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    Headline back 23

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        #  Casino City is pissed Says:
        February 23rd, 2009

        Screw you and your pathetic portal full of bonus abusers. I don’t care if you decline my posts. It’s more important for me to know that you know I hate your guts. Loser.

        Guess we found the Affiliate?! 

        The above is what Casino City wrote in reference to their EXCLUSIVE 10 Free @ Lucky Club Slots and other forums posting and using their bonus. My response You have got to B Kidding? For an Affiliate to bhave so badly is irreprehensible.  How many Exclusive bonus codes does our forum here get that are blasted across the internet.  I seriously doubt that any of our forum moderators would post such an unprofessional comments.

        Re: $10 free at luckyclubslots

        I downloaded casino and got the coupon no problem made the playthru was playing Aztec Millions balance was $230 on a $5 spin bal should have been $225. My balance was reduced to $104.00 after that spin I contacted support and was told that I just made the playthru and that is why my balance was reduced to $104. Max cashout $100 I was also advised that since I did not sign up thru EXCLUSIVE AFFILIATE SITE No cashout.  CS would not tell me which Affliate it's a secret. I would play at this site again I liked Customer Support very much just did not like answer. Good Luck to all who find the Affliate and sign up and make playthru you will get $100.
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        lucky8s wrote:

        #  Casino City is pissed Says:
        February 23rd, 2009

        Screw you and your pathetic portal full of bonus abusers. I don’t care if you decline my posts. It’s more important for me to know that you know I hate your guts. Loser.

        OMG - when I first saw th first line of your post I thought "whats going on here" and then I read it in its entirety.  That is absolutely outrageous that you were spoken to in that manner.

        No- there is no way we would talk to anyone like that.

        I can't see luckyclubslots in our list of casinos (or am I just missing it?) so Im guessing you downloaded it from another site who may have "stolen" an exclusive bonus to attract customers. 

        Sorry to hear you had such an appalling time.
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      • Josh2
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        wow is right... totally wrong attitude to take... we can look into getting a better exclusive for this casino....
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        Since I found out the Affiliate PLEASE DO NOT RUN TO GET THE EXCLUSIVE AND CLAIM THE BONUS the Affiliate does not deserve to be rewarded on your sign ups for his bad behavior.  Please wait and see what our Admins here can do to contact the casino and possibly get a better bonus.  >:(
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        On one hand, it makes a change for a casino to sound unprofessional, and to speak his?/their mind.  On the other hand, for a casino to say "hate your guts" errrm.....this would probably increase paranoia that it wasnt random and i certainly for one will remember not to deposit at casino city. lol....just incase!
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        LCB Admin wrote:

        wow is right... totally wrong attitude to take... we can look into getting a better exclusive for this casino....

        Where is the link to this site on LCB - Im having trouble finding it.  I will get in touch with them if you are able to post the link.


      • Me
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        We have just added Lucky Club Slots ( still working on its review ) to our All Casinos List The 10 free is not LCB exclusive, but it was indeed posted  by one of our members here $10 free at luckyclubslots

        We will definitely try to get some good exclusives just for LCB members.
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        Thanks Blueday,  

        I could not sleep I was so mad last night!!!!

        General Info
        Chat start time Feb 22, 2009 4:23:08 PM EST
        Chat end time Feb 22, 2009 5:10:23 PM EST
        Duration (actual chatting time) 00:47:15
        Operator Gary

        Chat Transcript
        info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
        info: You are now chatting with 'Gary'
        info: Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK15603014426X
        Gary: Hello and welcome to our live chat service. My name is Gary. How may I help you?
        LUCKYSHEL: Hello Gary I was playing and my balance was $230 I was on Aztec Millions and I only bet $5 so my balance should have been 225 now it says my balance is only $104 why????
        Gary: May I ask your username please?
        Gary: Thank you, one moment please
        Gary: Thank you for waiting
        Gary: Did you also try to withdraw?
        Gary: The problem with this coupon comes down to the way it was redeemed. This coupon was targeted specifically to a partner of ours but soon after being advertised it appeared in many bonus forums. The coupon obviously was redeemable but for anyone who did not sign up through the intended partner they will experience problems and certainly will not be able to withdraw. Unfortunately I am not entirely certain as to how your current balance was effected but I intend to find out for you and send you an email if you prefer
        Gary: Unfortunately, you did not sign up through our partner and are therefore experiencing this anomaly. I apologize for the inconvenience.
        Gary: Please specify this website of forum name
        Gary: ok
        Gary: LCB is not the partner we exclusively ran this promotion with and whoever posted the bonus there was not a partner of ours and was another casino player. Unfortunately this happens very often when people try to help eachother to find a bonus.
        Gary: I am sorry for the trouble
        Gary: Sorry, I am not familiar with that website
        Gary: We shall have to investigate this and contact the people responsible
        Gary: Rest assured we have no affiliation with the above
        Gary: There are an awful lot of forums in which people post bonuses that are from other sources and this can often lead to problems
        Gary: You are free to continue your gameplay and in the meantime I shall enquire as to to technicalities of your balance in conjunction with the coupon redeemed
        LUCKYSHEL: So I am still in Aztec Millions with the $104 balance
        Gary: For now, yes
        LUCKYSHEL: I met the playthru
        LUCKYSHEL: and that is why it probably took my $125
        Gary: Yes, you did indeed meet the playthrough
        LUCKYSHEL: then the screen now says $104 withdrable
        LUCKYSHEL: but I was still playing in Aztec
        Gary: You did very well. Unfortunately a withdrawal will not be approved but what you say may have something to do with the balance and the coupon
        LUCKYSHEL: when it took the $125
        Gary: Would you like a followup to be emailed to you once I have a chance to enquire about it?
        LUCKYSHEL: yes
        LUCKYSHEL: so i will not get anything
        Gary: I shall request this then
        LUCKYSHEL: ok thanks
        Gary: But, no. The offer in as far as cashing out goes is invalid for you
        Gary: You are more than welcome
        LUCKYSHEL: so what was the affiliate that if they signed up from them and made the playthru would have been able to withdraw
        Gary: I am unable to reveal the affiliate that was valid for this offer for cashing out the bonus unfortunately
        LUCKYSHEL: why not?
        LUCKYSHEL: why would your casino not want the business
        Gary: Only because the bonus offer was an exclusive agreement with the affilate for their customers
        Gary: I am not at liberty to reveal the information
        LUCKYSHEL: But how do you know that I did not sign up thru them???
        Gary: Because when you signed up I can see whether your registration came from a referral (ie: an afiliate)
        LUCKYSHEL: It said affiliate site when I signed up
        Gary: Yes, but not specifically the affiliate in question
        Gary: If you came by an affiliate site they had nothing to do with us
        LUCKYSHEL: im in the dark here?
        Gary: As I said, it was not the intention for this exclusive offer to be spread across forums by people by bonus enthusiasts due to problems like this unfortunately
        LUCKYSHEL: Do you mind if I post this to the forums I belong to so as to not add more confusion to other new customers you may get.
        LUCKYSHEL: So I understand you only want customers from your specific affiliate not from other forums
        Gary: So long as it is clear that although you may be able to redeem this coupon it is not cashable and to avoid running into problems people should take caution when other forum fans post bonuses from casinos in this manner without posting the full terms and conditions that were originally made available to the intended partner/affiliate
        Gary: This is the only point to make
        Gary: Obviously we are not going to close the door on people but it should be made clear that if there are suspicions about a bonus that a bonus enthusiast posts then people should enquire with the casino itself.
        Gary: For anyone else that redeemed the coupon through the intended partner they are able to cash out
        LUCKYSHEL: Just like I did!!!???
        Gary: I am making a statement for you to base your post on
        Gary: I appreciate that you contacted our customer support
        LUCKYSHEL: I lost $125 in one spin I think anyone would contact support I would gather to think
        LUCKYSHEL: I must say though due to the economy and new casinos popping up everywhere
        Gary: I intend to find out why the $125 went as stated however
        LUCKYSHEL: I really enjoyed your casino and would probably frequent it
        Gary: Id it is agreeable to you, I can also ensure that you are notified of bonuses and promotions directly for your own use
        Gary: ^IF
        LUCKYSHEL: Thank you I would like that
        Gary: I shall ensure that you are notified then. It would be preferable that you get reliable information sent directly to you
        Gary: If you are also active in the forums you may also advise your fellow gamers in cases whereby you know someone has posted incomplete or unreliable information
        Gary: Would it be agreeable to email as such at ocean92672@gmail.com ?
        LUCKYSHEL: I will let the Administrators of the forums know that I belong to.
        LUCKYSHEL: yes thank you
        Gary: You are more than welcome. I'll investigate the situation with the $125 for you and ensure that you receive offers directly to your email address
        LUCKYSHEL: I would also add that the forums I belong to are respectable legitimate and professional and their members are good customers
        LUCKYSHEL: These are the customers that your casino would want
        Gary: In that case I appreciate your time and effort in chatting with me in resolving this
        LUCKYSHEL: I recognize and respect the affiliate situation though
        LUCKYSHEL: That is a slippery slope
        LUCKYSHEL: and sometimes very hard to control when it gets out to the net
        LUCKYSHEL: Although I was VERY lucky on a $10 bonus to get up to $230 over that at times
        LUCKYSHEL: I am not bitter but I did not know I was breaking any rules
        Gary: You were lucky indeed. It is upsetting but no, you did not break any rules
        LUCKYSHEL: I just hope that someone who signed up thru your affiliate is as lucky
        LUCKYSHEL: I let you go thanks
        Gary: There will always be lucky people, just as there are always skillful people
        Gary: Thank you too for chatting with us
        info: Your chat transcript will be sent to ocean92672@gmail.com at the end of your chat.

        This was posted on this forum (removed by Admin ) it is still up today

        6 Responses to “$10 Lucky club slots online casino no deposit bonus code”

          1. ajusting Says:
             February 21st, 2009

          2. rusty Says:
             February 21st, 2009

             GOOD coupon…Just NO luck 4 me….lol
          3. MissTina Says:
             February 22nd, 2009

             code worked Great for me (usa) and I played on the $10 free for hours and hours. I was thinking I was going to never lose it all.
             GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
          4. wilderness Says:
             February 22nd, 2009

             worked but didnt last but a few minutes!
          5. Lettingyouknow Says:
             February 23rd, 2009

             I too downloaded claim $10 was playing Aztec Millions betting $5 bal was $230 after $5 spin bal went dn to $104 I contacted CS they advised me I made playthru that is why bal went down to $104 Max cashout $100 but due to the fact I did no signup thru Affliate site NO Cashout. Asked Affliate site they would not tell me. It’s a secret? SOOOOO if you find it and if you make playthru you will get $100. Good Luck
        6. Casino City is pissed Says:
             February 23rd, 2009

             Screw you and your pathetic portal full of bonus abusers. I don’t care if you decline my posts. It’s more important for me to know that you know I hate your guts. Loser.

        - Show quoted text -

        And if you type in Casino City google search this is apparently the CASINO FORUM that had the exclusive for Lucky Club Slots you can see it on their site.  But again I digress we here have had many EXCLUSIVES and they are blasted all over the net we as LCB and our Admins would never take such a position of saying that they HATE anyone for taking an Exclusive.  How was I 2 know. It was posted on our site here first and then I saw it on several other sites.  If you read my chat with Gary CS Lucky Club Slots when he asked where i got the code I said LCB because I saw it here first.  I just think the casino should know that there Affliate is behaving badly.  It could potentially bring a bad name to a new casino that does not deserve it.  And the worst thing is that if people are running over to CASINO CITY FORUM and signing up thru them for the bonus @ Lucky Club Slots they (Affliate CASINO CITY) is getting paid for their bad behavior. I HATE THAT FACT.  

        Here is Lucky Club Slots Casino contact infoAt Lucky Club Slots, we are driven to offer an online gaming experience unlike any other on the Net. At Lucky Club Slots, the Client always comes first.

        If you have ANY questions or concerns, please contact our highly skilled team of Customer Service Representatives. We are available by live chat and e-mail 24-hours a day, seven days a week!

        Live Chat

        Click here  to talk to our support representative

        Phone Support

        Our Toll-Free Telephone Number:  1-866-778-7404

        Fax Support

        Our Toll-Free Fax Number: 1-866-778-7405

        E-mail Support

        E-mail our Customer Service Team anytime: support@LuckyClubSlots.com

        Please be sure to include a contact phone number or e-mail address in your message.

        LuckyClubSlots.Com will react to all customer queries (e.g. via e-mail or phone) within two days.

        Thanks Blueday
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        Hey Blue, reviews and links are ready...
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        Thanks - on the case!

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