven: Hi Amy! My name is Raven, your Customer Care Specialist. How may I help you today?
        SAUYUK: when i registered i entered a promo code free11 for £11 no deposit bonus
        Raven: I see.
        Raven: Upon checking your account, the no deposit promotion that you got is the 10 Free Spins on Hulk 25 Lines.
        Raven: It is the one being promoted by your advertiser and it is now added in Casino.
        SAUYUK: i did not ask for that though
        SAUYUK: the promo was £11 free no deposit bonus
        Raven: I'm afraid that it is the freebie that you got.
        SAUYUK: i did not enter through that link
        Raven: That is the link where you can use the free spins.
        SAUYUK: i entered through latest casino bonuses
        Raven: So you would like to have the bonus instead of the free spins?
        SAUYUK: and it was on the understanding i was to receive 11 free
        SAUYUK: i have used the free spins already
        SAUYUK: i was not aware that it would be instead of the 11
        Raven: I'm afraid that you can get one no deposit offer. Since you have already consumed the free spins, I can no longer add the bonus.
        SAUYUK: if it was instead of the 11 free it should have said
        SAUYUK: and it did not
        SAUYUK: that was the terms and conditions i signed up to
        Raven: Unfortunately, you will have to contact your advertiser regarding this but about the no deposit bonus, we cannot replace the free spins anymore because you have already used the free spins.
        SAUYUK: when i clicked on the link in my promoter the ladbrokes site also advertised 11 free not any mention of free spins
        Raven: I have also checked the promotion that your affiliate is promoting and the one that is active is the 10 free spins. You may reach them to check their ongoing promotion.
        SAUYUK: no its your promo would you like the link
        Raven: I'm afraid that the code free11 is not active in our website. Here is the link for our on site
        SAUYUK: so why are you advertising it then
        SAUYUK: and why did it accept the promo code
        Raven: For the code free11, you can no longer take advantage of this since you have already used the free spins.
        Raven: if you have not used it we could have replaced it as a one time exemption because we only allow one free bonus per individual or household.
        SAUYUK: the free 11 is the one i agreed to and you did not tell me that you were issuing the free spins as the alternative
        Raven: The free spins were automatically added because you have registered through your affiliate and the affiliate promotion will take place before the code entered. You cannot have two no deposit bonuses.
        SAUYUK: the consumer law act states quite clearly that if the terms and conditions are in any way ambiguous then the terms must favour the customer and you must grant and redeem the promotion as initially requested. Failing to do so would mean you are in breach of your contract which in your case is a criminal act
        Raven: It is not possible to add the free11 promotion any longer.
        Raven: We only allow one no deposit bonus per customer.
        Raven: Here is the link for Ladbrokes' full Terms and Conditions:
        SAUYUK: which i should report you for to the trading standards
        Raven: You knew that the free spins were added but not the free11 promotion. In that case, you could have contacted us about the promotion but you have used it. Since you have used the free spins, no other free bonuses can be credited.
        Raven: Here is the link for Promotional General Terms and Conditions of Ladbrokes Casino:
        SAUYUK: it does not matter that i am only allowed one no deposit bonus. When you offered the free spins you did not state that you were offering this instead of the one that i requested which was the free 11
        Raven: Section 19: Ladbrokes Casino reserve the right to review transaction records and logs from time to time, for any reason whatsoever. If, upon such a review, it appears that a customer is participating in strategies that Ladbrokes management, in its sole discretion deems to be abusive, Ladbrokes reserves the right to revoke the entitlement of such a customer to any promotion
        Raven: As stated, your affiliate promotion will take place before any code entered because your advertiser will serve as a gateway for your registration.
        SAUYUK: its not abusive you abused your position by failing to inform me that the bonus you had addres was replacing the one i signed up with
        Raven: It was not replaced, it was correctly applied and you have used it.
        SAUYUK: the affliliate promotion was for free 111
        Raven: Affiliate promotion first before the code.
        Raven: No. It is the 10 free spins that they are offering.
        Raven: You may contact them so that they can coordinate with Ladbrokes .
        SAUYUK: take a look at the link
        Raven: They are promoting 10 free spins upon sign up. It is saved in our documents and the system that is why it was automatically added.
        Raven: In the meantime, would there be anything else that I can assist you with?
        SAUYUK: no they are not
        SAUYUK: look at the link
        Raven: You may contact your advertiser for clarification.
        Raven: If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us back. Have a good ay.
        SAUYUK: no need it is very clear here have a look
        Raven: It has been viewed and explained.
        SAUYUK: Ladbrokes Casino exclusive no deposit for new players

        New players only - No US

        Amount: = £11

        How to claim the bonus: Players need to sign up from our LINK - players need to add the promo code shown below when registering.

        Promo code: FREE11

        WR = 30x

        Max cashout: = £100
        SAUYUK: no mention of free spins???
        Raven: You are not eligible for this bonus as per your advertiser.
        SAUYUK: why
        Raven: Your advertiser is promoting a different offer and it was applied on your account.
        SAUYUK: where is the mention of the different offer
        Raven: It is advertised by them, you can speak to their support and ask.
        SAUYUK: would u like a screen print and a copy of the link
        Raven: No need. It is already clear.
        SAUYUK: i am asking u my promoter is very cl;ear
        SAUYUK: u r not
        Raven: Yup. It is clear that they are promoting the 10 free spins so it was added.
        Raven: So there are no issues regarding the no deposit bonus in your account.
        SAUYUK: where does it say that
        Raven: It is on your promoters bond with Ladbrokes.
        SAUYUK: can i speak with ur manager
        Raven: I have already asked for the advised of them specifically our Relevant Team and the verdict is you can no longer get the free11 because you used the 10 free spins. If you contacted us beforehand, we could have replaced it regardless of what your advertiser is promoting.
        SAUYUK: hold on your said earlier that the promo free11 wasn't available anymore
        SAUYUK: stop lying
        SAUYUK: it obviously is
        Raven: Yup. It is no longer advertised by your affiliate.
        SAUYUK: yes it is
        Raven: The reason why we can replace it is because you have a 10 free spins as we may do a one time exemption IF the free spins are unused.
        SAUYUK: can i speak with someone less ignorant please.
        SAUYUK: like your manager
        Raven: We will stick with our policy that you cannot receive and use 2 free bonuses before your first deposit.
        SAUYUK: i would like to speak with your manager because I WANT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT YOU IGNORANCE
        Raven: For complaints, you may send it to
        Raven: Please refrain from using such language.
        SAUYUK: what language
        Raven: I respect that one.
        SAUYUK: its english
        SAUYUK: i wont be writing to customer services
        SAUYUK: it will just be trading standards and your ceo.
        Raven: I respect your decision.
        Raven: Would that be all for now?
        SAUYUK: This is your last opportunity to honour your contract
        SAUYUK: and apologise
        Raven: I believe that we have addressed your concern.
        SAUYUK: i am telling you that you have no
        Raven: If you have other queries, please feel free to contact us back.
        SAUYUK: nto
        SAUYUK: not
        Raven: Good bye for now.
        SAUYUK: RUDE
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        No worries kprest1979, we will look into this for you. Please send me your username.

        Also when claiming any of our exclusives first clear your cache and clean cookies before clicking our links. This will ensure you are tagged to LCB

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        Wow.  I don't believe that the casino rep was rude.  You were rude at the end kprest.  These people are human and shouldn't be called ignorant or any other names.  You took the free spins so you couldn't get the free11, even if she confused you saying it was no longer valid.  You should have asked for the free 11 BEFORE you took the free spins.

        All this fuss over 11?  SMH

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        Ladbrokes do not accept players from Norway anymore That is sad, because I liked Ladbrokes
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        In response to medtrans.  If you haven't got anything intelligent to write mind your own business.  If you read the transcription properly the whole issue was because I registered a new account with the promo code for 11free.  I signed up to their site based on that promotion and my contract with them was based on those specific terms and conditions.

        I did not appreciate being lied to (note the ladbrokes employee stating that the promotion wasn't available then changing his mind by re-wording his statement blaming me for using the free spins???)

        I continually offered the chat person access to the direct links which I  had used to access the promo 11free and he chose to ignore and refuse this evidence.  Ignoring these facts and this information clearly demonstrate this person to be ignorant- in the true meaning and definition of the word.
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        this is superb no deposit bonus offered by the casino of such a big of the great thing about the bonus is that it include all games towards  wagering requirement.
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        this is great bonus offered by ladbroke big thing about this bonus is that it  include all games towards wagering requirement.
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        Please add Tunisia to restricted countries, it doesn t allow Tunisia even to register... Thank you for updating it

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