Lucky Spins Casino - non payment - $700

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    Last post ago 11 months by chocolateman
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          I can't even remember when I actually won, it's been so many weeks ago. I won $700 and requested a withdrawal. Since then, I have been lied to by their chat support over and over and over again. I was told "your payout will be processed in 4 hours" or "your payout will be processed in 48 hours" or you will see your money on Monday" and many more. I have never received any request for verification documents and cannot find access to a verification form anywhere on their site. Their site states that the withdrawal request will be processed within 48 hours and you may be asked for verification of your identity, etc. But no one has every contacted me to verify anything. I have saved all of the chats and will paste some below. I have also called and gotten no answer (it just rings and rings) and I have emailed and gotten no answer. Yet they continue to email me promotions and refuse to answer my messages. Today, all of their links to live chat and to log into my account appear to be down.

          I have pasted some of the chat transcripts below. I have many, MANY more. And in some of them I get quite frustrated because they continue to tell me the same lies over and over. So I am not proud of how angry I get - please keep that in mind.

          Scott Tue, 10/13/15 12:37:15 am UTC

          Hello. How may I help you?

          Wizardhead 12:37:31 am

          Hi, where is my payout
          Last week you said it would be complete in 4 hours. That never happened. Then you said the finance team is gone on the weekend and you didn't know. Now it is not the weekend. Where is my payout?

          Scott 12:40:27 am

          ok please wait
          let me check

          Wizardhead 12:43:31 am

          Thanks for all your help

          Scott 12:46:07 am

          please wait system working slow

          Wizardhead 12:47:08 am

          Sounds like it

          Scott 12:50:52 am

          Maim please come after some time my system not working properly .

          Wizardhead 12:51:08 am

          Nothing there works properly
          You have told me so many thing that are not true

          Scott 12:51:41 am

          other wise when our senior will come they will contact to you ,

          Wizardhead 12:51:53 am

          I will just wait here
          Until someone can tell me where my payout is

          Scott 12:52:29 am

          trust me maim , defiantly i will short out your issue ,

          Wizardhead 12:52:43 am

          I don't trust you at all
          Your casino has taken my money and is not paying me out
          And you have told me the wrong thing over and over
          I would like to speak to someone who can tell me where my payout is

          Scott 12:54:06 am

          can i arrange a call on your No.
          if you want

          Wizardhead 12:54:28 am

          I have sent many emails
          I would like someone to reply to my email please
          And I will wait on chat until I hear from them

          Scott 12:55:44 am

          yes sure you will get a mail today 100% sure

          Wizardhead 12:56:01 am

          From who?
          What is there name?

          Scott 12:56:41 am

          our senior will mail you when he will come . its my promises to you

          Wizardhead 12:57:02 am

          What is his name?

          Scott 12:57:24 am

          Jack sir

          Wizardhead 12:57:48 am

          Thanks, I'll wait here until I hear from jack

          Scott 01:00:52 am

          Maim when they will come defiantly they mail you as well as mail you . it will come after 3 hours .
          so please trust me . he will mail you & if you want to talk him sure he will call you

          Wizardhead 01:03:03 am

          I just want my payout like you said

          Robin Sat, 10/24/15 10:26:10 am America/New_York

          Hello. How may I help you?

          Wizardhead 10:27:21 am

          Hi, are you ever going to pay the money I won?
          Or is this casino a scam?
          Because it has been many weeks
          And no word from anyone - even though I have been promised a response so many times

          Robin 10:28:09 am

          Please wait a moment and let me check it out

          Wizardhead 10:28:59 am

          $700 I have been owed for weeks
          No one responds
          And I believe this casino steals money from people and never pays them their winnings. I have seen the reviews and warnings all over the Internet.
          I would love for you to prove them wrong
          And actually do what is right
          And keep the promises you make
          And as a casino, you will make a lot more money if you treat people good and do the right thing. But people will not trust you and spend money with you if you steal from them.
          Where is my money please

          Robin Sat, 10/24/15 10:41:25 am America/New_York

          Hello. How may I help you?

          Wizardhead 10:41:49 am

          Yep - you were checking on my money?
          So where is it and when will I get it
          Are you there
          Where is my money

          Robin 10:46:16 am

          As per accounting,your withdrawal will be processed by Monday
          We really apologize for delaying withdrawal

          Wizardhead 10:48:01 am

          I don't believe that
          I have been told that before
          How do I know that is the truth
          I have saved every chat. If I do r get this withdrawal credited by Monday, I am going to publish every chat in every casino forum on the Internet. I have 5 different chats where I was told "tomorrow" or "it will be processed in 4 hours" or "someone will call you in 2 hours". None of these things EVER happened and you are telling me Monday now? We'll see. I'm keeping my promises.

          Robin 10:51:37 am

          Please wait for your money until Monday

          Wizardhead 10:51:43 am

          I have a question?
          Why has it been delayed?
          Is it because you don't have the money to pay me?
          Why are you telling me Monday? What happens on Monday that is different?
          I would think about this - if this casino is not paying the money they owe to players, how do you know you will get paid for your work?

          Robin 10:55:51 am

          As we said to you that you will get paid on Monday
          yes, i know ,you have been waiting since 20 days for your money but you didn't get it til now

          Wizardhead 10:56:45 am

          Right, you also said I would get paid in 4 hours before
          That was weeks ago
          I have been waiting 20 days and I STILL did not get it. Not until now - I didn't get it now. NOT at all.
          And I have a feeling that you are telling me ANOTHER lie
          Is it your job to lie?

          Robin 10:58:03 am

          Of course not
          You know,it's brand casino

          Wizardhead 10:58:33 am

          Brand casino? What does that mean

          Robin 10:58:38 am

          That's why we have to pay
          but due to slight technical error while processing you didn't get paid your money

          Wizardhead 10:59:31 am

          What technical error?

          Robin 11:01:41 am

          I can't tell you exactly but we have notification from accounting

          Scott Wed, 10/28/15 11:08:06 am UTC

          Hello. How may I help you?

          Wizardhead 11:08:21 am

          You said I would get my money yeaterday
          Which was a lie
          Before that you said it would be mobday
          Which was a lie

          Scott 11:08:54 am

          let me check your account

          Wizardhead 11:08:59 am

          Before that you said 2 weeks ago
          Which was a lie
          You said in 2 hours once
          Also a lie
          You said I would get a call from the finance team
          That was a loe
          You have lied to me about 7 or 8 times. Obviously you stole my money and do not plan to pay my winninghs
          Your casino has lied to me over and over. Don't tell me it will be in my account tomorrow because nothing you say is true

          Scott 11:11:40 am

          sorry but as i check your account, your withdrawal is still in process
          i need to ask from finance about current status of your withdrawal, then i can tell you about your withdrawal status

          Wizardhead 11:12:37 am

          That is ridiculous
          It has been in process for 5 weeks
          And you tell me that every time

          Scott 11:15:57 am

          let me ask from finance first, so then i can tell you about your withdrawal status

          Wizardhead 11:16:16 am

          Whatever you say will be a lie
          So what's the difference

          Scott 11:16:24 am

          possibly they are facing some problems that's why your withdrawal is delay

          Wizardhead 11:16:35 am

          Yes, there are "problems"
          I have this same conversation every day with you. Obviously you are a different "Scott" than I have talked to before

          Scott 11:18:09 am

          well i am not sure when you will be get your money but i can tell you as i receive any information from finance

          Wizardhead 11:19:22 am

          Sure, I will wait. And you will tell me another lie about my money and this will be one more chat I have recorded at this casino and will put online for people to see how this casino does not do what it promises

          Scott 11:20:44 am

          i will try my best, you will surely get your money

          Wizardhead 11:02:44 am

          I don't believe any of this. But that's ok. If I don't get my money on Monday, I will publish these chats everywhere. And I am going to make sure RTG knows about this too

          Scott Thu, 10/29/15 10:25:36 pm UTC

          Hello. How may I help you?

          Wizardhead 10:27:02 pm

          Hi, where is my payout
          I was told it would be in my account on monday
          It's Thursday. Almost Friday
          Are you going to tell me another lie about when my payout will be processed?
          Where is my money

          Scott 10:39:57 pm

          hello, your money is under process.
          as our finance team is not here at the moment cant tell you the exact status , to know the exact status you may contact us after 8 hours.

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          This casino is AWOL ( cant access their site ), and most likely closed its operation and ran with the money...
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          Zuga wrote:

          This casino is AWOL ( cant access their site ), and most likely closed its operation and ran with the money...

          NAWWWW!!!  You don't think? Just kidding, but the written has been on the wall for sometimes with this place.

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