"Bleach" it Out!!

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        I know we all need to go a lil crazy sometimes, but this is rediculous.. it's as bad as the lady who beat the Mc Donald cashier for not having her Chicken Nuggets.. I don't pay attention to much to the world around me, alls pretty quiet around my hood

        Authorities in Maryland say two women threw bleach and other chemicals on each other during a fight at Walmart, 19 people were hospitalized one with serious injuries, and the store had to be evacuated and closed for 2 hours.. One person was arrested.. it doesn't say why the women were fighting..

        The comment from Walmart Officials.."This is obviously not the type of behavior we would expect from people at our stores. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused to our customers,"

        This is what i found interesting, i know this isn't a good time to laugh this is very serious especially with children around.., but some of these comments to this story are hilarious..

        When you can't get a tough stain out . . . shout it out!

        Thankfully, I have not set foot in a Wal-Mart since I graduated college ten years ago, and it was the only store in town

        Walmartians, you gotta love em.....LOL

        I just moved to the south and when I can't play golf I go to Walmart and just watch people. Scary. Real Scary...

        A fight in a Walmart? Shocker!!

        They were just trying to bleach out each others hair................

        You better walk further, because Wal Mart is equal to behavior in a Neiman Marcus Store--

        Fighting over sale handbags. Wal Marts handbags may be $3.00, but it is just as equal as paying #3,000.00 for a $10,000 handbag in Neiman Marcus on sale..

        Gees, give Wal Mart a break. They do not need your business. It serves a great purpose for those who are poverty stricken, what's left of the middle class, upper class who love bargains, and can either feed the poverty family with low prices, or buy goods not ordinary sold in the old days where discount stores never existed.--Everything these days in material goods is marked up to a point of maybe 600 per cent of it's value--are you one of those naive customers who pays thru the roof to buy undershirts in a shi shi store---

        Can you walk to a Target?---they have Bleach there, also

        ...and yet, the little smiley face guy kept on smiling.

        Give the poor guy credit... that is the only entertainment he gets

        Ah, the people of Walmart!

        I NEVER go to Walmart. Ever

        I just got home from Walmart. It's like a step back in time....LOL..I was in total Camo so I fit right in....

        Bugs Bunny was right when he would say "What a maroon".

        Unfortunately, America is filled with "maroons" now.

        I hope the stupid no respect idiots get to spend many months in jail mopping floors WITH BLEACH. When will people learn RESPECT is not something people owe you, respect is what people give someone that EARNS IT AND NOT DEMAND IT.

        I've been patronizing Walmart stores across the USA for many, many years and never had any problems. "Suggesting" this has "anything to do with Walmart" is stupid.

        Also, even referring to these BEASTS as "women" is way beyond a... s - t - r - e - t - c - h !

        It is a shame they weren't beaten with clubs, or at least TAZED and thrown in a dumpster.

        These BEASTS are nothing but ANIMALS that belong in a Zoo to protect society.

        Don't be surprised if some "ambulance chaser, scum attorney" goes after Walmart.

        On the other hand, and in a sense, Walmart deserves "some responsibility" for allowing these barnyard beasts in to their store in the first place.

        Hopefully, they'll be banned to protect the public

        Walmart deserves "some responsibility" in this? You are either nuts or an attorney

        Beasts? Animals? It is so wrong to compare people exhibiting any antisocial behavior as animals. For the most part, animals do what they do out of instinct and survival. That's all they're capable of learning and knowing. People who behave in such an uncivil manner have lowered themselves beneath the status of animals, making themselves sub-animals. If these "people" truly belong in a zoo, the only suitable place for them would be the lion's cage.

        They must have been practicing for the Christmas sales. Those always bring out the worst in people. One year a little old lady ran me over with her shopping cart because I was reaching for an item she wanted and it was the last one. I walked with a limp until Easter. Happy holidays!

        theres many many more.. i do agree how stupid, uncivil, dangerous, shameful and  disgusting these two women acted and then need to be punished with some severity, hopefully they are not teaching their children to behave this way (which is something i'm doubting) follow a stupid person home.. best beleive a stupid person will answer the door..

        the best comment i found was this..

        "probably fighting over a moonpie"... 

        girl don't EVEN get near my moonpie, i will BLEACH YOU OUT!!!

        You ever go into a store and see fights like this, what goes on and in your hood, i love Walmart, Kmart, Target.. we could not survive if all stores were priced as high and you had to behave normal like at Neiman Marcus!
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        here's a couple more.. through these comments which i didn't post.. most of them blamed Obama (where does he come into it, i don't know) for the behavior and also  blamed PMS at the same time..

        This one was nicely written about the Walmart incident...

        What in the hell is happening to this country? I am 82 years old and even in the worst of the Depression of the 30's people didn't behave in such a disrespectful way to others. We tried to help each other, but most of all, we did not blame others for the situations that we found themselves in.

        People took responsibility for their own actions. Only the most desperate asked for help and you knew that they really needed it. Not to make a car payment but to put food on the table for their kids and themselves. They were grateful for the help they received, not angry because they did not receive much more!

        My parents and I lived through a hell of a lot worse than we are experiencing now but we did not rob our neighbors, steal from anyone who left anything of value out, and bitch about the government not giving us our "entitlements". We didn't have any "entitlements" in those days, we just had whatever we could earn by working at whatever jobs were available. For some, there were no jobs, but we managed together by helping each other. That was the spirit that dealt with adversity, overcame it, and ultimately led the country to the greatness we achieved during and after WWII.

        Our time of greatness is coming to an end soon because we are no longer willing to work our way out of problems. We want to blame the problems on someone else or have the "government" get us out of the problems. Worst of all, we no longer have the desire or the will to handle our problems by working together.

        What has happened to the American spirit and what has happened to American pride?

        one more...

        Gosh, did they think they were on Springer instead of at Wal-Mart (either one makes me shudder...)???

        Lock them BOTH up and if they have kids get them away from these lunatics.

        Then make these two get MENIAL jobs to pay for the damage to the store, including the cost of cleanup, wages for the hazmat folks & loss of income for the amount of time the store had to be closed.

        People today have no sense of responsibility for their actions. Make them face the consequences for their actions.

        Anyone suing these losers will quickly find out that they have NOTHING to sue for. If they are healthy enough to stage a chemical war in the store they are healthy enough to clean toilets in that store until they pay the store for damages. I'm not a fan of Wal-Mart but maybe this would wake these women up a bit.

        Watch, both of them will claim to be "victims" and try to sue Wal-Mart for their unlawful misbehavior.

        And this isn't a story that can be politicized, it's just bad behavior. Just like sometimes a duck is just a duck.

        Honest to goodness, it's getting like the French Revolution in the U.S. these days
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        Unreal that these two women would fight like that and bring 19 others down with them.

        But i have to admit the comments are hilarious! I might fight over a moonpie too laugh_out_loud laugh_out_loud laugh_out_loud

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        They wanted a "clean" fight.. okay.. laugh_out_loud

        Alot of the comments got really racist, as far as color and education.. so as to stay a certain color or level of education wouldn't have fought or acted like this.. is there EVER a legitimate time to fight, i think all conflicts can be settled without violence.. if you got hit during an arguement would you hit back, or walk away?
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        I would certainly walk away.  I can't stand arguments.

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        Imagin.ation wrote:

        if you got hit during an arguement would you hit back, or walk away?

        Hmmm I think I would lose it. I'd knock the crap out of em right back.
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        Wal*Mart Video
        Spandex is a privilege not a right...

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