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      Tips on finding new codes.
      Thanks for the querie "reeloneal".Here are a few methods I've found that have worked.
      1.Ask the casino.
      Often Casinos don't promote their codes.Sign up to a casino then send them an email asking for a credit or code to try out there casino. Some reply.
      2.Thank casinos if you have had a good experience.Casinos don't receive much good feedback,communicate with them and you often get preferential treatment and codes.
      3.if you have favourite casinos sign up to there affiliate program, casinos will often give you promo codes direct for you to offer potential sign ups so you get them first.
      4.Ask the casino again and tell them as a thank you for an ND code you'll post details of the code to others and generate more business for them.
      5.Ask people in non gambling forums if they Know of any.
      6.Search for codes on search engines other than Google and Yahoo.Small Casinos often show up that you don't find on G or Y.

      Hope this helps.
      Good luck,
      Brett666 grin
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      Posting tips for ND codes.
      When posting codes it helps heaps if the following is contained.

      1./The code of course,in UPPER or lower casing if known.
      2./The playthrough or wagering requirement (20 x etc.)
      3./The maximum and or minimum cash out.
      4./Any other terms relevant.+ no US if applicable.

      The above helps you maximise your payouts,attempting cash outs without knowing 2-4 above can often result in losing the lot or being locked out.
      If you play a code and have won a bit and are not sure if you can withdraw or not I find it best to ask CS exact terms for the code before attempting.

      Good luck
      Brett666. grin grin
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      How to win with ND chips.
      Here is how I would approach playing ND chips
      if starting out.

      1/.Start with the list of casinos on the
      No Deposit Casino page on LCB,tab at page top.
      (Not the FREEPLAY ND Casinos lower on the page)

      2/.Sign up at casinos one at a time (a notebook is handy) and play the
      free chip as if it were the last dollars you had to your name,
      REMEMBER as long as you meet the playthrough requirements it is
      your money.


      3/.For each casino read there rules and terms BEFORE playing.
      REMEMBER they make the rules,playing without knowing is pointless.


      4/.Now before playing a casino have a look at the different games available,
      play in freeplay mode if available.

      Most of the casinos you will play in will use one of half a dozen
      different types of software most casinos I have won at use
      either RTG,Microgaming or GFED.
      All RTG casinos offer common games and the same with the others.
      So as soon as you have learnt games at 1 RTG casino you'll know what to expect.

      5/.Play at games where you know what bonuses,free spins etc apply.

      6/.Play games where you can see activity ie by the random jackpot being very
      high or the random jackpot amount is moving up very quickly.

      I find that playing where there is more activity I get a lot more payouts.
      Also if playing a UK casino play 3pm -11pm UK time.
      US casino 3 - 11pm US time...etc.(Just work out from GMT)

      At RTG casinos I stay away from games with a random jackpot of less than $2000.
      The exception being Cirrus UK where the random jackpots are smaller.

      7/.Bet small increasing your stake only if your balance seems "stagnent" for
      a while.

      8/.Get free spins on a game, after the free spins GHANGE GAME and keep changeing
      whenever you get free spins.

      9/.Avoid new games...they are money drains! for about 6 months.

      10/.Make sure you can meet a casinos withdrawal requirements ie Do you have
      the ID they will require or the correct account for withdrawing.

      11/.Any incorrect withdrawl attempted may result in you losing everything
      (They make the rules) If you win a $10,000 jackpot you will only be able
      to withdraw the amount set as the maximum for the free chip, say $100.

      Most complaints against Casinos are from people believing they were entitled to
      a jackpot they were never eligible to collect.

      12/.If your winning then get a losing streak, exit the casino and come back tomorrow,
      your money will still be there but the games may be on a different cycle.

      13/.Don't rush your betting by increasing the bet heaps to save you time.
      Playing casinos with autoplay I've won playing 9c games....yes 9c x Thousands!

      14/.WIN. I won off 11 casinos on the LCB list and have won at 26 others however
      I have signed up and got free chips from about 180 casinos.


      You will now receive offers to make deposits at casinos.
      use the money from the above to take up the best offers and learn
      Blackjack whoreing (See BJ tab),

      Also for each casino you deposit at you will then be eligible for
      2nd chance free chips and their winnings.

      15/.Playing Freeplay Casinos.
      Whilst you can win at these casinos beware that you will need to make a
      deposit within 7 days to claim winnings.Either have money ready before
      playing or wait for your earnings from above.

      By using free deposit chips,
      reinvesting the winnings in bonus chips,
      receiving 2nd chance ND chips and
      BJ whoreing I have gone from a zero balance to around $14,000
      currently all reinvested in casinos.
      (The taxman can't see my casino balances)

      Good Luck
      Brett666 grin

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      What currency to use for ND codes.
      If your country doesn't use Pounds,Euros or US dollars always choose to use UK Pounds when you sign up.Most ND casino chips are an amount in what ever currency you are using, i.e a 20 Free chip is 20 times whatever currency you are using.

      Most players automatically choose to use US dollars however consider

      As at todays date

      1 GBP = 1.98112 US

      Almost doubles the value of what you receive.If GBP isn't offered then...

      1 EURO = 1.57347 US is the next best to play.

      Canadian dollars are almost the same as US and AUS $ even worse.

      The above can also help you get the maximum on other codes offered when it is a fixed amount and not a times bonus.

      Hope this helps maximize your winnings.
      Good Luck
      Brett666 grin

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      Winning at slots.
      Most days I have a win or two at slots, normally a freebie.As my success rate seems higher than some here is one method I use.
      I'll use today's win on Fruit Frenzy as an example.Look for games like FF which give you a full line payout on free spins regarless of your bet,
      i.e you play only 13 lines of 25 offered, win free spins and you will play the free spins at 25 lines.You effectively half the cost of getting the free spins.
      Screenshot below.
      1/.Betting 13 lines at 5c = 65c,
      2/.Feature triggered,bet still shows 65c,
      3/.Feature completed,35 free spins,still 65c,
      4/.Free spins start,bet changes now to $1.25 for all free spins,
      5/.Feature triggered again,at the $1.25,
      6/.Last spin,$1.25,
      7/.Feature completed, now shows the original 65c again.

      $2.05 up to $202.80

      Works on a number of games as well as FF.

      Good Luck
      Brett666 grin
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      Taking Screen shots.
      How too and tips for Screen shot captures.
      Jax-sun has emailed me with problems reducing a screenshot to a size to post on the forum the following may help.


      Zuga has already detailed previously how to take a screenshot which I will repeat

      "1.You have the Print Screen key on the keyboard(thats the key next to the F12, or above insert or num lock keys).When ever u want to take a screenshot just press Print Screen key.
      2.Open the Paint application.
      3.Hold down the CTRL key and press V to paste the shot into Paint.You should save the file as a JPG file."

      The above may not work in some versions of Wiindows (mainly bootlegs) and some
      keyboard layouts.To get round this you can get add on software to capture.

      I use Gadwin Print Screen which is freeware (no ads) from Gadwin Systems

      Go to
      select downloads page tab, go to the bottom of the page, click on download Gadwin Printscreen.

      Really easy to use and licence free.


      A./If all you have is Windows and you need to reduce an image size.

      Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the My Pictures folder (or to a different folder, if that's where your pictures are stored).

      Select one or more image files.

      In the File and Folder Tasks pane, click E-mail this file (the text reads E-mail the selected items if you clicked more than one image).

      In the Send Pictures via E-Mail dialog box, click Show more options to display the choices shown in Figure 2. (Note that the first image you selected appears in the preview area in the top left corner of the dialog box.)

      The Make all my pictures smaller option is selected by default. Click one of the three sizes from the list at the bottom. The smaller the size you select, the smaller the resulting image file.

      Click OK. Windows switches to your default e-mail program, creates a new message window, and attaches your greatly-reduced image files, now copy and paste where you want.

      B/.Use Microsoft Office Picture manager if installed.Click on PICTURE tab,then click on compress pictures.

      C/.Use a freeware application like IrfanView,Google for download link.


      Multiple Gadwin files (or any images) copied and pasted to Microsoft Publisher,crop and layout images> Save>Edit>Select All>Edit>Copy,Open Paint,>Edit>Paste.Save As (JPEG),place.

      Hope the above helps,
      Good luck from
      Brett666 grin

      *** If nothing else works email me the shot and I'll reduce it and return wink
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      Paradise8 Casino.
      Because of my obsession with casinos many people ask me if I can recommend a casino for them to start at.Often people post negative experiences about trying to withdraw from some casinos when redeeming no deposit chips, unfortunately less of the positive experiences are shared.

      The following is a sequence of events I've had with Paradise8 Casino and is why it would be high on my list to start with if I had my time again.There are a number of tips contained which I have found relevant at other RIVAL (Software) casinos.

      I found Paradise8 on the No Deposit Casino page, number "8" on the list.

      Signed up and received $10 FREE,
      Found I seemed to get a good advantage playing slots as low as 9 x 1c,
      Played a little each day, not all at once,kept changeing game each bonus or free spin.Achieved the playthrough and requested a withdrawal of $100.
      - P8 requested ID, I complied.
      - I requested withdrawal via Neteller,
      - P8 advised $20 deposit via Neteller needed before withdrawal could be approved.
      - No money in my Neteller,,,getting painfull.
      - P8 recontacts me next to advise that if I withdraw via Ecocard no deposit will be required.
      - Set up Ecocard and withdrew without problem or delay.
      - Reinvested $80 in P8 to see if slooow good luck would continue.But increased bet
      - Withdrew at $400 reinvested $200 and continued with an increased bet,($220-bank)
      - Withdrew at $800 reinvested $400 and continued,($620-bank)
      - Withdrew at $1,400 reinvested $400 and continued,($1620-Bank)
      (See Screenshot)
      - Lost the $400.

      The above playing time, withdrawals, and re deposits have now taken about 5 months but after leaving a little in Ecocard, being charged by them US$20 to withdraw and $35 in charges by my bank
      I have over $1,500 from Paradise8 without ever spending a cent with them AND they helped me with my withdrawal and were timely about it.

      Hope others share the same luck there,remember if you win to make it really worthwhile by re depositing.

      Good Luck
      Brett666 grin

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      Choosing Casinos to play.
      Here are some points I consider when deciding which casinos to play at, may save some time for newer players.Not important with ND codes but is when you get to BJ whoring and general depositing.

      - Does the casino have 24/7 Live Customer Service where you can talk to a real person, if so this is a plus.

      - Are they using software from a reputable company, a publicly listed company on one of the world
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      Re 13 to 25.
      Will work on other RTG 25 line games as well as Fruit Frenzy.
      I have played nothing but FF at RTG casinos for about a month with 9 payouts todate.

      Good Luck
      Brett666 grin
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      Hi Guys,

      I have split and cleaned this topic, and made it sticky per request.

      Please note that Brett is NO longer visitng this forum.


      Feel free to contribute.

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      I sure wish I would have read this when I was new and using up all the no deposit codes. 

      If there are any tips that anyone uses, feel free to post them also.

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      Here's a Tip, maybe a small one or insignificant.. BUT it is something that has surely helped me and not alot know about.

      Tips on the Download

      What i always do whenever downloading any casino or even anything is i always choose "save" and designate program to desktop, i never choose "run" and alot of the programs point you towards choosing "run".
      I found that if i choose run, i can't get the program to run as smoothly and/or find it's location easily after installing, and when or if i want to uninstall i have a hard time finding it's uninstall options, sometimes not even showing up in my add/remove section, so using "save" always keeps it where i want it to be.

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      Thanks Viv!!!!  I will keep that in mind hun!!!
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      Here's how i play my ND chips

      when allowed...I always begin at the blackjack table.
      Wager all your chips example : $20 (double or nothing).if you got lucky you'll hit the blackjack

      at the roulette table : red/black, odd/even.

      Vegas Regal allowed you to play at the blackjack table with the ND chips!

      thanks to VRC...I have so far 4 winnings and withdrew with the ND chips they gave me cheesy
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      WTG TheRunn3R!!! 

      Hey when playing Roulette, do you bet red/black AND odd/even?  When you place a bet?

      Again, congrats on cashing out 4 times from a freebie!!!

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