Have You Ever Reported Bad Service?

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        Hiya Guys and Dolls,

        Have you ever had such bad service that you report them? Some customer service is so poor that i swear at times i am going to report them but i either calm down or end up feeling bad because i don't want to get them in trouble.

        What is your worse experience in dealing with an employee somewhere? What type of business do you think has the worst customer service? I would have to say drive-thru windows and live chat at online casinos!

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        I once tipped a hair stylist in cash for cutting my son's hair and she proceeded to add the same amount onto my debit card. I still had my receipt which clearly showed the tip line was not filled in - so I called the manager and then went back to the shop with my receipt so I could be credited back the pilfered amount. My cash tip was was over 25%.
        I learned that this scheme had happened before but the manager now knew it was no accident. (I learned never leave a tip line empty - I always draw a line through it when I've tipped cash.)

        My worst experience was an email exchange with Compaq tech support. The Tech Support person completely ignored my questions and responded by asking me irrelevant questions and then asking me to perform unnecessary tasks on my computer.
        I was so angry I swore off Compaq for life.

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        Good thread lips... although I prefer to remember, reward, and report excellent service I do have one bad experience that sticks with me..

        I was on the road truck driving and it was my birthday. We stopped in Salina, Kansas to have a birthday dinner, so we were feeling like celebrating by having this dinner.. Well, the waitress was the worst that I ever met... she spilled things, forgot things, and threw things on the table when asked for them again. One item slid all the way across the table. I was in shock! And not having a nice birthday at all...

        One item was never brought to the table and she would not adjust the bill, saying well it was just part of the meal that was at a set price, too bad...

        So, when we went to the counter to pay, the girl there asked, "How was your meal? Was everything ok?" So far, so good... I answered her honestly and she ignored the answer entirely... no concern at all. So why ask?

        At that point I went to the little box that has the comment cards and wrote the whole deal down, but of course you put the card in their other little enclosed box... and who do you think gets them out and reads them? I never heard from management so I can just guess... but at the point I filled out that card I did not care if it got her reprimanded, fired, or shot at dawn!  >:(
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        OMG.  I'm in no way a bitch, but I don't hesitate to report anyone for intentionally done bad service.  I don't have a problem with beginners that are having problems; it's the flip, arrogant, rude ones that I love calling out.

        I have no problem asking for someone's supervisor when I'm having trouble on the phone.  Online, I've learned when I'm having a problem no one's responding to, to bombard all their email addresses with my complaint email - that usually gets a response.

        I even reported an Emergency Room doctor last summer for his attitude and inappropriate treatment of my breathing crisis.  I called the patient mediator that night and the doctor was falling all over himself the next day to take care of me properly (I was in the hospital for 10 days that time).
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        Never reported directly but there were times I asked for upper management when I felt whatever issues I was dealing with didn't get resolved.
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        oh hell yeah; i'll ask for a manager if a rep or CSR is rude
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        I'm a pretty patient guy and although I've had experiences of bad service I never went far enough to report. I tried to solve the problems on the spot and most times it worked well. When it didn't work I just settled for the satisfaction of treating those upsetting employees with irony, that produced a few hilarious results over the years
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        The angriest I ever got was in a store using self check out. One of the employees was talking to "herself" about what I was doing. She was like "Hello! It says please bag item!" and she's rolling her eyes. Well this was like 12 rolls of toilet paper that wouldn't fit in their dinky bag. All ya do is hit skip bagging. This was not my first rodeo. I knew what to do.

        I looked at her with daggers and had no idea what I was going to say but it was gonna be good. When I was all done I looked for her but she was gone. Never reported her but I was extremely pissed (mad not drunk  ).

        AT&T sucks too. Good luck if you have to call their customer service.

        Something like this....


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        Great thread topic.

        Yes. I report bad service. 

        I have too many examples to share so I'll only give a couple.

        Family was out to dinner and there was a huge table of moms, dads, kids, grandparents, etc. at the table adjacent to us. A few of their kids grabbed a broom and dustpan and proceeded to run around our table sweeping.  One kid bonked me in the head with the broom and the parents laughed, thinking it was the most hilarious thing. Grrrr.  I called mgt. the next day, told them what happened, how it ruined our meal and the waitress did nothing.  They sent me a $50 gift card. 

        Took my son's ages 10 and 14 to the doctor. 14yr old has had strep 11 times in a year and a half.  Inquired about getting his tonsils out and the Dr. proceeded to tell me the 'dangers', How guilty I would feel if there was a 'poor outcome'. On and on and on.  My kids eyes were like saucers. In the car, both kids asked what the Dr. meant by 'poor outcome'.  Um, he meant you could die?!??  Call admin. when we got home. Next month when son got strep, a different Dr. suggested tonsils out, son said NO WAY!

        Daughter went to buy fabric to make a blanket. Old lady worker was so rude, demeaning and flippant to her and her friend. Wouldn't cut the fabric for her. Said 'figure it out yourself'. Gah.  I called manager on my daughter's behalf and he asked for her to come in when he was working.  She got the $45 of fabric free.

        Went to a new female Dr. (mine was booked) thought I had pneumonia.  Was coughing so hard I broke a rib.  The Dr. was a royal bitch.  Kept repeating she knew I was 'stressed'. WTH?  I wasn't stressed, I was sick.  She told me to take over the counter cough syrup.  When I asked what kind works best since the 2 bottles I already drank didn't help... she responded with, "How should I know?"  OY.  I called and reported her.  She was new, although not young, and I wasn't the first patient to complain.
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        Great stories and ty all for sharing them. I wonder how affective in the end it really is to report someone to upper management. Looks like lhasa got some good results.

        Sometimes i think management just lets us vent and as soon as we walk away they just say "pffffffffffffff whatever"!!


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