JackpotsGrand Casino Problems

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        Okay guys, here is my situation with this casino, JackPot Grands.

        I used a no deposit code and it redeemed 25 dollars. I then played this bonus but the good thing about it was, I actually won! Yes I won and had my account up several times, past the playthrough, and on and on.

        I actually couldn't believe how much I was winning.

        Then comes the problems. Now jackpot grands always acts as if they are dumb to the question, even though I have contacted them by phone and live chat so much that I know the workers by name.

        For the most part I delt with a customer service rep, Brook.

        I tried to deposit some money because they told me I had to deposit before I could cash anything out. Okay,. fair enough. Went to add my bank card, oh the card is no good. INstantly the account locks and says "Login / password do not match" They said that I locked the accounjt for security and it would be 48 hours somebody would call me.

        SO 48 hours have passed.. still nothing. I tried calling, they said on the  phone they don't know. I had a feeling they were trying to juke me out of my account, because the statement "Well sir, you haven't deposited any money, so technically you didn't lose anything"

        Why give a bonus chip if when you win the impossible playthrough, through all i prevailed, only to have my account "lost" "deactivated" or as they say "disabled for review" .

        I thought this was a fairly honest online casino, because of this site I haven't read any negative reviews and such. Go figure I happen to win and now they can't help me with my account.

        I was becoming suspicious of their attempts to juke me, so I even got a screenshot of my account when I was ahead and still able to login, as well as the chat logs. Here is the latest log with me and a worker who I'm quite fond of,  Brook (ha).

        You are not currently in a chat session.

        You are not currently in a chat session.

        You are now chatting with 'Brook '

        Brook : Welcome to Jackpot Grand, this is Brook Can you provide me with your User Name and how may I assist you?

        jacobwas: hello

        Brook : HI

        jacobwas: hi i'm wondering about my account my username is jacobwas

        jacobwas: it was supposed to be 48 hours so i decided i would check

        jacobwas: you are starting to become quite familiar, brook

        jacobwas: last time i was on i was trying to set up a card to deposit and the card was no good and locked out, so now here i am

        Brook : HI

        Brook : Your patience is appreciated, I will be with you shortly.

        jacobwas: hey

        jacobwas: okie

        Brook : I'm sorry but I do not have further information regarding your account at this time

        jacobwas: Oh well have they looked at it?

        jacobwas: Can I maybe speak with your boss brook, sorry to be a pain

        Brook : I'm sorry but the manager is unavailable at the momet

        jacobwas: oh well when is a good time to chat again?

        jacobwas: they said they would call me and it's been past 48 hours and I was just curious when I would be able to get ahold of someone

        Brook : I'm sorry for that

        jacobwas: it's okay

        jacobwas: so when is a good time to call?

        jacobwas: I've just now opened a help thread at latestcasinobonuses.com, where I plan on trying to figure this out... because I feel like you guys are just leaving me hang

        jacobwas: I understnad things get busy, but I've waited for along time and for some reason I get the feeling that you guys are trying to leave me high and dry

        Brook : I'm sorry sir, but there is nothing I can do at the moment

        Brook : I'm sorry sir, but there is nothing I can do at the moment

        Brook : you may email to support@jackpotgrand.eu

        jacobwas: okay is somebody still going to clal me?

        jacobwas: I will send an email but you guys said somebody was supposed to call me

        jacobwas: I just want to get this all worked out, I would hate if this all turned out to be a scam... I actually liked playing here

        jacobwas: but I know you are just a online rep, so you proably don't know what's goign on either. when will your boss be available?

        Brook : I'm not sure, I apologise

        Brook : Just a moment please.

        Brook : Is there anything else I can assist you with at this time?

        Brook : Welcome to Jackpot Grand, this is Brook Can you provide me with your User Name and how may I assist you?

        jacobwas: yes

        jacobwas: its me

        jacobwas: i would like to find out about my account

        jacobwas: you said the boss is gone

        jacobwas: when is a better time to reach them

        jacobwas: thanks

        As you can tell they are acting like I wasn't even a customer. They probably never planned on anybody winning from the no deposit, but even so, if there is limits or anything, at least grant me whats mine, the account and I should get the balance (unless there is a limit, then I understand if I only recieved the limit, but so far, NOTHING)

        Here is the screenshot that I took because I thought for sure they were up to no good:

        I took this screenshot when in the "cashier" section and it shows the casino name and my account balance:

        I hope you guys can help or there is a casino rep who can help me more than the live chat.

        I say it's probably a scam, how do they keep forgetting who they are talking to? I've been through this with them probably 5 times on the phone and live chat, and still they act like I'm new.

        Help please thanks!

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        Contacted the casino via phone, 1:29 PM saturday.

        I asked about my account and they said that they don't think I even had an account, and I told them I have the supporting documents (registration email, screenshots, etc) and I know for a fact that I had an account. Besides when I login it says "login / password do not match" .

        How could my account all of a sudden not exist? So via the web they say that the boss isn't in, and they have no information.

        On the phone they said that they can't find any accounts.

        Sounds like a scam to me.
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        im sorry but this makes no sense to me.

        very strange on the casino side, but what makes no sense to me is the chat manuscript you copied and pasted into this thread. it seems to have parts missing, and the sentences you said doesnt make sense to the replies they said, it is like u have copied and pasted numerous attempts to contact them all in 1 chat manuscript and not given the full chat,

        can i say one thing though usually when casinos lock accounts it is because fraud is involved, and i hope this isnt the case here, but it might be the reason your account got locked, but for you to then say they have no record of it, it sounds even more strange, i have never come across this before in this forum, and i been here a lot and read a lot of threads.

        maybe just wait and see what others suggest to you, and if this has really happened, then i am sorry, and i hope you can get some help.

        so gl

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        no the chat is just from today i haven't copy and pasted numerous other chats i've had with them, only today. it is the exact transcript from the window i just copy and pasted and put it in [ code ].

        I talked to them again and they say this

        since i tried to deposit with a card not in my name, from a card that doesn't work because my friends bank account was closed. They said it didn't matter what account deposited money to it, it was only the withdrawl account that had to match my name.

        so my friend we tried to deposit money with his card (because they said in order to get any of my earnings i have to deposit money on the account first) before any winnings can be withdrawled.

        The card came back invalid but it's in my friends name . they say now they want a color copy of the card with my name on it. Okay they already told us we could try in my friends account, for deposit. Of course my account and withdrawl names would have to be the same, but really to deposit ?

        so basically impossible task they want a copy of my friends bank card with my name on it, which they know it's not in my name because i submitted it for deposit in my friends name with his account.

        i know i'm not going to get the account back, it's just the fact that i won and now nothing. No fraud involved other than I tried to use my friends card to deposit money.

        I have a copy of my friends cards and id if they want but of course it won't be in my name.

        the lady brook even told me "you'll have to change the name on the account" if i wanted to withdraw to a different account.

        how was i suppsoed to know i couldn't use a different account to purchase credits which in the first place i only wanted to purchase so i could get my earnings off there.

        basically they can scam you out of any little mis step you do, oh card declined, account locked and all my earnins (whihc i earned playing blackjack witha  25 dollar no bonus code) and I play so good and earned so high that no wonder these scam artists would rather "cancel" my account... how conveniente for them.
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        Thanks for this post from:

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        Well that explains everything.

        what made you even sign up to a casino if u dont even have a bank card and so on, and then you try and use your friends,

        Casinos would never allow this, i think you are getting confused with what they have told you.

        you made an account it is yours, not your friends so you should use your own ID and debit/ credit cards to deposit and withdraw it is really that simple, if you follow these simple steps you would probly be ok, in most casinos online

        good luck

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        well I didn't plan on depositing , but I also didn't plan on WINNING .... besides what difference would it make if i bought credits from a friends account, it's not like I'm withdrawling the money to his account. And, furthermore, the only god damn reason I was depositing money into my account, was because I WON with a free chip and then I was going to withdraw but they said oh you can't withdraw until you buy some credits. nice free chip but it ain't worth a dime unless you buy something. so I was going to buy quick so I asked my buddy he said yea you can use my debit card because soon you can withdrawl all that money and pay me back.

        and eithe rway, i tried to  deposit, okay his accounts no good, but when i get a bank account I would still like to apply and deposit then withdrawl with my own card.

        it's obviously not like i stole some card or something, its just my friends card but soon i will have my own bank account.

        Is one attempt with a card worth canceling my account in which i made almost 11k at one point?

        seems like if my account didn't have this winnings something like this wouldn't be such a big deal.
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        Well the problem you are going to have is they will not pay you now since you tried to deposit with a card that did not belong to you.  I realize that it was a free chip that you won on, however, the fact that you tried to deposit with a card that was not yours, eventhough they told you that you could do it gives them an "out" as you violating their terms and conditions.  So I am afraid that you got burned and will not be paid.  Most online casinos are very strict about one account per household and that all deposit methods are in the name that is listed on the account.  You could just be out of luck on this one ... I hope that is not the case and that you will be paid.  Eventhough the balance in your account was over 7K, since it was a free chip of $25, it is going to carry a 5X max cashout limit.  So the most that you are going to be able to receive, should they decide to pay you, would be $125.  The rest will be removed from your account when they approve your withdrawal (if they do).  Good Luck!

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