Casino don't control the Random - BUT CONTROL WENT IT PAY

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      Over the years I've play Casino online I realize that went you complain to CHAT about silly payout or your bad play experience they  listen to you reward you etc

      But I had a experience make me question the honesty of ALL Casino online

      Let me explain
      I had about 275$ deposit, decide that I would bet a bit and withdraw part of it since it came from another voucher and want to withdraw on my Credit card anyway I bet and lose lose lose
      Hit twice free spin and both time went playing 0.90 win about 1$ for a total of 3.00$ or so
      I was so upset since it happen twice same slots.

      Anyway I had 140$ left and went to chat complain about how silly slots paid
      I decide to withdraw 100$ and play with the 40$ they offer me 20$ Bonus + 20 free spins that I would take after I play with my 40$

      So I quit chat and play ohhhhhhhhhhhh Surprise Slots where  going crazy payout where amazing
      in a matter of minute I reach 135$ back
      I'm 100% SURE that all CASINO ONLINE have the option of opening the PAYOUT with a simple click for 10min, 30 min etc they CONTROL it, It's Obvious that they want to please customer and click on your USER NAME and give you 15 min or so of winning luck then it's gone

      It not happen once but many time everytime I talk to chat, magic return
      find that odds that after you complain SOMETHING CHANGE ?
      And they reply " We don't have control over the random and the payout "

      But I suspect they have control on how long slots are open, how much it will paid ( % ) etc

      So I withdraw 100$ back ask for my 20$ bonus and the free spins and Oh surprise Win 3.86$ free spins and 20$ went dead in a matter of minute.

      I don't say that they decide witch player would win that day but can ask the software to payout a certain amount so they can control there Bank at all make sense they don't want to lose there shirt lol
      I've include a print screen SEC after I start to play with my 40$ went the huge win return

      Another thing that bug me, JACKPOT Who are those winner, Why we rarely see a Millions dollars PRINT SCREEN ? " HE WIN 7 Millions on is mobile " Of course lol he was alone, no one film it, no print screen where made ( JUST TO PROVE I DID WIN IN CASE OF..... )  no No print screen on any of those Microgaming winner ? that puzzle me, sure we see some at RTG
      Today with Screen o matic surely someone one day film is winning, Come on !

      You just win 7 Millions on Mega Moolah and you don't take proof of it ? To show off ? To post of Youtube , If you play on your mobile 100% of the time you play alone AT HOME ? in stead of your 20" screen ? Seriously MOBILE Mean guy move, play at work, in a bus, in the street in a park etk and no one is a witness of this crazy guy jumping like a fool !!

      Yep They cheat, they control the payout went it does, no surprise went you chat with them they say " Today could be your lucky day " and surprise you start to win after to talk to them hahaha

      Pls It's obvious that they do have a certain amount of control they can for some time turn the switch on

      Have you notice that everyone give plenty of FREE SPINS don't you realize that you never win 100$ + on them ? Never the jackpot ? always less then 20$ 99% of the time ?
      Sure take 100 free spins anyway we set the program to give MAX 20$ on them.

      So by my experience I'm 100% sure that Casino Software can be setup like any other windows program they can setup for example a % of maximum payout you deposit 1,000$ Max 20% return
      or they can click on your user name ask the soft to open valve for 10 min etc

      HERE A PRINT SCREEN SEC after I return to my play after the chat 
      + Went you ask a video of the So call Big Million winner " GAME PLAY " they say we can't for security of the player ? WHAT ? We don't see is Account number do we ?
      They should be proud that someone win it but they hide the true make people believe all sorth of lie Sure people win, But ......Anyway you be the judge !

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      Usually when a slot game does not pay for a longer period of time be sure that if you change the game when your balance is low the things will be different.This is the way they programmed the system.There is possible to hit a bigger win from the start sometimes but you must be lucky.I dont think they have the power to change the system,the system is well defined.Once in a land casino I managed to recover my balance with the last spin.I lost 500 ron on a slotgame and with a 3 RON spin on another game I doubled the amount so I left with 1000 RON,i've done well raising the bet per line from 1 RON to 3 RON othewise the amount would be much lower. If you stick to the same game is possible to lose all the money.About the jackpot winners,be sure the name of such a big winner will not be posted,if you win let's say 2 mil dollars I don't think you want everybody to know about that,it's too dangerous.Usually they post only the initials PJ;WB etc for the player security and I think they proceed correctly.
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      Thanks for this post from:

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      Online casinos are written programs and like all programs they can be controlled.
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      chocolateman : Online casinos are written programs and like all programs they can be controlled

      That what I'm thinking as well some casino online are to obvious, it,s so funny after you get to chat odds chance by magic !
      I had 274$ Now I'm back to 100$ but it's free cash so it's so had to use it to try my luck as best I can do
      just make me sic to see there free spins that NEVER pay much.

      I register to a casino and hit 5 times Mega Moolah, now I don't see them no more
      A way to trap players, give them what they want at first and slowly reduce the payout, Every time I login I use to see GOOD free spins payout, now month and month of trying Free spins became SO RARE and went I do hit them, Ridiculous payout I won twice less then a 1$

      One thing I discover is went a slot wont pay, it stop incorrectly we see feature then it avoid them at all cost they JUMP it in a sense so frustrating they don't turn normally + you keep getting 2 symbols that pay on every slots you try, EXP if 2 x 10 pay ( Katmandu * Not sure of the spelling  ) , or 2 sun glassed (Jane bond) over and over and over went you do get free spins you win 1x your bet or so grrrr same with most of the slot

      There software is so Obvious, I don't see this patten at RTG casino wheel turn normally and if they're not in the mood to pay you don't see it, Went you complain about it, they say it's your internet connection

      + The software keep downloading, downloading and I've got top notch speed we should be able to download the WHOLE thing and be done with it.

      Anyway For Jackpot at least they should show us VIDEO of it we don't need user name just the VIDEO that SHOW WENT IT HIT !
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      Since if I'm not mistaken, discussion here is involving mainly Microgaming casinos and their progressive games, let me repeat what I said number of times now. Microgaming games are hosted on Microgaming's server, and casinos with a licence to use them cannot alter them in any way, at least not to my knowing. They can monitor your gameplay, but they cant change the way games work. And they cannot meddle with game's RTP.

      As for the casinos refusing to disclose the name of the progressive winners, you should have in mind that those Mega Moolah progressives of several millions are quite a huge amount of money, and it should be up to players discretion whether to allow his/hers name to be mentioned or not. Its the same with various state lotteries for example, you rarely know the name of the winner, usually only the town where the winnings went. You wouldn't really go down the street yelling you've won a 4 millions in the casino, wouldn't you?
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      Thanks for this post from:

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      I saw few years ago some kind of russian crap with NetEnt games which was rigged  For example: in BloodSuckers' bonus round 80% coffins were empty.  I don't remember that casino name anyway.
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      Sommi wrote:

      I saw few years ago some kind of russian crap with NetEnt games which was rigged  For example: in BloodSuckers' bonus round 80% coffins were empty. 

      sounds like pirated games to me.
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      refusing to disclose the name of the progressive winners
      let me repeat what I said number of times now......


      Without revel THERE ID .............IS that so HARD TO UNDERSTAND ?

      Another proof that that THEY CONTROL THE PAYOUT

      I Spend 274$ Without winning anything, Getting crappy FREE Spins like Hit GOLD FACTORY
      33 FREE SPINS x 1$ TOTAL win 23$ Yes 23$ STUPID DOLLARS ....What about You could win up to 540,000$ Seriously ? what about make me win 500$ or so like Land Casino ?

      Anyway I lose everything glad was not my money but some win from Poker online with Free chips
      Well I lose all my deposit, went to chat ask for some bonus, they offer me 20$

      In Bonus cash + Had to wager  .....What the odds ? And I hit them Twice in 10 min, been trying over and over with my money , you see them but wheel stop and avoid any win WHY BUTTON WASN'T ON on my account so had no chance to win anything unless they release it open so I can HIT.

      Yes, I'm 100% sure UNDER OUR ACCOUNT Number there's a push button
      15 min = win or something like it

      It's RIDICULOUS , Hit many time free spins with MY MONEY win Ridiculous payout 10$ 15$ 20$
      Get a BONUS and BOOM magic return !
      No wonder they give FREE SPINS to everyone  "THEY CONTROL HOW MUCH IT WILL PAY WENT AND TO WHO "

      YES IT'S RANDOM it's up to MICROGAMING SERVER to Give a full line  if the OPTION IS ON OR OFF

      They do it on RTG, Same rule apply on Microgaming if not At some point slot would go crazy and they will pay and they would lose there shirt, so Microgaming give them the option to give a % of the cash players deposit, they select players who deposit a certain amount let say 1.000$ and click on the little button " RETURN 20% "

      We have to realize that it's a business and we're the FOOL that give them money.

      I find this casino that open the Switch in MY FACE it's so Obvious ! Everytime I get a Bonus SLOT START to pay by magic, would be very happen if it where my money but since it's a bonus there's NO risk to them.
      1 SEC after I  get the bonus 4 MEGA MOOLAH HAHAHA
      Went I register my account I get the Jackpot feature 5 times then nothing I deposit of course thinking the casino was hot MY BAD

      They simply invest on a players take there money after and THEN control How much possible win
      what are the odds of getting 5 JACKPOT megamolah in a periode of a month ?
      Been playing on many Microgaming casino and I NEVER EVER SEE THEM once !

      Tied of those CASINO ONLINE that totally play with us

      The owner that Buy these software, had to build there reputation if they're too Greedy they could lose there license.

      Even in Tournament I FIND CHEATER, GOT proof ! with some so call players that join a tournament last minute and by magic hit MAX coins on every single spins like there's no animation,  or it's set QUICK SPIN you can be lucky but winning millions in minute take #1 place of 5,000$ LAST DAY this players came from no where she wasn't at the FINAL top 10 she simply login, kill all the players push us all and take the big pot. Had the number how she manage to jump that fast with what odds but it's was again hard to waste my life to prove it 

      players that are register 6 times on SAME tournament with nick like tali1 tali2 tali3 tali4 tali5 etc and you tell them about it they simply reply it's a coincidence, or that some player are crazy about it . So you want to make me believe that a guy name TALI run 6 CASINO AT THE SAME TIME, Spin on 6 Casino to win #1 ? Tournament are another Scam it's just there so we get buying and continue  they even put the joke + by extended these tournament for month


      The % of REAL winner that win REAL CASH I Mean 500$ 1,000$ with bet 1.$ ARE very very slim
      And Rich people had no time to waste with online casino in my opinion no one is dumb to deposit 1,000$ BET 300$ maybe but anyway they're RICH because they're smart not because they're crazy

      Take care people ! Be careful
      Sorry  eng is not my native language
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      Microgaming's server... ?
      Well Funny thing, You deposit, deposit then complain and give you a bonus, Well many time with there bonus I manage to do the wager and was able to withdraw.
      I think of course Microgaming's server do there part, but I really think casino owner set MAX WIN so they can control what goes in and what goes out.

      IT's so Obvious I wont 200$ from 10$ bonus, Re deposit 40$ and Hit Cashanova the BONUS Features and twice First click I wake up the Dog and win crappy win like 3.00$ ( Bet 1.50$ ) and 2.30$ Bet 1.20$
      I mean seriously don't make it look to obvious.
      I then play Big chefs and this Feature where you see " FREE SPINS  at the last wheel don't pay at all. I mean 100 times I get them and never EVER I Hit WILD 99% of the time We get crap.

      I think They program " 200$ " MAX Win...After that was a big big big waste of time trying to win and if you really hit free spins she will screw you bad.
      More and more FREE SPINS at Microgaming are a real joke Too many time we see the wheel turn turn turn without any win, Too many time I hit 15 free spins big bet and only see one or two pay Seriously RANDOM ? OR Preset
      The owner SET MAX WIN Microgaming Do the rest
      No wonder they give free spins like candy.
      Last time I get 250 FREE SPINS Bet 0.25 Well GUESS HOW MUCH I WON ?

      Yes 29$ How easy it's to see that it's program 10% or so of 250 = 25$ to 30$
      I play over here at 2.50$ we get 5 free spins not 250 and out of those 5 we can win 25$ to 1.000$
      Many time I won 300$ +
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      So Seriously 15 free spins that would help me make the wager, but since they're a buch of cheater ( MICROGAMING CASINO ) Well I win ZERO

      You will NEVER EVER SEE THAT ON REAL LEGAL CASINO + Summertime Moolah is a real joke
      Anyone see 5x 77777 in a row ? Seem that it doesn'T exist
      I Catch other but 77777 aahaha Wow what a RANDOM CRAP !
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      Hey. ;-) When you tryout playing at an online casino and have a good start by hitting good paying features one after the other - and later you face reality that losing also is everyday life, when gambling - it is as a first reflex of mind totally natural to start thinking "something must be rigged".

      It is not. Since the big providers of games are regulated and licensed by reputable jurisdictions - there cannot be any secret way for any of the licensed casino operations to "control the payouts", soften, or "open a valve".

      losing and losing streaks are the most common thing, when gambling. especially at slots. Also at the "less dangerous roulette - red and black bets" - still the casino is in favour of the odds, since the zero is neither black nor red.

      If one player wins a huge amount - like $ 1000 from  a 1 $ spin - other players have to lose that amount - and some more, since the payout must be below 100% so the casino can gain the necessary liquidity to keep running their operation.

      it sometimes happens, that players get lucky results from the rng at one and the same casino - sometimes freshly started operations had to be taken over for that reason - the operator losing their assets. However in the long run - its only about odds. It is a machine producing results - all day all night. if someone puts in money and pushes the button he will get one result. In a simple way it could be 1 por 0. win or lose. like you have in binary options e.g.

      playing a flip coin. Then you would have an exactly chance of 50% to hit a win, anytime you spin. However a dead spin would mean e. g. losing your bet of $1 and a win  - depending on the rtp - $ 1.80- $1.98.

      That also meand that you will be of course the loser in the long run. Casinos are not operated by the central banks - using them to supply freshly created money to the markets by letting players win. They are business operations and so players chances of course are limited.

      I liké to joke about the idea that casinos arein charge of purtting me on a winning or losing streak :-) however - i know - the ones i play at - cannot.

      If I were you - I wouldn´t waste valuable lifetime and thoughts about any of those suspicions, coming to your mind, when the slots stop paying and start eating... Better use it to strictly limit your budget and maybe stop gambling at all - if losses are overwhelming.

      I don´t want to sound like a teacher or something. I just had the feeling that this topic is causing really anger to you and that it might help to drop a few lines since I of course also once had the thought there could be something strange going on... Therefore I read a lot about the systems, odds, casinospractices etc. Of course also about authorities and jurisdictions (thats why i avoid curacao at any cost - i had to experience a casino from there just holding back my winnings - and a complaint at trhe iurisdictioon stayed unreplied... that is the only fishy thing casinos can de. they cannot manipulate the rng)
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      Yep Big ripoff

      Like I play MG Janes bonds for week not able to hit free spins and went you di 14 wont pay out of 15.

      I receive 10 free spins witch I win 1.00$ I went to play JANES BONDS and at my surprise ( Was it really a surprise ? ) Well I hit full line, free spins and so on.
      For a nice 13$ win, After that NOTHING !
      And of course at 0.09 bet she will give you amazing line. waiting went you will bet low and then as always screw you.

      You play and SEE With your own eyes WHEEL radically STOP and void any winning symbol, strange thing you will NEVER SEE Land slots they turn the same at any time but MG change and you see slot act weird. So they're Rigged and all these so call winner are just FAKE ! or 1/100,000 easy to say
      R.D win 167.000$ while went you play for yrs and yrs PRACTICE and barely can win 100,000 and this is if you bet 1,200 $ spins.

      MICROGAMING SLOT are a real joke
      Anyway There's no chance to win BACK some of your deposit unless you go crazy and risk all your bankroll.

      Nothing compare to legal slot at 92% payout !

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      I don`t think anyone are sitting and controll many, many millions of people online.

      And if people can`t stand losing money, don`t play at all. Good advice?
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      control the payouts", soften, or "open a valve".

      You'Re so right
      I play Jane's bonds for a while try any bet without big win, I get a 10$ bonus and what you see
      5 BIG FIGURE for a bet at 0.72 win 120$
      Just imagine if I bet my own money like 2,25$ would had win 400 - 450
      Of course didn't catch it with my money grrr
      So hit some to give me a chance to make the play-trough I've try betting 0,90 1,35 try some other slots
      Nothing do....ONE HIT and you're gone and 3 times went I get a bonus I hit big

      SO unfair I think to cheat like that  I think

      Sure they don't control the payout RANDOM do but like Big Bonus Hunter
      control the payouts", soften, or "open a valve".

      They decide WENT TO OPEN THE VALVE

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