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Ten of the Most Successful Online Gaming Companies (Other than Just Casinos)

Who Are, 'The Best of the Best?'

Contrary to what may be popular belief, there is much more to Online Gambling than just the casinos. Behind the scenes, a wide variety of companies contribute to the existence of Online Casinos including, but not limited to, software companies, payment processors, regulators and companies that ensure the fairness of the software produced by the software companies. All things considered, there are a vast network of companies and individuals who work tirelessly to provide you with the final product, which is your Online Casino of choice.

There was a time when it looked as though Online Gambling would soon be legalized in many states throughout the United States, including a few of the more populous ones. Unfortunately, all of the States that would have enacted Legislation to patently legalize Online Gambling throughout the last year saw any Bills designed to do such die a Legislative death. As a result, many of the associated stocks belonging to Online Gambling companies, or those companies in some way affiliated with Online Gambling, find themselves off of their previous high marks during 2015

There are still other companies, such as Amaya, who find themselves trading at numbers well below historic highs for other reasons in addition to the across-the-board failures to enact expressly legalized Online Gambling in some of the U.S. States. Despite that fact, Amaya (as one example) remains one of the Top 10 companies in the realm of being predominantly an Online Gambling company. On this page, we will take a look at Amaya, and some of the others, to see what it is exactly that makes them so successful. Without further ado, I bring you, ten of the most successful companies in the realm of Online Gambling, in no particular order:


Thus concludes this look that we are going to take for 2016 at some of the biggest players in Online Gambling. In terms of your personal investments, if you would like to follow the earnings of companies in some way affiliated with Online Gambling but want less volatility than that which will undoubtedly be experienced with direct casino/book operators, then my suggestion is to look at behind the scenes companies focusing mainly on software and support, or companies who diversify in the gaming segment with a substantial portion of their investments and revenues being derived from Land-Based casinos/books rather than simply those online.

It is difficult to tell what sort of changes that we might expect for next year as quite a few of the changes between last year and now make sense to many of the investors out there. For example, we see that many of them are scratching their collective heads at the merger between Paddy Power and Betfair simply trying to figure out how they are stronger together than they were alone. In the interim, we have companies such as William Hill who are subject to short-term fluctuations of the market at times, but in the long run, are ultimately not going to be going anywhere.

One thing that will be interesting to watch is if Amaya finds itself on this list by this time next year, especially when one considers the recent legal troubles of that company as well as the new allegations of insider trading. With that being said, the CEO still maintains that he fully intends to purchase the company with cash, and if he does, they probably will not be required to report to any agencies by this time next year, so it will be difficult to know where to put them.

With all of that being said, more than perhaps any other, Amaya is also one company that could have benefitted from the patent legalization of online gambling in the United States, so the 52-week Highs that the company enjoyed in terms of valuation may have been largely predicated upon the (mistaken) belief that a few of the U.S. States were going to drag themselves out of the Stone Age with respect to the question of expressly legalized online gambling in a few states.

In the meantime, there are also other companies who are immediately recognizable names in the world of Land Casinos, Online Casinos and Sports Books. While the Rank Group is not a name that would have originally drawn anything to my memory, Grosvenor certainly is and the first thing that I actually learned about the Rank Group is that they are the entity that owns Grosvenor. As mentioned before, this is one group whose valuation is not as subject to the ebbs and flows ofd the online gambling market as many others as they have a widely diversified set of interests, though almost all of them now appear to be in the realm of gaming in one fashion or another as opposed to before.

We also have Playtech who offers software support to over half of the other companies on this list, in one fashion or another, so it is tough to see how they are not in good shape. Even in the event that one of these companies were to fare poorly, such a company would still only represent a small fraction of Playtech's overall business and they would have plenty of casinos to whom they offer software to fall back upon. If I wanted to go for the play of least volatility, there is no question that I would have to give PlayTech some serious consideration.

I hope that everyone who has read has found this page informative and interesting, if nothing else. For those reading for more advanced reasons, I would strongly recommend that you go and do your own stock research and take any actions in that regard based upon what you think rather than anything that has appeared in this page. I am doing nothing more than offering m,y personal opinions of the viability of the stock as well as trying to defend my opinions with what I consider good reasoning. If you spend a lot of time with investments, then you are probably a better investor than I am, if you do not spend much time looking at potential investments, then you probably are not ready to invest yet and should consider my opinions nothing more than a starting point from which to conduct your own research.

As always, thank you for reading. If you have any comments of any kind, I look forward to hearing them!


Amaya Gaming Group

NameSymbol & ExchangeTotal valueStock priceChange for the day in %
AYA.TO - TOR4.51B [CAD]22.30
+0.07 - +0.31%

If you want to talk about a company that might find its way off of this list by this time next year, then that company has to be Amaya Gaming Group. This is a company that has some pre-established deals with Caesars with regards to the Online Casino operations in New Jersey in which the operation of regulated Online Casinos is authorized for casino groups already operating within the State. Unfortunately, with the dismal failure of any Legislation to expressly legalize online gambling in other States, this partnership is fully relegated to New Jersey based players.

As if that were not enough, Amaya shares spiked in February of this year as a result of news that the CEO, David Baazov, planned to make an all-cash offer to purchase the company at a significant premium over what was then (February of this year) the share price of the stock:

Unfortunately, Baazov, just last month, was to be accused of Insider Trading which sent the stock of Amaya tumbling, as expected, to the levels at which it could be found prior to the announcement of Baazov's interest to make an all-cash purchase. As if that weren't bad enough for the company, a Judicial decision in the State of Kentucky, pursuant to Amaya's ownership of PokerStars has brought upon them nearly a billion dollars of liability in a ridiculous, capricious and arbitrary decision by a Jude to award the State of Kentucky many times over what citizens of Kentucky allegedly, 'Illegally,' lost on PokerStars, prior to Amaya's ownership of PokerStars in the first place, and of which the actual citizens who allegedly lost the money will get nothing.

Yes, if you read the last few sentences of the above paragraph again, that is really what happened as ridiculous as it may sound.

Ultimately, the result is that Amaya Gaming might not look as strong as it once did and might not find itself gracing the Top Ten of this list or the Grizzly Gaming list of Top Ten Internet Casino companies as of this time next year. January was certainly a much better time for Amaya than today is, but we will see what the future holds. If you want a safer long-term investment, go for LadBrokes, but if you want some serious volatility (and you think Amaya is going to get a stroke of luck) then maybe this would be the company to invest in.

With that said, David Baazov claims he still plans to make that all-cash offer, and he has the money to do Amaya might yet see a quick return on investment for someone who wants to take a chance.

Betsson AB

NameSymbol & ExchangeTotal valueStock priceChange for the day in %
Betsson AB ser. B
BETS-B.ST - STO10.52B [SEK]76.00
+0.05 - +0.07%

Among the other names of casinos owned and operated by this company are the immediately familiar BetSafe and NordicBet brands of Internet Casinos. Unlike many other companies in the realm of online gambling, this is one company that chooses to focus nearly exclusively on that market, and for that reason, is one of the most successful companies in that industry.

In recent quarters, Betsson has disappointed investors by falling considerably short of their earnings estimates, and as a result, are hovering much closer to their 52-week low numbers than their high numbers for the same period. In fact, their quarterly earnings for the earnings period that just ended in March were amongst the only ones to fall way below expectations which has caused some alarm for investors.

On the other hand, the failure to meet analyst expectations are not necessarily a cause for alarm with this group. While Betsson failed to meet analyst earnings expectations, their first-quarter revenue did show an increase of 18% which may be construed as a positive sign towards the long-term viability of the stock.

Personally, if I were in the market, I would be happy with the fact that Betsson is one group that tends to focus on Online Gambling as has with it the ownership of a few of the most well-known casinos. While it may not be my number one personal choice, this company might be a good long-term play for consistent earnings for the investor. If they continue to disappoint in terms of expectations, it could take some time, but a company who is consistently increasing revenues will see the stock prices bear out sooner rather than later.

GVC Holdings PLC

NameSymbol & ExchangeTotal valueStock priceChange for the day in %
GVC.L - LSE402.89M [GBp]651.00
+17.50 - +2.73%

GVC Holdings PLC prides itself on generating over 4.2 billion in annual Sports Bets via its licensing in fourteen countries. GVC Holdings, in fact, has recently been upgraded to the London Stock Exchange in light of their recent success in the Sports Book category as well as their operations in both the popular Bwin and Party Gaming.

In addition to increased stock value over the years, this group also has an impressive record of stock dividend payouts with over 100 million paid in dividends since 2008. Much as LadBrokes, this is quite the viable stock to have in your portfolio for the long-term player who wants to have a focus on Gaming companies.

Party Gaming, as some may already know, is the Division that controls interests such as the exceedingly popular PartyPoker, and in addition, this group also owns and operates Foxy Bingo. This group operates Online Casinos, in various market categories, across both Europe and South America. It transcends both borders and languages in offering many of the most reputable products to customers across the world in regulated markets.

In addition, GVC Holdings has also touched a piece of the limited United States market as the partner of Boyd Gaming in the State of New Jersey as Boyd has the ability to operate a State-Regulated Online Casino given their holdings in the Borgata Casino.

This stock has shown consistent growth over the years, and as of the date of this publication, is trading at its all-time high.


NameSymbol & ExchangeTotal valueStock priceChange for the day in %
LAD.L - LSE-133.90
-0.31 - -0.23%

Largely due to their reputation as one of the most reputable and well-known Online Sports books in the world, LadBrokes has become a household name to anyone with even a modicum of interest in the world of gaming. In fact, prior to starting in the world of Online Casino, 'Bonus Whoring,' LadBrokes would be one of the perhaps five names in Online Gambling that would come to mind in the event I were asked to name Online Casino operators.

LadBrokes is another name, much like the Rank Group that has not been exclusively associated with gaming, however. For almost seven years, LadBrokes were the owners of the Hilton Hotel Group operations outside of the United States. However, LadBrokes then took the initiative to focus its efforts almost entirely on Gaming, and with the 2015 merger with the Gala Coral Group, its formal rival, into LadBrokes Coral, this company that started as mere commission agents for race horses in the late 19th century has morphed into one of the largest gaming companies in the world. The combination of these two companies has resulted in the LadBrokes Coral being the largest bookmaking group in Britain.

With over one billion dollars in revenues, there is almost no doubt that LadBrokes is here to stay in its capacity as Britain's largest bookmaker, but interestingly enough, the E-Gaming division accounts for only a small part of the company's overall revenues.

In terms of expectations of stock values, LadBrokes has recently been downgraded to a, 'Hold,' position from an, 'Outperform,' position by many of the analysts that cover the gaming stock. However, this, 'Hold,' position reflects great consistency in the earnings of LadBrokes as well as the fundamental value of the company as well as its assets. In the opinions of a great many investors, this is a group that has the expectation of consistently steady earnings. While many high-volatility companies might remain attractive for investors in terms of short-term gains, LadBrokes remains a pretty good bet for those who want to see the value in their stock steadily increase. In fact, LadBrokes is one of the few companies considered to be in a better position than they were last year due to the fact that the potential for an expressly legalized U.S. Online Gambling Market is irrelevant to them. Again, they make much of their money via their Sports Book operations through Britain.

Furthermore, LadBrokes maintains much of its efforts on Recreational customers who wager low stakes on Sports Betting. In fact, that is one of the express keys to the future success of the company, they seek to be successful by way of volume rather than anything else. While they have expanded to Australia in recent years, they realize that their base market is the punters from Britain.

While things for LadBrokes may have looked down on their face over the last year, the merger with Gaia Coral has marked a turning point that should ensure the long-term success, viability and profitability of the two companies.


NameSymbol & ExchangeTotal valueStock priceChange for the day in %
NetEnt AB ser. B
NET-B.ST - STO16.76B [SEK]69.90
+0.25 - +0.36%

NetEnt is another group that has a focus on the support of Online Casinos rather than owning and operating Online Casinos themselves. NetEnt is a fast-growing company that transcends borders as it has operatives from nearly forty countries throughout the world putting together its platform of support for Online Casinos.

In addition to some of the most widely-offered slot games, NetEnt has also delved into the arena of Live Casino products and continues to develop some of the latest and greatest in Live Casino options. Many of NetEnt's slot products include independently themed and designed slots as well as recognizable branded slots.

In addition, NetEnt games are probably available at casinos that you have played without realizing that they are NetEnt games. Some of the casinos included amongst these are, Betfair, betsson, bwin, ladbrokes, pokerstars,, williamhill, resorts digital, betvictor and

In addition to other countries in the world, one can see that NetEnt products are also represented and played in three of the regulated casinos in the State of New Jersey.

In my opinion, NetEnt is a great investment for anyone with an interest in online casino companies because as long as the companies that NetEnt supports (which describes almost all of them) do well, then NetEnt does well. We see that NetEnt has partnerships with almost all of the online casino companies, or affiliated companies, on this list, so it is no surprise that things are going so well for them.

NetEnt is between its year-long Lows and Highs but remains a largely stable stock as it is shielded from the volatility that stocks focusing on a particular casino group, or groups, are exposed to. Due to the fact that NetEnt provides its products to a plethora of Online Casinos, it should remain a stable company and stock bet for several years. Unless Online Gaming decides to start tanking as whole (unlikely) NetEnt will be somewhere behind the scenes.

Paddy Power/Betfair

NameSymbol & ExchangeTotal valueStock priceChange for the day in %
Paddy power
+0.00 - +0.00%

Taken alone, each of these two companies would have represented the two biggest Online Gambling companies in the world, but together they are nearly unstoppable. Betfair is known for revolutionizing the market by setting it up such that players could make wagers with one another on sporting results, rather than having to bet against whatever it is the bookmakers are offering at any given time, and BetFair would only take a vig. In the meantime, Paddy Power was the all-around largest gambling company in Ireland.

The merger of these two humongous companies, who alone were both in the top five list in the statistic of market cap, completed in February of this year has resulted in an unbelievable power in the realm of Sports Betting and Online Betting that appears poised to unseat William Hill as the largest company in this regard.

Neither of these companies are without controversy as Betfair, at one point, initially wanted to charge winning players absurd, capricious and arbitrary fees simply for winning using the system that they had created while Paddy Power has found itself in some trouble over the wording/terms of multiple prop bets that players have taken over the years. In my opinion, this is the merger of two companies that have proven to have at least somewhat shady tactics over the years, but apparently, that is not going to stop everyone (or even a significant amount of people) from betting them as the combined entity may perhaps become the largest online gambling company in the world, mostly as a result of their sports betting operations.

With that said, many analysts believe that this merger has taken place with no great benefit to either company as it is not expected to increase market share. As a result, the stock is WAY off of the price at which it started February 2016 due to the fact that many analysts consider it overvalued and expect the other casinos/bookies, such as LadBrokes and William Hill to perform better than this new combined entity in terms of market share.


NameSymbol & ExchangeTotal valueStock priceChange for the day in %
PTEC.L - LSE2.94B [GBp]939.50
-5.00 - -0.53%

This appears to be the time at which we get into the names of companies that almost everybody has heard of, whether having any interest in Online Casinos or not, and PlayTech is doubtlessly one of those companies. PlayTech is perhaps the most well-known software provider for Online Casinos, even to citizens of the US, even though their products are not offered to casinos operating within the US, generally.

Among casinos that have used PlayTech's software products are Betsafe Casino, Coral Casino, Gala Casino, Grosvenor Casinos, Ladbrokes Casino, Omni Casino, Paddy Power Casino, Pinnacle Sports Casino, Unibet Casino and others.

As with other companies that offer services, support and software to online casinos as opposed to operating the casinos themselves, a company such as PlayTech will not be subject to the vagaries that can adversely impact the valuation of its company due to one negative nes story or something along those lines. As a result, PlayTech is generally going to be a safe bet for anyone who has an interest in following and investing in companies that are, in one way or another, related to Online Gaming.

In addition to their Online Casino platforms, Play Tech also has an Internet Poker platform which is simply named iPoker. The trick to iPoker is that it can actually link players on multiple online casinos through one network to play Internet Poker together, this functionality actually increases the prospective player pool and enables the casino a means to link revenues and player pools together in a mutually beneficial way. As a result, the iPoker network has about thirty sites that can operate on said network.

On a dollar basis, PlayTech stock seems initially fairly volatile, but that is because they have so few outstanding shares relative to their market cap compared to other companies. If you were to divide the numbers by ten, then you would see that PlayTech is not greatly more or less volatile than the majority of other companies mentioned on this list.

Once again, because they are a software provider rather than a casino themselves, I believe this puts them in a relatively safe position for the future. While it is true that losing one of their long-term operators might have a negative impact on them, it would take much more than that to doom the company completely. Perhaps I am overly conservative in my analysis, but if it were my money being invested, I would much prefer to go with the behind-the-scenes companies who are less directly susceptible to public scrutiny.

Rank Group

NameSymbol & ExchangeTotal valueStock priceChange for the day in %
Rank group
RNK.L - LSE832.19M [GBp]212.30
-3.50 - -1.62%

The Rank Group PLC is a company that is not actually successful exclusively because of its ventures in Online Gambling, but rather, it is a company that is successful by way of continuously reaching into multiple aspects of various entertainment industries while involving and reinventing of itself as needed. As a result, the Rank Group has achieved success in a wide variety of various categories of entertainment and continues to explore new development opportunities to this day.

The flagship of the Rank Group is actually the Grosvenor brand of Brick & Mortar Casinos. Operating and owning fifty-five casinos throughout the United Kingdom, this casino group represents well over half of the net income of Rank Group.

Grosvenor Casinos, who operated as Grosvenor Clubs prior to 1970, has existed long before the Rank Group and are one of the UK's most recognized names in Brick & Mortar Gaming. Among other accolades, the Goliath Poker Tournament became the single-largest, and will continue as one of the largest, poker tournaments to be held outside of the United States.

Furthermore, for the operations of Grosvenor Casinos, the Rank Group has been recognized for the last two years as the most, 'Socially Responsible Operator of the Year Land Based," by the International Gaming Awards. For those of you who wonder, 'What the Hell does that mean,' it means that the Rank Group is the one casino, among all, who has gone the extra mile to independently and of their own volition institute player-protection safeguards in its land-based casinos in order to deter problem-gambling.

Indeed, the Rank Group views gambling as it should be, a source of entertainment rather than a source of addiction. Due to these views, they have been recognized as a socially responsible casino group and for that I tip my hat to them. Above all other things here at LCB, we promote gambling as a source of entertainment and would suggest to all who believe they may have a gambling addiction to seek treatment immediately. With that said, we tip our collective hat to The Rank Group for being right there by our side in this regard!

Furthermore, Rank Casinos in conjunction with Grosvenor Casinos were among the first casino groups to enhance the Online, 'Live Casino,' experience with games more specifically designed to be comparable to the Live Casino setting. These games were, and still are, available on their Online Casinos on a 24/7 basis.

Finally, in January 2015, The Rank Group announced a new initiative, in collaboration with Bede Gaming, that would thereby link Live Casino and Online Casino accounts via Player Loyalty programs through Online Casino play. In this sense, playing at Online Casinos and Brick & Mortar Casinos would effectively be no different in Terms of Player Loyalty. In conjunction with its Grosvenor Casino operations, the Rank Group is one of the only groups even capable of offering such a thing.

The Rank Group is a group that stays on the forefront of technology and innovation at all times. It is for these reasons that it is consistently able to adapt and reinvent itself to always put the player experience at the forefront of its priorities. As a result, it is one of the ten most successful Online Gaming companies in the world today, ironically, largely because of its land casino operations!

UniBet Group

NameSymbol & ExchangeTotal valueStock priceChange for the day in %
+1.05 - +1.20%

Unibet is often cited as one of the largest players in the market of Online Gambling, but this is only true strictly from the perspective of Online Gambling. For instance, Grizzly Gaming has them at fourth on the list of Online Gaming companies, but that is only true if we consider valuation to Online Gambling taken alone.

In fact, the UNiBet Group really deals ONLY in Online Gaming and has little to no assets in any other regard. As a result, it cannot even hold a candle to some of the earlier entires on this list who have operations in realms over and above those of online gambling or other companies for which online gambling only constitutes a small segment of their profits.

With that said, the major operations of this online casino company are in their Unibet Casinos as well as their relatively recent acquisition of the domain and affiliated Bingo Gambling site associated with said domain. With that said, Unibet does operate in over 100 countries, licensed through Malta, in the realms of Online Casino Gambling, Bingo and Sports Betting.

The share prices of Unibet for the last year are somewhat misleading due to an 8:1 stock split undertaken by the company on December 30th, 2015. The result of the stock split was a big sell-off in addition to the split which resulted in the stocks only having approximately 10% of the face value per share at the end of the day despite the intention of the split being 8:1.

In any event, UniBet's stock price remains relatively stable since this merger, although, I would be hesitant to own any stock in this company since all of their eggs appear to be placed in the basket of their own branded casinos. As a result, even the appearance of impropriety on the part of the company could cause those shares to take a serious tumble. Personally, I would prefer to invest in either a company that is more outwardly diversified, such as one that also owns and operates land casinos, or a company that is a software provider to other Internet Casinos so they have something to fall back on in the midst of a controversy of otherwise remain unscathed as a result of barely being mentioned, if indeed they are mentioned at all.

William Hill

NameSymbol & ExchangeTotal valueStock priceChange for the day in %
Williamhill casino
WMH.L - LSE2.47B [GBp]286.30
+0.90 - +0.31%

If you have not heard of William Hill, then with all due respect, I cannot help but be a little bit surprised that you have read the current page this far! William Hill requires no introduction, but I'm going to give them one anyway: William Hill is the largest bookmaker in the United Kingdom with revenues that absolutely dwarf those of any other bookmaker.

In addition to other ventures, William Hill also directly worked with PlayTech when, in 2008, it forked over 29% of the ownership rights in its online operations to PlayTech in order for PlayTech to save William Hill's Online Betting operations, sports books and casinos included, which were not fairing terribly well. In terms of its base business, William Hill (even when it was illegal) has always been better known for its land-based sports betting offices/locations than it has been for its online operations.

Fortunately, the company was able to turn things around and any online Sports Books operated by William Hill are among the most bet at names in the industry. In addition to being the largest bookmaker in Great Britain and a significant presence online, William Hill is the number one bookmaker in the State of Nevada as well with a great number of casinos having agreements with William Hill to handle the sports betting operations for the casino.

Of course, a company that subsists mainly on its sports betting activities is also subject to the ups and downs of the sports betting market, and William Hill is no exception. Due to a profit warning that came off of less-than-stellar results in the latter part of March of this year, the company took a nose dive as many punters celebrated. These are the ups and downs of sports betting, of course, and probably do not that great an impact on the overall value of the company or what will happen in the long-run, but these sorts of short-term concerns have that bearing on the market sometimes.

In fact, the same events were indicated to be one of the reasons why LadBrokes stocks dropped at around the same times, however, LadBrokes stock prices did not fall quite as steeply as those of William Hill. In any event, William Hill is probably a fairly strong long-term play especially if someone can get them on the cheap while they are still partially reeling from the effects of recent events. After that, it's a fairly simple matter of just waiting for the stock to achieve its expected valuations and then sell while the selling is good.

Other Companies

NameSymbol & ExchangeTotal valueStock priceChange for the day in %
888 logo
888.L - LSE978.94M [GBp]272.25
+2.50 - +0.92%
+0.00 - +0.00%
+0.0000 - +0.0000%
Caesars Entertainment Corporati
CZR - NMS1.38B [USD]9.25
+0.10 - +1.08%
International Game Technology O
IGT - NYQ4.78B [USD]23.60
+0.05 - +0.21%
INLOT.AT - ATH199.08M [EUR]1.21
+0.07 - +5.88%
Kambi Group Plc
KAMBI.ST - STO2.48B [SEK]84.00
-0.25 - -0.30%
Las Vegas Sands Corp. Common St
LVS - NYQ45.51B [USD]56.72
+0.32 - +0.56%
Mgm resorts
MGM Resorts International Commo
MGM - NYQ15.60B [USD]26.65
+0.59 - +2.22%
Melco Crown Entertainment Limit
MPEL - NMS9.10B [USD]18.53
+0.19 - +1.03%
NPT.L - LSE24.64M [GBp]8.875
+0.000 - +0.000%
TIM.DE - GER-26.84
-0.06 - -0.21%
32 reds
TTR.L - LSE166.75M [GBp]194.500
+0.625 - +0.321%
WEB.L - LSE5.41M [GBp]1.375
+0.000 - +0.000%
Wynn Resorts, Limited
WYNN - NMS11.76B [USD]114.87
+0.49 - +0.43%

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