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          Hey guys, I'm not sure it's a problem, but I think I might need help if this is unfair.  It's regarding Uptownaces casino. I have had nothing but good times and much success with them In fact this is first time complaint.
          I recently won $850 after fees, and it was sent via courier. Well! to my surprise y bank won't take the check, I tried to deposit it and they will not except it. I went to several check cashing places and no one will take it.  think it's because when they ask, I have to tell them it's a sweepstakes I won and there's the fact that it's a Canadian check. I ave tried everything, and because my bank knows me, thy insist I not deposit it into my account.
          I contacted the casino by phone to let them know I'm having difficulty. They asked me to scan the check to them which I did as instructed.  So I had to wait 24-48 hrs on a solution. I never got a response, so I went to live chat VIP department yesterday and this is what I got.

          Dear customer, your opinion is important to us. Please fill out a short survey at the end of the conversation by clicking on the ‘close’ button.

          Please wait for a site operator to respond.

          You are now chatting with 'A'Shante'

          A'Shante: Welcome to our live chat service. My name is A'Shante; how may I assist you today?

          you: Hello

          A'Shante: Hello. How may I assist you today?

          you: I'm good ty. I recently had a withdrawal

          you: I got the check just fine, but hadn't been able to deposit or cash it.

          A'Shante: I will be more than happy to assist with your query.

          A'Shante: Please provide your username and your email address so that I can better assist you.

          you: was instructed b the VIP department to scan a copy of it and did and haven't heard anything

          you: cleexx

          you: xxxxxxx

          A'Shante: Please confirm the casino you are playing with.

          you: They were gonna let me know about an alternative

          you: Uptownaces

          A'Shante: Thank you.

          A'Shante: Can you please hold while I look into your query?

          you: If they could just stop payment on it, and maybe send the funds via western union

          A'Shante: Thank you for your patience. You will now be transferred to Kerrie in the VIP department. Have a pleasant day.

          Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'Kerrie '.

          You are now chatting with 'Kerrie '

          you: ok tyvm

          Kerrie : Hello Christine.

          you: Hi

          Kerrie : Thank you for contacting us at our VIP Support Centre.

          you: I sure

          you: was wondering what's the status of me not being able to do anything with payout check

          you: I thought maybe they could just stop payment on it, and maybe send the funds via western union

          Kerrie : Have you tried cashing the check at another bank?

          Kerrie : We have put a stop payment on the check however, this costs $250.00.

          you: What?

          you: That's crazy!

          Kerrie : Also you have the option of returning the check via our courier service.

          you: I've already paid to get it here, and now another $250? I'm losding most of what I won

          Kerrie : An email was sent on the 22-02-16 advising of all the options.

          you: How long will it take if return t via courier?

          you: I never go an email with these details?

          you: This is email I got

          you: Dear Christine, Thank you for providing a copy of the check. Your account has been forwarded to the payments department for review. You will be advised on the alternative within 24-48 hours. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. Should you require further information or assistance, feel free to contact us via phone, e-mail or chat with us.

          Kerrie : A time frame cannot be given at this time.

          Kerrie : I will alert the payment team that you would like to return the check to us.

          Kerrie : A UPS label will be sent via email.

          you: Okay I appreciate it very much

          Kerrie : You're welcome.

          Kerrie : May I assist you with anything else today?

          you: No, thanks so much. Have a good day

          Kerrie : You're welcome.

          Kerrie : Please tell us what you think about this chat!

          Kerrie : Click on “close chat” button to take a short survey.  Thanks for chatting and have a nice day!

          Kerrie :

          Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

          © 2016 Microsoft Terms Privacy & cookies Developers English (United States)

              Today I got this email: Dear Christine,

          Thank you for sending your email and for your patience.

          A check of your account shows that an email was sent to you with the return label needed to send back the check. Also, there was a fee of  $250.00 charged by the issuing bank of the check to place a stop payment.

          Once you have the return label in hand please proceed to return the check in question to us. When we are in receipt of the check the funds will be placed on your account so a payout can be entered.

          Should you have any questions or need any assistance do not hesitate to let us know.

          Kind regards,


          VIP Host

          Uptown Aces Casino Support

          My problem is this, I told them yesterday not to stop payment, I'll send the check back. It seems they're trying to charge me a whooping $250 for this service I told them I didn't want. I still haven't gotten the UPS label yet either. I will gladly send the check back there's nothing i can do with it.
          But! I need the label to get it back to them and i don't think I need to pay whomever another $250. I have gotten checks before and never had a problem.
          PLEASE HELP!!!!!
          casino Id = cleexx
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          Hi Buggars,

          the rep got back to me and said the following:

          "the customer should have received a UPS label and instructions how to return the check back to us. I sent her another Email today though in case she did not receive it the first time. When we receive the check back we will be able to process her pay out via another method. No charge of $250 was initiated, the VIP host was mistaken."
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          Thanks for this post from:

          • Poker face funny
          Dear Buggars,

          Thank you for the continued patronage and please accept our sincere apologies for the miscommunication.

          Kindly note that for returning the check there is no fee. In addition the UPS label is not sent to you by courier but was sent as an attachment to you per Email. You would have to print it out an follow the instructions from your Email. Could you kindly confirm your Email with our support team in case you didn’t receive our messages. Once again please accept our apologies for the misunderstanding we await that you sent the check back to us so we can re-process your pay out via another alternative pay out method. Your understanding and patience are highly appreciated.

          Kind regards,
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          "Marko Csokasi and Nick, I am going to try to explain this as simply as I can and show you proof. Below is in detail steps of exactly what I did, and when I did it 1. I opened up an account with Oshi.IO casino. I went into my account to retrieve the bitcoin deposit address as supplied by you guys. This address is 3JciXUmXr4oAQJxRrL51sbKNmEwM7D9g1B 2. I made a deposit of 4 BTC into this address. The transaction ID for that is herehttps://blockchain.info/tx/67643826693a43411bce4c51713b0491989d14a1346c93e7f84a21b9291e126c As you can see , the deposit happened at 2016-10-08 2:06:23 and was first seen during block ID 433378 The first confirmation was seen at block 433379, which took 2 minutes for the first confirmation to happen. So it was 1st confirmation at 2:08:15, 2 minutes after I made the deposit.It now also has 2314 confirmations, so this definetely has gone through to you. 3. I proceeded to play blackjack, I was up for 1 round then lost half of my money, before finally breaking even again. I thought I better come out break even before I lose all my money. 4. I then made withdrawals for my 4 BTC out in alot of small increments. This withdrawal was done to 1GjEDytM5bKKYtcrYrrd4oDYMyryCCaQev. The first withdrawal transaction ID is herehttps://blockchain.info/tx/daded35210a91f4e19887feb268af37b5aaa1abe7a0f0bdf7039a80269747a98 As you can see, the request time was 2:25:34 and was confirmed right away, so my withdrawal request was done 17 minutes after the first confirmation had happened. This is noted in block433382, so from my deposit until my withdrawal request, it would of had 3 confirmations. 5. After abit of time the gambling got the better of me and I decided to retry my luck. I made the deposit of 4 BTC again, This is the transaction ID for ithttps://blockchain.info/tx/95594c914e25ecca361b0885dabc663260e9b6547fdd39307810e2c93bdd2e1aReceived at 4:33:47 by the network, abit over 2 hours of my first deposit. This one took 61 minutes for first confirm, it was first seen in block 433392 and 1st confirmed in block 433400.It now has 2294 confirmations. 6. I went back to the blackjack table and played, I was up and down. I first tried to withdraw when I was up to 5.5 BTC but it said "Still awaiting confirmation of your deposit" So I continued playing. I got up to 6.6 BTC and tried again. This time I was able to. I then withdrew 2 BTC (4 x 0.5 BTC withdrawals)The first one is here https://blockchain.info/tx/dd33ced73649351c1af20fc905846b4e92761660ea037268176b85028bc3cfe8 Its receival time is 5:47:10 and took 7 minutes to confirm. So 14 minutes had passed from first confirmation till my withdrawal. 7. I thought I dont want to waste anymore time making these small withdrawals as I had to go, so I made the bulk withdrawal for 4.6 BTC. That is when you closed my account.   Now, I do not own any blockchain explorer sites, the blockchain explorers display data that is neutral and its information is confirmed several times world wide. You would need 51% of the network hash power to be able to control it to your will, this I do not have nor does anyone or any mining groups. If I did I would be stealing billions from Chinese exchanges, not a couple of bitcoins from an online casino. You guys say I am the scammer but please tell me exactly where in the steps I have done wrong. Where is the scam? Have I left anything out that I have done? So according to this, I have deposited 4+4 Bitcoins which you have received, and sent off and used somewhere. This is proven in the blockchain ledger. While I have only received 4+2 Bitcoins from you guys. So I am the one down 2 bitcoins + whatever I won. How are you saying that I have scammed you guys 2 bitcoins? The maths do not add up. Nick you keep saying I have done a double spend attack, but the blockchain ledger has fully confirmed that my transactions are legit. My transactions have not been flagged as double spend, are you saying that the ledger is wrong? Here is what an example of what a double spend attack looks likehttps://blockchain.info/tx/4de9ee56b11476a80bcfcbeb2fae37fd9c842320cb3b4301ef1616fac07c79fa It clearly says at the top "Warning! this transaction is a double spend. You should be extremely careful when trusting any transactions to/from this sender. 184253214"That has 0 confirmations while its double spend attack "184253214" has 1 confirmation. You can click on it and see for yourself. This is what a double spend attack is, when the same bitcoin is being used to two different addresses. Where has this occured for my transactions? Also a few points on what you have said "Nick Garner here (CEO and founder of Oshi Bitcoin Casino) . Just on his point about returning the initial deposit, we have only seen one actual deposit of four Bitcoins. A double spend attack is explained in detail here https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Double-spending" - No you have not only seen one actual deposit of four bitcoins, the blockchain ledger has proven I have sent you 2 lots of 4 as proven above. Anyone can check this information for themselves. "This person withdrew a total of 6.6 Bitcoins, therefore in fact they have profited by 2.6 Bitcoins through their double spending scam." - No see you are mistaking what you think are facts again, I withdrew 4 + 2 so a total of 6. Again, this is proven on the blockchain. Not 6.6 "Just on a personal note, I don't get why this person is being so persistent when the facts prove so conclusively that they perpetrated a double spend scam. :-( " - Please show the facts, I have shown you what a double spend attack looks like, and this is nothing like that. I have proven to you that there were many confirmations and time had passed before I made my withdrawals. As in the link you provided, Double-spending is the result of successfully spending some money more than once. Bitcoin protects against double spending by verifying each transaction added to the block chain to ensure that the inputs for the transaction had not previously already been spent.I have not spent the same bitcoin successfully more than once, I sent you 8 different bitcoins, which have all been confirmed succesfully, and confirmed over 2000 times in fact. You guys say I am spreading inaccurate claims and trying to make you look bad, well anyone that is familiar with bitcoin and its blockchain ledger can see for themselves. All the addresses are there, they can verify the information I have provided. No double spend attack has taken place. You claimed I made withdrawals before the first confirmations of my deposits happened but I have proven otherwise. The timestamps noted by the blockchain ledger prove it.I will be pasting this to askgamblers and bitcoingg as well as it seems they have just taken your word for it without verifying facts, it may be because they are not that knowledgeable about bitcoins blockchain themselves. Please tell me where the double spend attack happened and I will shutup, else hire a bitcoin expert to ask for their expertise so we can put this behind us already. And please dont say that the bitcoin ledger is wrong, that would be very silly thing to do if you are planning to run a casino based on bitcoin."
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