What Your Hands Reveal About Your Health.

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        Did you know that the length of your fingers, the state of your nails and even the shade of your palms can help predict you how healthy you’ll be in the future?

        Check out these little hand signals.

        Swollen Fingers

        We all know that salty snacks can cause bloat.
        But if you shun the shaker and your rings still don’t fit, this kind of swelling could suggest hypothyroidism, which means the thyroid gland is underproducing the hormones you need to regulate your metabolism and keep your body functioning properly.
        Thyroid problems can lead to a sluggish metabolism, weight gain and water accumulation.
        Untreated hypothyroidism can cause fatigue, low libido and even (at extreme levels) heart failure.
        A simple blood test will show if your thyroid is underperforming, and doctor-monitored synthetic hormone pills can help your hormones—and your fingers—return to normal.

        Red Palms

        Itchy, burning red palms may point to eczema, a chronic skin disorder that can worsen when you’re stressed; to limit irritation, avoid potential chemical triggers by opting for soapless cleansers and wearing gloves when cleaning or gardening.
        If those don’t help, redness could indicate an allergy to nickel in jewelry, chemicals in products, or antibiotics (and symptoms might show up on other parts of your body beyond the palms of your hands).
        Such allergies are usually more annoying than ominous, but your physician can tell for sure by doing a patch test and pinpointing what to avoid.

        Pale Fingernails

        Nails should turn white when you press on them, then return to pinkish when you release,If your nail stays white for more than a minute or two, you may have anemia or low iron.
        Iron deficiency can lead to fatigue or, in serious cases, heart problems, so you’ll want to alert your doctor.
        To dodge a deficiency, fill up on iron-rich foods (such as lean meats, spinach and other dark green veggies, legumes, and nuts and seeds like almonds and pumpkin seeds) and foods with vitamin C, which aids iron absorption.

        Numb, Blue Fingertips

        Blue-hued fingers may signal a condition called Raynaud’s disease, a temporary blood vessel spasm that constricts blood flow to the fingers (hence the numbness) and occurs in five to ten percent of all people.
        It’s more common in women and typically triggered by cool temperatures or stress.
        Raynaud’s is chronic, but it’s not a huge health worry unless numbness lasts more than an hour, in which case your fingers are actually imperiled—head to the ER!
        Stave off a crisis by keeping circulation healthy: Cut out cigarettes and go easy on caffeine, as both constrict blood vessels, and hit the gym regularly to keep your blood pumping.

        Discolored Nails

        Off-color nails can result from fungus but may also warn of diabetes.
        Diabetics’ immune and vascular systems can be impaired, creating an environment that allows bacteria and fungi to flourish.
        Look for green discoloration (yikes!) or thick, dark-yellow nails that detach from the bed (double yikes!). Your M.D. can tell you about habits that keep blood sugar in check, such as swapping out processed foods for healthy complex carbs.
        If there’s fungus, prescription meds can help clear it up; it not, nails might be yellow from dark polish.
        Applying tooth-whitening products to nails can help.

        Short Index Fingers

        Women with pointer fingers smaller than their ring fingers may have a heightened risk for osteoarthritis and polycystic ovarian syndrome, a hormonal disorder that can disrupt fertility. The upside? A lower risk for heart disease.
        More exposure to testosterone in utero, which relates to skeletal health, fertility and cardiovascular development, may also create longer ring fingers.
        But don’t regard your ratio as a definite indicator of risks—or immunity to them.
        Controlling your weight protects your joints, fertility and heart, regardless of finger length.
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        What about hairy palms????  Cuz I gotta tell you, I am a little worried. (does that only apply to dudes?? I don't know the rule on that one)  LMAO.. But you know nan,  I think that is interesting. I was looking at my hands the whole time I read that.
      • Archnye
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        lol I couldn't stop staring at my hands either. Cool post. Thanks nan.
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        wmmeden wrote:

        What about hairy palms????  Cuz I gotta tell you, I am a little worried. (does that only apply to dudes?? I don't know the rule on that one)  LMAO.. But you know nan,  I think that is interesting. I was looking at my hands the whole time I read that.

        I recall when I was a kid someone saying that the 2nd sign of madness is hairs on the palm of the hand.  When I asked what the first sign was (after looking at my palms for a moment), they said that the 1st sign of madness is looking for them.  Obv. that was a joke way back then but, after looking around on the internet, I see what you mean wmmeden!    Is there any truth to it though? lmao

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        I am not so sure, wmmeden and it could be anything but I think it might be because of the changing of hormones which happens for so many different reasons especially to us,women ya know...like being a pregnant, emotional stresses, getting older(hah,tell me about it)...
        I have always had a straight hair but after my monkey was born, all of sudden it got changed to curly hair...
        I too have been worrying and wondering why my fingers swell so often... well, it first started only every once in a while so I just guessed it might have been the food I ate or could be from PMS(lol) but lately it got much worsen not only fingers but toes as well.
        Never imagined I could have Thyroid problems but after reading the most common symptoms I think I may have just that...ugh I really don't like taking blood test.
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        My pointer is shorter than my ring finger.

        My nails don't turn white when I press them.

        Does that mean I need to schedule a pap smear and a blood sugar?  Hmmmmm
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        Gabby...mine toooooooo.

        Just checked mine again and yup, both(right & left) index fingers are shorter than ring fingers...
        nah...I wouldn't worry about this one though...everyone has different length size of fingers according to the study of Palmistry. 
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        I am not sure why the whole index finger thing is such a big deal.  I heard you could tell if a girl was really a girl, not a transverstite, by the longer index finger.  My goodness, didn't know I was a tranny and so are all my friends here!

        but you can tell a lot about me by my hands.  Scars, wrinkles, arthritic joints...yep, I'm over 40.

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