RESOLVED [ungrounded complaint ] Grandparker Casino issue

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        Hi Casino Players

        I have deposited money to grandparker casino and losing this, after then have a received bonus code (was $15), i played with this chips and wagered the bonus requidments. I send all my security details and documents, but the support has not verified my account in 7 days.

        Grandparker Casino will not payout to me. I will say you all dont play here.

        Sorry i cant good speake english.

        That is the last discussion with Abigail on live chat.

        General Info
        Chat start time Aug 9, 2013 3:09:29 PM EST
        Chat end time Aug 9, 2013 3:42:50 PM EST
        Duration (actual chatting time) 00:33:21
        Operator Abigail

        Chat Transcript
        info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
        info: You are now chatting with 'Abigail'
        Abigail: Welcome to Grand Parker Casino, my name is Abigail. May I have your username and how may I help you?
        crazycool: hi
        crazycool: abigail you sad me support will contact me shortly
        crazycool: and i have sad you i didn think so
        Abigail: Hi .......
        crazycool: you can see yet
        crazycool: its 7 days over
        crazycool: and my account is not verified
        Abigail: I willcontact them about you and they will respond you for sure
        crazycool: your casino is scam
        crazycool: cant payout
        crazycool: i print screen all this and will share on forums
        Abigail: No, we are not,I can
        Abigail: assure you
        crazycool: can you me say why must i wait over 7 days for verify account??
        crazycool: your finance support has received all documents
        Abigail: They should have reason for that, but unfortunately I do not have accessto this information
        crazycool: see
        crazycool: your casino will not payout to me
        Abigail: It will, believe me
        crazycool: you cant me say the problem and i must believe to
        crazycool: thats joke
        Abigail: I am really sorry for this situation
        crazycool: close my account please
        Abigail: You winnings will be sent to you, believe me! Why close your account if you receive your winnings soon
        Abigail: If I close your account, you will not get them
        crazycool: im want the $100 on my account spend for granparker casino
        crazycool: your casino hadn money
        Abigail: Do not wrry please, it will be sent to you!
        crazycool: im write yet to forums this situation
        crazycool: no worry
        crazycool: i will send you links dont panic
        Abigail: Sure, as you wish, I totally understand your frustration!
        crazycool: bettingadvice is a big forum
        crazycool: nodepositneeded
        crazycool: latestcasinobonuses
        Abigail: Sure, it's your right
        crazycool: and on facebook pages
        crazycool: your image is zero
        crazycool: its not my problem
        crazycool: $100 is not a big money
        crazycool: but your casino loses members
        crazycool: and i think your casino will sell my security details to another casino groups
        crazycool: and will take money
        crazycool: ill write all this on forums
        crazycool: thats is advertising on grandparker casino
        crazycool: for only $100
        Abigail: Sir, I really apologize for this situation, but we do not share any information about our customers
        Abigail: Your documents stay at Grand Parker only
        Abigail: Just wait a little bit, a relevant department is checking everything
        crazycool: you have received all documents on date 02.08.2013
        crazycool: today is 09.08.2013
        Abigail: I have already told you everything I know
        Abigail: I do not have access to the details
        Abigail: I am sorry
        crazycool: and you sad me relevant department will contact with me SHORTLY BELIEVE ME
        Abigail: This is what I know, I told you.
        crazycool: its not my problem sir
        crazycool: i will share this on forums
        Abigail: I am not "sir"
        crazycool: sir or madam
        crazycool: i read first time this name
        Abigail: I heard you, this is your right, you can do it
        crazycool: ok
        crazycool: you can close my account
        crazycool: i know yor casino didn payout to me
        Abigail: It will
        crazycool: i have sad you
        Abigail: I just contacted a relevant department and they will reply you
        crazycool: neteller will close all transactions to turkey on 15.08.2013
        crazycool: your casino will wait to date
        crazycool: for not paying me
        Abigail: If I close your account, you will not get your winning, do you understand that there is no sense in closing it?
        crazycool: its a joke casino
        crazycool: if you not closing my account i didn receive my money
        crazycool: i waited 7-10 days
        crazycool: that is not normal?
        crazycool: i have never waited so long in another casinos
        Abigail: Actually no, because you can wait till your documents are approved instead of closing your account. In first case you will definitely receive your money, in the second case you will not, of curse, as your account will be closed
        crazycool: you can close and give the $100 on my account to boss on grandparker casino
        Abigail: Are you sure you want me to close it?
        crazycool: yes
        Abigail: Okay
        crazycool: go hole grandarker
        crazycool: grandparker
        Abigail: Thank you for playing at Grand Parker, if you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you anytime!
        crazycool: help any time???
        crazycool: hahahahaa
        crazycool: your a joke asistant
        Abigail: I assisted you regarding everything you asked me and I discribed you the whole situation about your account
        Abigail: The problem is that you do not want to listen to me
        crazycool: you cant help me
        Abigail: If you say so
        crazycool: i have writed with you before 3 days
        crazycool: you write all words same today
        crazycool: is that helping?
        Abigail: I am sorry, but this conversation has no sense, as I've told you everything I know regarding your account
        crazycool: have you cloed my account can i go?
        Abigail: You can go anytime you want actually
        Abigail: And yes, I closed your account
        crazycool: ok thank you
        crazycool: give the money to boss
        crazycool: he hadn money
        Abigail: No problem
        Abigail: Thank you
        crazycool: good bye
        Abigail: Bye bye
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        I have no idea what you're on about really, except for making the CSR's job harder and shooting yourself in the foot.

        Customer service is just the front line. They aren't privy to every decision the casino's other departments make.
        You're better off to send an email to support, asking it be forwarded to finance and/or a manager asking what if any problems there are with your account.

        I'm not saying Grand Parker is legit or not - just that your chat session did nothing to help matters
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        Why would you post the chat transcript?  All it shows is you giving the rep a hard time.  You did nothing to actually try to resolve the issue.  All its doing is making you look bad rather than the casino.  Your conversation makes no sense your saying you want money, but then you tell her to close the account. 
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        I agree with Dio and BMW, u are giving Abagail a hard time doing her job.
        U said, that she did not listen to you but I think u are the one that did not listen.
        She mention a few times that she didnt have access to the info you needed.
        Be mad at the manager, not her cuz it's totaly not her fault.

        next time if you occur the same problem, stay calm, breath in and breath out...or eat a red pepper! you will instantly forgot u are mad.
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        • Nirvana2
        I agree with everyone else here . You should contact them again and offer an apology for your behaviour and ask if there is any other documents they need from you .

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        2fast4u wrote:

        I agree with everyone else here . You should contact them again and offer an apology for your behaviour and ask if there is any other documents they need from you .

        Too late I'm guessing as the account is closed.  The money will be gone now.

        Patience is a virtue and unfortunately, your impatience crazy2811 has cost you dearly.

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        That's correct, just have patience cuz you got nothing to lose. Close it, lose it.
        Angry at them wont help you and they wont give you the money just because they gonna lose you as a customer.

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        Unfortunately for new online gamblers, and particularly for those that don't speak English well, they learn this rude behavoir at several other online forums.

        I don't go to those forums for a reason, but a decade ago, I was a HUGE crusader, trying to get people to act properly, with courtesy & respect, in order to get conflicts resolved.  But certain egotistical portal owners built their businesses fanning the flames of rudeness in order to whip up loyalty to themselves.  It causes lots of problems where there shouldn't be problems at all.
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        maybe a lesson  learned -hard yes but  some of us have been there GL
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        So many problems are created because of the lack of communication. Whether its player who gotten impatient or bashing at CS or because of lack of training on the CS end .

        Its suffice to say that in this case OP shot themselves in the foot.

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